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The fans pick: 2. Gray Fullbuster
2. Gray Fullbuster
3. Natsu Dragneel
The fans pick: Sabertooth
Lamia Scale.
The fans pick: 3. Gray
3. Gray
1. Gajeel
The fans pick: a girl
a girl
a guy
The fans pick: 2. Lucy Heartfilia
2. Lucy Heartfilia
1. Juvia Lockser
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mariojaco said …
Does anybody else read the manga of Fairy Tail?? I'm on volume 45, but i know all about END (sorry, but i skip alot!!)I think that the manga is so original...also the manga's are stilll being made, while the anime has already stopped!!......So anyway everyone excited about the Fairy Tail Christmas Special (ova9)??? Posted 1 month ago
Ayumu42 commented…
I am reading the manga and whatching the anime at the same time :D 11 days ago
mariojaco commented…
Cool! which manga are you on? 7 days ago
mariojaco commented…
and episode 7 days ago
fansfunsz said …
who is erza scarlet? she is evil ? she is bad? she is cruel? she is a bad girl? she is bad ass? Posted 1 month ago
unknowingly1010 commented…
i Don't Care She's Evil or Bad Ass or She Comedy person!! 1 month ago
fansfunsz commented…
enoughf 1 month ago
mariojaco commented…
Shes.....not my favorite peson 22 days ago
Kawaii_Liv said …
Honestly I am in LOVE with Nats! He's soooooo adorable! Posted 1 month ago
mariojaco commented…
yeah, me too! If i was Lucy, i would already be married to Natsu! 1 month ago
PureHeroine commented…
Natsu is awesome! ~ <3 1 month ago
mariojaco commented…
man, shut the Hell up! 1 month ago