'Finally leaving'

Looking down at my Crystal, which was glowing a pure white color, a smirk crosses my lips, "Looks like I'm going to miss that party after all"

"Why? What does that mean?" Mao asks, looking at my Crystal confused, "Is it supposed to shine like that?"

"Oh, right," I say, remembering, "you guys don't know everything about the Crystals"

"I thought we knew much enough" Noe says, "The Princess was the one who told us, after all"

I think for a while, wondering if I should really tell them or just leave, which I actually should've done right away. Finally, I decide to tell them, no, remind them how things work where I come from, how they work in Hilenster.

"Well, as both of you probably remember, in Hilenster, everyone has a special power" I start, "So, after a new baby is born, they take it to the heart of Hilenster, also known as Belendia..."

"Yes we know that" Mao interrupts me, "The King takes the newborn baby to Belendia and helps it find the Crystal that matches its power"

"When the baby finds it, it keeps it with it until it masters its powers" Noe finishes, "But you told us that your Crystal hasn't glowed like that for years, so does that mean that you have another power to master?"

"Yes, well, kinda" I reply. Not really wanting to say more, I run off, with the result of the two of them calling out my name, wanting explanations. But hey, I couldn't tell them. They were humans, I couldn't just start blabbing about Hilester's entire history, or how everything works there.

Actually, I would find it fair if they told me that I get to learn about Earth, while I don't let them learn about Hilenster. But that's different, way different. Even though they already know a lot about my planet, they just wouldn't understand the most important things.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I realise I was now running through the path of our house's garden, which was full of colorful flowers. Of course. My mother, being a Forest Fairy, really liked these things. In Spring, the whole house was full of plants of all kinds, and, very often, butterflies. Not very different from when we used to live in Hilenster.

"Mom!" I exclaim, bursting into the house.

"Maria?" my mother's voice sounds from the kitchen, "How come you're back so early?"

"Look!" I exclaim, rushing into the kitchen and running over to my mother. She had a confused expression once I ran in, but that immidietally changed when she noticed my Crystal glowing.

As she spoke, I noticed her brown eyes tearing up, "Oh, my..."

"Mom, I have to go back now, don't I?" I ask, my eyes actually sparkling. I wanted to return to Hilenster as much as ever...

"Yes, yes you do" my mother replies, smiling, "I hope you're ready for it"

"Of course I am, I've been ready since forever!" I say, a confident smile on my face. I've been waiting for this day for the last 12 years of my life.

"Alright then, here's what you're going to need for your trip" my mother says, a backpack suddenly appearing in her hands, "Safety first, you're going to need a halmet, knee pads..."

"Mom.." I interrupt her.

"Yeah you're right, you have your magic" my mother says, and the stuff that were floating around the backpack suddenly fall on the wooden floor. After that, I saw a few things floating out of the bathroom.

"Uh..." I say, sweatdropping, as the stuff started going into the backpack.

"You are going to need a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a brush for your hair oh and don't forget to wash them everyday. Here's also a towel, some underwear, spare clothes..."

"Mom!" I exclaim, blushing in embarrassment. Even though we were alone in the house, I was still embarrassed about all this, "I can take care of myself, now stop that!"

My mother looks at me with a surprised expression, as a bunch of my Winter clothes were floating around her, "Maria, I'm doing this because I know I'm not going to see you for a long time"

"I know that, but you really shouldn't be so worried" I say, putting my hands on my hips.

My mother sighs, "Yes, you are right. But still, I'm your mother, I can't help but be worried about my daughter, now that she's ready to find her Secret Power.."

"Mom," I say, rushing over to her and hugging her tightly, "Don't worry, I'm going to be just fine!"

My mother smiles, hugging me back, a tear rolling down her cheek, "I know..." she suddenly lets go of me, "And don't forget to wash your teeth every day!"


A few hours later...

"He's here!" I murmur to myself, looking at a dark figure crossing the night, full of shining stars sky.

"Maria, come!" my mother calls from downstairs.

I get off of my comfortable bed, which was covered whole with white blankets, walk over to my full of books desk and grab my white with turquoise roses backpack. I walk over to my room's door, and give a quick glance back at the room that I wasn't going to see again for a long time....

Smiling widely to myself, I run downstairs, the steps oddly looking as many as ever. Finally, I reach the hallway, to see my mother waiting infront of our door, a nostalgic smile on her face.

"Mom" I say, walking over to her.

My mother looks at me, her smile growing a bit, "You saw him too?"

"Yep" I reply, smiling. Suddenly, the ring rang. The melody made us both quickly turn to the door. My mother, her eyes tearing up, opens the door, to see a 17-year-old boy, smiling at us.

"Maria, mom" my brother says, his hazel eyes scanning our faces happily. It had been years since I last saw my older brother, I almost forgot how he looked like. Now that I had him infront me, though, I remember everything in a flash. His pitch black hair had always been short, his skin always a bit pale. He's way taller now, though, and, of course, his clothes are completely different, except from that long, brown coat, and the black as the night sky scarf.

"Ermi!" I happily exclaim, running over to Ermi and hugging him tightly.

The older boy smiles, picking me up and squeezing me, something he always used to do when we were younger, "It's nice to see you, too, sister!"

"Now, don't I deserve a hug?" our mother asks from behind. Ermi snickers, putting me down and walking over to the older woman.

As he placed me down, I noticed his companion, who was looking at me with huge, wide, light blue eyes. I smile widely at it, at Ermi's Space Travelling Dragon.

Yep, a Space Travelling Dragon. This species lives only on Hilenster, and it is said to be the only dragon of our planet that can travel through space. That's why people like my brother use them to travel to different planets.

Smiling at the creature, I walk over to it, reach my hand and pet the top of its head. Its white scales were rough, my hand didn't feel quite comfortable petting it. Suddenly, the creature growls slightly, opens its white, strong looking wings and jumps on top of me, licking my face unstoppably.

"Ah! Sandilia, stop that!" I exclaim, small laughs escaping my lips, as the dragon happily continued licking my face. Thankfully, she wasn't so big yet. Just a bit taller than my brother, but you still couldn't call her small.

"I see you remember Maria" Ermi snickers, looking back at us, and the white dragon slightly growls as a responce. "That's good, now we have to go" Ermi says, walking over to us.

"So soon?" I ask looking at my brother.

"Well we could stay longer but the people would freak out if they saw a real dragon running through the streets" Ermi says.

"You make a good point there" I say.

"I always do" the older boy smirks.

"Pfft" I roll my eyes.

"You two!" our mather suddenly says, making us both get frights and jump.

"Right, sorry!" we apologise in unison. Sandilia quickly gets off of me, goes on four and closes her long, white wings so we can get on her back, which had a saddle on.

"Ladies first" Ermi says, stepping back.

"Are you kidding? You go first!" I quickly say.

"I was just trying to be polite, but oh well" my brother says, walking over to Sandilia and getting on the saddle easily. He was a pro, after all. He looks back at me and extends his hand, "Your turn"

I nod, grabbing his hand, and, with his help, sit on the saddle as well. Surprisingly, the saddle was quite comfortable.

"Have a nice trip, you two" our mother says, a smile on her face, "Be careful on the road"

"No worries, I'm an expert" Ermi says, smiling proudly.

"Show-off" I tease.

"Whatever, let's go!" Ermi says, lightly patting Sandilia on her long neck. She then open her wings widely, to show just how long they were. Big and strong enough to handle a nice ride in space.

"Oh, before we leave," Ermi says, and a coat similar to his appears in his hands, "wear this. You don't wanna get cold"

"You jokes are cold" I say, taking it and putting it on. Even if it was big and heavy, it didn't feel hot at all. It felt normal when I wore it. After a few seconds, Sandilia slightly growled, before flapping her long wings, and flying into the sky. While flying, I looked down at the city I was standing on a few seconds ago.

Athens, I really am going to miss you...