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Anna And Elsa But Butt kicking Version
Violin Fairy
m 20s
Asra-The Butterfly Faerie
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Africa21 said …
In the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" Books vol. 8 there's a 1917 photograph taken of real faires. Posted 7 months ago
pipiqueen commented…
oooh......o_O really??? 5 months ago
MikeBernsten said …
It would be really interesting to meet a fairy but maybe need to be careful! Posted 9 months ago
misscrazel commented…
Yes, definatly be carful if you meet one. Never trust a fearie. 8 months ago
-SilverFey- commented…
^I wouldn't say never. Definetely be cautious, though. xD 7 months ago
wendydarling99 said …
how do you see a fairy Posted 11 months ago
neverneverland commented…
I really want to see a fairy!! 11 months ago
wendydarling99 commented…
me too ! 11 months ago
misscrazel commented…
I've seen fearies. They tend to be around apple trees and running water.^-^ 8 months ago
-SilverFey- commented…
There are a few ways to see Faeries. Touching the eyelids with a four leaf clover will allow you to see one. However, any Faery you see after that will ask you which eye you see them out of. If you tell them, they will jab your eye out. No matter what, seeing Faeries without the Faeries' consent will be punished. However, if you truly want to see a Faery, you really have to believe in them. Taking psychic training courses online would help too. Just search 'psychic training' or something along those lines, and find a website that works for you. Also, once you see a Faery, don't take your eyes off of her, otherwise she might disapear! Remember, always be respectful, never thank a Faery, and do not eat Faery food. :) Good luck in seeing a Faery! 7 months ago