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missdada15 posted on Jan 20, 2012 at 09:55AM
Mike:Here we are on the lovely island called Cubenia,this is my asistent Mary-Jane.

Mary Jane:*swinging*howdy ho!!

Mike:Here we will meat our cast and they will get the opportunity to spend time on this dream island!

*A bear shows his face hiding behind a tree and is shaking his head and shivering while Mike talks about this "wonderful" place*

Mike:I'm Mike..*says with pride*Mike Smith and i will be the host.

Let's meet our contestants shal we?

*a bus drops them there and drives full spid away*

Mike:5 girls and 3 boys...before we put you in grups i have to tell you about this show.

As i said before..i will put you on 2 teams,then you will take a chalange-the team who wins gets to spend their next day is this*points to the wonderful hotel-like building.*

Tori:Wow..Just what a princess needs.

Mike:While the losers will stay in that wrack-i mean shack*points to the shack a bit away from the building,it has a outside beathroom and green smoke is going out of it-stink*I also have anti-magic bracelets for some chalanges in which you can't use your powers..Any questions?
Mike:Here we are on the lovely island called Cubenia,this is my asistent Mary-Jane.<br />
<br />
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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:yes! Where do I live?! becosue you cant make my stay in that!!*points to the shacks*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Mike:*grins*Easy now..first you have to take a challenge.*takes a bag out*each of you will pull out a envelope,there are 4 red plastic rings in it and 4 blue.

Tory(Victoria):*takes one out and gets a red ring*

Daniel:*takes one out and gets a blue one*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:*takes out one and gets a red one*oh well...
timmy:Great!*takes out a red one too*looks we we're going to by on the same team girls*wraps his arms around Tori and Ginta*
over a year ago laylafly said…
Jean:*runs over*my turn my turn...ok..let's see*take one out and gets blue*....YES.this is going to be totally awesome!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:*smirks to Timmy*hey there hot ass.
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:Eh..great.*doesn't hug back*

Mike:Okay we have one red ring and 2 blue left*passes*

over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:Jo you*looks at Tori*name
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:*raises a brow*Jo?Please,im a lady use full words in my presents.*grins*Name is Victoria.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:*role eye*Royal ppl suck.
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:*day dreams*I'm rich and everyopne loves me,my mom is a famous fashion designer and my dad owns a company.*shows her a book*It's all in this book i wrote!It's called Magical princess Victoria.

Daniel:*takes the book to chek it*Um..it says here you beated 10000 powerful dragons with only a wave of your hand.*raises a brow*

Tori:Yes!*grins even more*

Daniel:Okay..*looks at the end*And it also says that you married your fairy godmother and then you lived happily ever after..how is that logical?First of all they don't exist,second..

Tori:Well..that is true it just didn't happen yet.*takes the book back*
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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:okey?*they take few steps back*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:*takes out a notebook and writes more*

Mike:Come on already!Just pull out an envelope so we can start!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:come on already!!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Ramirez: *Skips over and grabs a blue ring* Que pasa? Who am I with? *Sees Jean and walks over* Hola, I guess we're partners in this actividad, senorita.
over a year ago missdada15 said…
The guy without a name(lol):*takes out a red one*

Mike:*looke at Thorn*That means that you are one the blue team,The red ones will be called The Period and the..

Daniel:*raises a brow*The period?

Mike:Well at first i was gonna name you womans blody va---PIP----- but then i thought just The period would be better.

Daniel:Can't you give us a better name?

Mike:*rols eyes annoyed*Fine,the read team is named The Chinese Dragon and the blue team is The Loch Ness Monster,happy.

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The guy without a name(lol):*takes out a red one*<br />
<br />
Mike:*looke at Thorn*That means that y
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:very much!
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:*whispers to Gina*I know we just started but..want an alliance?We can get the boys out.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:*conects to her mind*(in mind:You remember we still dont wear those braslets? like sure.but lets first delete the another team!)
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:*Back*(Yes,but if we lose we will vote out one of the guys.)

Daniel:*goes to his-the blue team*Hello..guess i'm the only guy here.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:(back:yes. Now lets go kick their butts!)
over a year ago missdada15 said…

Mike:Lets get to out first challenge!

*the next scene is outside and they are all siting by the table*

Mike:The clasic and everyones favorit-food challenge.

Tori:Let me guess..this is the part when we have to eat something grose?

Mary Jane:*gives a really big pot of beans to each fairy and boy*Eat up cowboys!

Mike:*chuckles*This is just an extra..In the end of 3 of the pot's there is a golden ring,whoever gets it first can't be voted out.*the anti-magic braclets appere on everyone*oh and one more thing..you can't eat with your hands hahaha.

Mary Jane:And remember..there are only 3 rings and 8 of you.

Daniel:*puts his hands behind his back then dives his head in the beans and starts eating.*

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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta;*buries her face in too*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Tori:I think i'm gonna be sick..*takes one with hear mouth and chevs it*ew..

Daniel:*eats it all*Aww..no ring.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Ginta:*finishes*aww no ri-*choucks*h-help*choucks and pukes the ring with everything out*
over a year ago missdada15 said…
Mike:And Ginta won!*looks at her*Now you just have to put the ring on before someone els gets theirs hehe.

Tori:*looks at the puke and pukes too*