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Erza and Kagura | "The Grand Ball"
Lucy Heartfilia | "The Grand Ball"
Yukino Aguria | "The Grand Ball"
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
*Mavis Vermillion*
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The fans pick: 1. Juvia Lockser
1. Juvia Lockser
2. Erza Scarlet
Evergreen VS Juvia Lockser
Levy McGarden VS Cana Alberona
The fans pick: pff no
pff no
The fans pick: Gray
The fans pick: Older mira
Older mira
Young Mira
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1 fan has answered this question
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Fairy Tail Wall

Yuzariha said …
If i could be anyone I would be Erza Scarlet !!!! You're cool erza!!! Posted 17 hours ago
papakyi10 said …
FT Chap 400. The secret behind the dragons dissapearances revealed!. At least one of them Posted 1 day ago
princess_lucy03 commented…
YESH! And i'm sure the others dragons are the same way too! Wow I wonder if this was the reason why Natsu and Gajeel weren't able to pass Freed's ruins :? :/ 1 day ago
itachi90990 commented…
@ princess_lucy03. No Natsu and Gajeel weren't able to pass Freed's ruins because he forced them to fight and only the winner can go. 1 day ago
papakyi10 commented…
I thought his runes had an age restriction. The runes were meant to keep just ma\karov out of action. 19 hours ago
princess_lucy03 said …
Did anyone read FT chap. 399????
OMG ACNOLOGIA !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IGNEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it!!!!!!!
FT+Tartarus+Faces+Lumine Historie +Jellal & OS + Acnologia+ Igneel+Zeref+ E.N.D = one awesome arc!!!
Next Chapter is sure gonna be interesting!! I haven't been this excited for a chapter in a very long time! Hope it doesn't go disappointing! Posted 8 days ago
Nalu-love commented…
Ikr >.< 7 days ago