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big smile
Kid_Flash said …
Okay I just realized something. If you have not read the manga then DONT read any further, there will be spoilers. So...In two episodes from now there will be the episode 413 days. Then I thought "Omfg does that mean we're going to see Natsu and Lucy flirting and Gajeel and levy kissing on screen?" Posted 2 days ago
Red_Fairy_Panda commented…
Yup. On Valentine's Day, to be precise. The very first Gruvia omake becomes an anime episode! But it's too bad the Nalu and Gale scene are not real. Oh, and we will also have Natsu and Asuka episode as well. Can't wait <3 1 day ago
Kid_Flash said …
Thank you Hiro Mashima for getting my jopes up when I saw a new chapter was out, only to was just an omake. Posted 4 days ago
Red_Fairy_Panda commented…
chill out, chapter 417 is already out as well. It's kinda refreshing to see Gildarts again. And maybe we're gonna have a one-year time skip after this. 4 days ago
Kid_Flash commented…
omfg I haven't noticed!! Thank you bro! I will forgive you for spoiling it to me about Gildarts (my second favorite character, not far beyond my first) 4 days ago
Red_Fairy_Panda commented…
oops my bad, but i think it's not a spoiler at all lol 3 days ago
Kid_Flash commented…
no problem. I just remembered how excited I was when I read ch.299 (the first one with Gildarts alone). And I felt the same yesterday. I can't wait to read the "one year later" chapter!! Hope that Lord Mashima won't disappoint us 3 days ago
Kid_Flash said …
I was fangirling like crazy in today's episode!!! #GaLe Posted 6 days ago
xtina_dagneel commented…
SAME there was so many otp moments happening 6 days ago
Kid_Flash commented…
The moment when she pushed him and called his name!!! <3 <3 <3 6 days ago