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Girl Has Dog Attack Her Boyfriend's Ex Over Facebook Message! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)  vernoniam 0 1266 over a year ago
facebook timeline lauches the 22nd december 2011  95ashley59 0 3470 over a year ago
Join & submit your photography  Haapy-Hair_MeGH 0 1074 over a year ago
NEED HELP  chaos-ice 0 1326 over a year ago
Discount POLICE Sunglasses wholesaler  meilrg 0 1639 over a year ago
Hannah Montana  tazziegillies 8 10843 over a year ago
download facebook video with GetFLV  lenord 0 1324 over a year ago
Add Me on FB and Twitter  One_Eighteen 1 1587 over a year ago
MAJOR MATT MASON TOYS & FAN CLUB  MMM66 0 1190 over a year ago
Ed Hardy, Coogi, Affliction Outlet Online Store, Largest Selection, Factory Direct Sale!  alizeely 0 11674 over a year ago
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New to Facebook  tweakpotter 2 1179 over a year ago
March for Madea!  MarchforMadea 1 1389 over a year ago
Status updates on your phone  Quilter1 0 786 over a year ago
Fanpop Facebook  hellgirl223 4 1384 over a year ago
Best Social Networking Site  dave 9 1302 over a year ago
Check out this band  lizisme 0 534 over a year ago
Random Question  doonis 4 1030 over a year ago