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The fans pick: The seven kin
The seven kin
Oracion seis & zero
The fans pick: Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master)
Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master)
One Piece
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10/ 10
6/ 10
The fans pick: hair in X792
 hair in X792
with ribbons
The fans pick: Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet
Natsu Dragneel
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Fairy Tail Wall

itachi90990 said …
Guys I got my first medal and it's on this club Posted 1 month ago
Animeislife2347 said …
Does Gray like Juvia a bit? Posted 1 month ago
AAndrews1204 commented…
She's definitely more than a friend to him but the rest remain obscure. Mashima himself even acknowledged this on twitter, calling their bond a 'mystery'. I don't know if you read the manga or just watch the anime so I won't say anything plot specific, I hate spoilers. Gray never shows how he feels exactly, being usually quite cold (No pun intended) and closed off. But he does like Juvia, that much is obvious now but if that is 'love' right now or is still on its way their is another thing. Basically, yes. Hope this helped and sorry for being too long. 11 days ago
Red_Fairy_Panda said …
HAHAHAH Gajeel joined the council! LOL such a plot twist. And sooo Gray wants to destroy END. I can't wait to see how he will react when he knows that Natsu is END. And i can't wait to see Natsu vs Gray! Posted 3 months ago
Kid_Flash commented…
I was so excited that Gajeel returned. My first question though was "where is Levy?" 3 months ago
AAndrews1204 commented…
Gajeel's return was quite the surprise wasn't it! Gray is certainly pursuing a sinister path. In fact he's making the same mistake as Silver, blindly pursuing END whilst casting aside all else. With how many people Silver killed because of his goal against END, the plot twist regarding who Gray kills isn't surprising now. I'm intrigued as to how he will be 'brought back to the light'. Probably by Natsu although I was hoping Juvia would play a more proactive role. But she appears pretty much sidelined (again) for now. Let's hope Mashima doesn't disappoint. This arc has potential. 3 months ago
Red_Fairy_Panda commented…
^ Ohhh so you don't read the manga? That's your problem then :p 2 months ago