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The fans pick: Yes Very much!
Yes Very much!
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: Yes, that would be cool
The fans pick: "You Belong with me" (The picture is my favorite singer's album cover, Fearless)
&# 34; Who&# 39; s that girl&# 34;
The fans pick: Dan holds Mira
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mirafabia said …'s so long that I was here...:')
I'm just missed this Club and all my wonderful Friends I've got here...<3
I really missed you guys..:( I hope you guys doing well and wish all the best in your Live!~ Posted over a year ago
fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
yunalovesshun said …
i think fabia is the most stupid goul in the world and i mean it Posted over a year ago
mirafabia commented…
okii? -.- what are you doing here on this club if you think fabia is stupid huh?T.T So silly...I know that's your opinion but why are express that here?Only if it's the club of her?Come on don't be so childish..It's such a shame to have explain you that...I think I'm maybe younger than you so let this!...<.< This is a fabia FAN club.We Like her and not such a silly person like you where blame fabia....-.- so I wish you a wonderful day and I hope I could explain you that how unfair you are...and so on... over a year ago