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Mighty Igneel
Erza and Kagura | "The Grand Ball"
Lucy Heartfilia | "The Grand Ball"
Yukino Aguria | "The Grand Ball"
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
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The fans pick: Erza (Badass)
Erza (Badass)
Ultear (Beautiful)
The fans pick: Egao No Mahou
Egao No Mahou
Snow Fairy
The fans pick: Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet
Gray Fullbuster
The fans pick: Yes, Juvia could've won the battle!
Yes, Juvia could've won the battle!
No, but it would've been a very close battle in which either could win.
The fans pick: Lyon x Chelia
Lyon x Chelia
Lyon x Gray
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I'm new to this,How do I join clubs? Posted 2 days ago
lillyna23 said …
When I watched the 200th episode of Fairy Tail I was shocked that UItear was alive. Wasn't she supposed to be dead of using the time of arc magic to save everyone. And how did she became an old woman! I don't get it. Posted 3 days ago
princess_lucy03 commented…
The magic takes away the TIME of her life.... not her life itself.. so her time was taken away and thus she became old... 2 days ago
SummerThunder commented…
That episode was very sad. I felt really bad for Ultear... 2 days ago
RubyTuesday632 said …
Happy the sidekick. Nobody really talks about that little cat. Posted 4 days ago
RubyTuesday632 commented…
:( 4 days ago
lillyna23 commented…
He is a cute cat. He only talks about fish. :-) 3 days ago
lillyna23 commented…
And also has cute voice 3 days ago