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How do you know if you've been blocked?

Hi.'s a long story, but there is sort of a family feud going on, and my cousin added me but I ignored her friend request.
When our exam results came out I tried looking up her page to see her results, but I couldn't find it. However, my other cousin (who I get on okay with) said that her page IS still there, but if I've been blocked then Facebook haven't notified me about it.
So....what do you guys think??
 EalasaidWooster posted over a year ago
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harold said:
What you've described is exactly how you find out you've been blocked. You know a page is there, but you can't see it or find it in search, and other users can confirm that it is there. That's how being blocked works.
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posted over a year ago 
& it sucks I'm assuming! I've Neva been blocked since I just got a fb but stil dats very suckish
pokeyanimal posted over a year ago
yeah it is kinda my boyfriend blocked me and i have no clue wat i did so... well he is not my boyfriend any more .
taralynn2 posted over a year ago
prence1111 said:
Here are three tips of finding out if your friend has blocked you on Facebook:

1.)Ask mutual friends if the person whom you suspect has blocked you is still on their friends list. If they can view his or her profile, it is a sign that you have been blocked. Since you have already confirmed this, then yes, you have been blocked.

2.)Go through old conversations with that person. Click the 'Actions' button and select Report Conversation. If you see 'Blocked' next to the person's name, this means that you have been blocked by the person. If you see 'Report' instead of 'Blocked' then it implies that the person has deactivated the account.

3.)Access the person's profile link. If you get a "Page you requested was not found." it is either you were blocked or the account has been deactivated. Try to access the profile link with a new account or another account to know for sure.

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posted over a year ago 
barbras said:
Lucas Chad blocked me
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posted 11 months ago 
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