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DragonSlayer765 posted on Dec 17, 2011 at 04:02AM
In here you can make your own magic that never showed at Fairy Tail anime/manga with template like this:

Magic Name:

Magic Type: (holder/caster)

Magic Element:


Weak Against:

Strong Against:

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over a year ago DragonSlayer765 said…
Why is no one reply my forum !
EdgarsDragneel commented…
Magic Name: Water Death Magic Type: Caster Magic Element: Water Dragon Slayer Weak against : Earth over a year ago
EdgarsDragneel commented…
Strong against: Fire over a year ago
Icefire912 commented…
Magic Name: Dragonslayer Element Combination 7 months ago
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
Lol, no replies in 2 months. I might as well give it a go. It's kind of hard to come up with something not too similar to what has already been used.

Magic Name: Ghost Body

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Dark

Description: The user turns his/her body into a sort of smoke like form, giving them the ability to fly, travel faster, thin out the smoke to make themselves almost invisible and also travel through walls.

Weak Against: Wind

Strong Against: Solid objects

Now that I think about it, this kind of sounds like the Death Eaters from Harry Potter, oh well.
over a year ago vampiregalz said…
big smile
how about I go for the second comment ^^

Magic Name: Holy Arrow

Magic Type: caster

Magic Element: light

Description: the user changes her magic power into a magical bow and holy arrows. Every time it was shot, holy arrow has never missed its target. Moreover, the user can do some special moves such as Arrow Shower, a large number of arrows will be shot around its users, and Arrow Rain which many arrows are shot up to the air and hit the targets like the rain

Weak Against: DARK. You may ask why but i have to tell u that according to my magical rules (what is that thing? o.O)LIGHT and DARK are equal which mean they can't harm each other XD

Strong Against: Since it is LIGHT element here so i have to said that LIGHT is strong against every elements except DARK haha (such a tricky element, right?)
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Not nesscairly , Hades proved that he didn't need Darkness Magic to wipe the floor with Makarov and Makarov use's titain and light Magic
over a year ago DragonSlayer765 said…

Type Magic:Caster


Descipcion:The user or other mage with the efect of this spell will able to float and will have boasted speed for 3 hours

Weak aginst:-

Stong agnist:-

P.S.:again this magic is inspierd to sora's wisdom form
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Name: Cosmic Magic
Element: Cosmic
Description: Magic that has something to do with space. Caster can use: Black hole, Supernova, Big Bang Boom, Meteor shower and stuff like that.
Weak against: Idiots that won't give up.
Strong against: Matter.

over a year ago FairiesXDemons said…
Magic Name: Divine Light

Magic Type:caster

Magic Element: Light

Description: it can eliminate 10 enemies at one likes a destruction magic,but you Amaterasu like Formula 100 to activate .

Weak Against: no hearts

Strong Against: Evil
over a year ago Laxusshocker said…
Magic name: sky supremacy

Magic type: caster

Element: cosmic

Description: supremacy over EVERYTHING (including alternate demensions) outside the troposphere. A very rare lost magic
over a year ago Geodude said…
big smile
Magic Name: Reject skills

Magic Type: Holder and Caster

Element: Silver

Description: To seal moves and power that is being used on self. The seal can also be used as a shield but depend on the level of the user. Silver is a magic that take time to use ex: If the user was gonna seal a powerful move it take him/her 25mins, meaning they will know how to dodge other.

Weak Against: Time user

Stronger Against: Weak mages
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Magic Name: Phoenix Rider Magic, like Dragon Slayer but much more ancient

Magic Type: (holder/caster) Caster

Magic Element: Fire

Description: The caster can use fire......can sprout wings with fire, only some can.

Weak Against: Weakest when on ground. Weak against VERY STRONG water and ice

Strong Against: In air. Heat
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
^Hmm, Phoenix Rider Eh? Is Phoenix the only one, or could there be other variants (like with Dragon Slayer and God Slayer). Eg, Halcyon Rider for water or Alicanto Rider for Metal/Earth.

To save you time, a Halcyon is a mythical bird that is said to calm the seas. And an Alicanto is another mythical bird that lives in caves and feeds on gold and silver.

Just a few suggestions, the only mythical bird people usually think of is a Phoenix, getting a bit cliched.
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over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
Anyway, another magic coming up.

Magic Name: Upgrade

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: N/A

Description: A magic that allows the user to give any object a magical property. Runes (similar to those in Jutsu Shiki Magic) stating the types of upgrade will appear on the object. For example "Upgrade: Levitate" could be used on a rock to make it levitate and possibly usable as transport. It could be used for a variety of purposes, and can even be utilised for combat, for example placing "Upgrade: Fire" on a sword to make a flaming sword. Endless possibilities, although the strength of the magic is limited to the user's magic power and imagination.

Weak Against: Dispel

Strong Against: N/A
over a year ago DragonSlayer765 said…
Ok then I think I must come back

Magic Name :Multiplier
Magic Type :Caster
Magic Element :Non Elemental
Description :A magic that can make anything the user hold/touch multiplied excapt non solid thing, building or something that has human inside,human,or animal
Weak Against:N/A
Strong Against:N/A
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Arc Angle Take over

Magic type : Holder / caster

Description : this magic is a takeover so it's like mirajanes satan soul the user transforms his or her body into that of an Angle and get's improved strength speed enduerance etc.

Weak against : anything really

Strong Against : again depends on the user
greenslime28 commented…
I think you mean Angel 4 months ago
over a year ago johnknausr said…
name :lightning blaster
Magic tipe: holder/ caster
element: lighning and light

description:the user has 2 massive pistols that shoot streams of light and shock together, it can also corespond to the users feelings like if the user gets iritated it turns black.Depending on the user it can fire multiple blasts at the same time.

weak against: anulating magic

strong against:prety much any kind of magic
over a year ago dargox said…
Name: magic reaper
Magic type: holder/caster
Magic element: unknown

Description: this ancient spell allows the user to summon the scythe of reapers turning it into a powerful killing weapon that can steal one foe's magical abilities by touching or coming close to the scythe blade.

Weak against: dispel

Strong against: any magic
over a year ago mcterra said…
big smile
Name:Energy absorption

Magic type:holder/caster

Magic element:any

Description:user absorps any kind of energy around him/her and use it constructively or destructively includes vital energy

Weak against:No magic since all magics are made of energy

Strong against:All magics
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Magic Name: Affinity Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: n/a

Description: Affinity Magic is a magic that enhances the user's physical condition and capabilities when near to or after absorbing/consuming something that the user has an affinity towards. The affinity could be towards literally anything e.g. rocks, toast, perfume, water, emotions etc; however it is impossible to have an affinity towards magic itself. This makes it a very versatile type of magic.
As the user becomes more adept with using this magic they will naturally become resistant and then immune to their affinity. For example if the user has an affinity towards ice they would wield Ice Affinity Magic and would become physically more powerful when near to or after consuming any form of ice; a master Ice Affinity Mage would be immune to all the effects of ice as a result of this magic. Users of Affinity Magic have the ability to sense their affinity; more skilled users are better at sensing their affinity than less skilled users. However users of Affinity Magic CANNOT manipulate their affinity, it only empowers them.

Weak Against: n/a

Strong Against: n/a
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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Magic Name : Divine God Slayer Magic

Magic Type : Caster

Magic Element : Holy/ Light

Description : this Magic follows all other Slayer magics the users body is Pyschailly enhanced but more so than a Dragon slayers. The user can Eat Light or holy to replenish his or her strength. The user can used a Variety of Holy / Light based attacks. such as

Tenrai Kami Onsei (Divine Gods Voice ) : This is a attack that simulates a breath attack much like a Dragon slayers Roar the user of this move inhales than exhales A large Beam of Light. but much like Strings roar of the white dragon the user can easyily shift him self around causing destruction where ever he turns.

Tenrai Kami Keibatsu (Divine Gods Judgement )- The user brings in his left arm and right arm placing them one over the other and thrusting both arms at the same time and unleashing a Large Blast of light that Engulfs nearly everything in front of it.

Tenrai Kami Yari ( DIvine Gods spear) : Much like Stings Holy ray this is a spray of Light that the user unleashes from both hands that hits the target in each direction. however the light is shaped like spears thus causing impalement to most people his by this flurry of attacks.

Tenrai Kami Tadashii Katana Shinsei (Divine Gods Rightoues Sword of Divinity ) : The user slams both hands in front of them selves as light gathers on both palms forming two large energy balls the user lifts up his hands pointing toward the sky as the light shoots upward forming a Massive Board Sword made of light the user Slams his hands Vertically downward Destroying anything and anyone in the way of this massive holy blade.

Strong Against : N/A

Weak Against : N/A

fairytail4live commented…
woa yours is awesome :D 8 months ago
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Plasma Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Plasma

Description: This magic allows the user to generate and manipulate plasma from their bodies at will; as a result the user's body is immune to all the effects of plasma and plasma-based attacks (which includes fire and electricity). They are unable to consume plasma and doing so will have no positive (or negative) effects on the user.

Strong Against: n/a

Weak Against: Anything that absorbs or nullifies ionized gas molecules.
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Turbo Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: n/a

Description: This magic allows the user to turbocharge and enhance the capabilities of biological, mechanical and magical mechanisms via touch. The level at which something is enhanced depends on the skill of the user, with most master Turbo Mages being capable of enhancing the capabilities of something/someone tenfold; exceptionally masterful Turbo Mages are also capable of enhancing their own physical capabilities.

Strong Against: n/a

Weak Against: n/a
over a year ago TitaniumX023 said…
Name: The Light

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Light

Description: This magic is the opposite of Black Arts, but instead, only a few wizards have discovered the magic and uses it as their own. It uses a powerful beam of light to blind and damage opponents, and of the opponent is filled with sin (something like Zeref) will be punished severely. The caster is partly blind (pupils are gray) as a drawback from creating strong lights. It has powerful healing capabilities as a secondary use.

Strong against: Black Arts, Dark Magic

Weak against: None
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
Magic Name: Coins Magic

Magic Type: Holder

Magic Element: N/A

Description: Similar to Cana's Cards Magic, different coins can have different effects. A variety of magic attacks can be used from these; so be careful, a seemingly innocent coin toss could blow you away, literally.

Weak Against: Metal Magic (unless the coin is made out of something else)

Strong Against: N/A
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
Magic Name: Armour Skin

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: N/A

Description: The user hardens his skin making himself impenetrable. No sword or 10 km fall will cause the user any damage, although this magic can be tiring and extensive use is not advised.

Weak Against: Hours of repetitive attacks

Strong Against: N/A
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
Magic Name: Overdrive

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: N/A

Description: Used with any other type of magic. This magic is like a boost for the user's magical power. They cause their body to rapidly produce an enormous amount of eternanos(magic particles/the mana of the Fairy Tail universe). This gives them overpowering magical strength for a limited time; although it has a side effect of leaving the user unable to produce eternanos for while afterwards leaving them defenceless if their opponent somehow manages to survive the onslaught.

Weak Against: N/A

Strong Against: N/A
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Green Dragon Slayer

Magic type : Caster

Magic Element : Nature

Description : The Use of Green Dragon Slayer Magic ables the user to form things that occur in Nature such as Natural disasters or something of elemental like properties. given that Green Dragon Slayer Magic is unique among Dragon slayer Magic. for example "Fist of the Green Dragon" is like that of a Tremor "Green Dragon Impact" is like a large Wind Turbulence. "Green Dragons Roar" is simalir to a Solar beam / flare. As such the Green Dragon Slayer is able to Eat / ingest multiple things . EX: (Include but not limited to) Dirt, Plants & Sunlight.

Weak Against : N/A

Strong Against : N/A
over a year ago minglemaster098 said…
Magic name: Crystal flame

Magic type: Caster

Magic Element: Fire

Description: The user can create blue or white fire and use it to destroy and grab on to items and users can also transform into blue flames, be englufed in them and create fire tornados, whips, balls and transform their arms into flaming blue dragons.

Weak against: Very hot fire, hotter that fire controlled.

Strong against: All exepet weakness.
over a year ago BakaOnibi said…
I know Take Over magic should be used on living creatures and this is a line that probably should not be crossed; but I couldn't resist.

Magic Name: Take Over: Mechanical Soul

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: N/A

Description: The same as other Take Over Magics, but this one uses machines. As with other Take Over Magics, the user can only Take Over an entity that he/she truly 'knows'; so this magic is rarely used by those other than mechanics.
Known Spells
Mechanical Soul: Car - Fairly obvious. The user turns into a car. It can come with different variants as there are many different cars out there.
Mechanical Soul: Motorcycle - Similar to a car, but this time a motorcycle, possibly one that Racer had in the Oracion Seis arc.
Mechanical Soul: Christina - Yes, someone has Taken Over Blue Pegasus' airship. But don't worry, after a long arduous battle, they got it back, although some serious repairs need to be done.

Weak Against: N/A

Strong Against: N/A
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over a year ago fairytail111 said…
Magic name: Spectrum
Magic type: Caster

Magic element: light
Description: dragon slayer magic that allows user to absorb light rather than eat it power decreases at dark. User has full control over all light and the full light spectrum
Weak against: mirror magic
Strong against: lightning and fire magic (absorbs magics light)
over a year ago pete_juan30 said…
Magic name: Magic Power Make

Magic type: Ancient spell/lost magic

Magic element: n/a

We know that there is a magic that gives form to magic power like ice make, wood make..etc, but it is in the form of ice, wood or etc.. This magic is gonna mold the MAGIC POWER of the enemy itself. It is said that each mage has a container of magic power inside it's body, so this magic's gonna use the magic power that is inside of the container of the enemy. like the Rapture Magic of Gatman, it uses the foe's magic power. The user can mold it's foes magic power all it want until no magic power is left on the foe's container.

Weak against: The user cannot mold it's own magic power, only the enemy's.
Time_Master commented…
this is too OP, because accoridng to this logic, you can just entirely remove the enemies magic, then they would be powerless, OP over a year ago
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Conduit Magic

Sub-Types: Fire Conduit magic, Water Conduit magic, Wind Conduit magic, Earth Conduit magic, Lightning Conduit magic, Ice Conduit magic, Wood Conduit magic, Magma Conduit magic, Light Conduit magic, Darkness Conduit magic, Shadow Conduit magic, Iron Conduit Magic, Poison Conduit magic etc.

Magic Type: Caster magic

Magic Element: n/a

Description: This magic allows the user to become a conduit for a certain substance or element. This enables the user to absorb/consume and then store one or more substances/elements within their bodies; the user is then able to generate said substance/element from their bodies at will as long as they have enough stored inside of them. Conduit Mages can partially transmute their bodies into their particular substance/element at will and more skilled Conduit Mages can completely transmute their body into said substance/element and freely move around while in this state e.g. a skilled Lightning Conduit Mage could turn into electrical energy and then travel about in that state. Conduit Mages are immune to their particular substance/element. User cannot manipulate said substance/element, only absorb/consume and generate it.

Strong Against: n/a

Weak Against: n/a
over a year ago Time_Master said…
Magic Name:
Soul Sound

Magic Type:

Magic Element:
Sound (Vibrations)

Using the Vibrations in the Air, every time you step or touch something a sound is made depending on your personality and mood, ((Example: One of my characters is called Eden East, he used a Music Fruit (One Piece) he is always nice and soft, so he uses a Violin)), you can Also fly by vibrating the air under your feet to be almost Solid, and if you master this Magic, you can vibrate your own Body enough to pass through solid objects ((Yes, this does work, the Flash vibrates his Molecules to do the same, this is pretty much it))

Weak Against:
Earth, Air
((Earth sometimes is too large for Vibrations to cause effect {[unless Earthquakes, which can be made with Vibrations]}, and Air can distort the vibrations in the Air))

Strong Against:
Water, Fire,Metal
((Water can be distorted by Vibrations, Fire can too, Metal when vibrated enough becomes Brittle, or weak))

Picture is the Magic Circle that happens when you use this Magic
last edited over a year ago
Magic Name: 
Soul Sound

Magic Type: 

Magic Element: 
Sound (Vibrations)

over a year ago DemonGamer1996 said…
Magic name: Descending Darkness

Magic type: Ancient spell/lost magic

Magic element: Darkness Magic, Seith Magic, and Take Over Magic

Decription: Well it's a makes you speed increase significantly making it hard to hit you. Your body can transform into a type of weapon (chains that come out of your back able to control anything, arms can transform into a blade) You also have range abilities as in shooting shadow spheres blinding your enemy temperary, summoning demon creatures in all sizes, and from back attacks you back grows out spikes to shoot out spikes of shadows at your enemy. And I said take over magic because if your opponent gets on your final nerve and you transform to a gigantic demonic beast with wings tripling your power!

I enjoy demonic stuff :D
over a year ago sjeggy said…
Magic Name:(izvarIyah)Divinity (kheta)Shield

Magic Type: holder

Magic Element: Varies

Description: i use items called "mayin vastu" wich allows me to summon various shields and auras depending on the mayin vastu. i could create a holy shield or eruption, an earthquake depending on the artifact i use. of course it absorbs a lot of energy

Weak Against: long range magic (you also need to find the rare mayin vastu)

Strong Against: close range (usefull as support magic)

over a year ago RaymartDustaxel said…
Magic Name: Regalia Supremacy Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: ???

Description: It is both a destruction and restoration magic. This magic has a dark and light side, when use by evil magic users the dark side of it is activated and it can be a chaotic magic that can cause a planetary devastation but, when it is use by good magic users the light side of it is activated and it can be a salvation magic that can both purge and restore even revive the dead ones using a holy light. This magic though requires tremendous magic power to be able use it, only legendary wizards can be able to wield this powerful magic. It is also called the "Magic of the Gods".

Weak Against: ???

Strong Against: ???
over a year ago jhrjtnvjt said…
Magic Name : Shadow magic

Magic Type : holder (not sure)

Element : Anti-earth (because shadow magic has to do with the ghost world too)

Description : The user can summon ghosts and cast powerful shadow attacks some of the moves i made are : Shinigami wings (the user has wings similar to the japanese death gods)
Shadow ball (the user throws a huge shadow ball strong enough to vanish a house)
Ghost world (the user makes everything around him 20 meters long go to the ghost dimension where the user has the double power) .
Shadow punch and kick (the user's hands or legs become shadows that can kill a human with a single hit)
Ghost tornado (the user summons ghosts that make a tornado and trap the opponent while observing his power)
Ghost body (the user's body becomes a shadow and is unaffected by physical attacks but super effective in special attacks)
and last but not least Shadow chains (the opponent is wrapped by chains that observe his power and give it to the user)

Weak against : Light magic

Strong against : any other magic but especially at dragon slaying magic (because in ghost world u float on the sky as there is no earth and dragon slayers have motion sickness)
mitchellgraham commented…
Hate to say this but in the Fairy Tail anime (lullaby arc) shadow magic was introduced but your idea is way beeter over a year ago
over a year ago jang715 said…

Magic Name: Counter

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element:N/A

Description: Counter allows you to employ whatever magic that would most effectivly counter your opponent

Weak Against: People way stonger then the average norm (Gildarts, Erza, Natsu, Grey)

Strong Against: People who are powerful , but not freakily so (Lucy)
over a year ago jang715 said…
Magic Name: Cornucopia

Magic Type: (holder/caster) holder

Magic Element: N/A

Description: Cornucopia allows you to blast things out of your cornucopia. When you first get it, you can only do food, but you can work your way up to things like fire, water, wind, light shadow, ect

Weak Against: Well, it's normally just unlucky, but you chose a element the opponent can use

Strong Against: See above
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Marble Magic

Magic Type: Holder

Magic Element: n/a

Description: This magic enables the user to generate different types of effects depending on the appearance and the amount of the marbles used. The effects of the marbles include, but are not limited to:
Clear red marbles generate fire.
Cloudy reddish brown marbles generates magma and lava.
Clear blue marbles generates water and ice.
Clear light brown marbles generate earthen substances (stone, dirt, rock etc.)
Clear sky blue marbles generates wind.
Clear yellow marbles generates electricity.
Clear green marbles generates plants and other forms of flora.
Clear colourless marbles allow teleportation to other clear colourless marbles.
Cloudy cream marbles generate large thick smokescreens.
Cat’s Eye marbles allow communication between other Cat’s Eye marbles.
Iron marbles can be made to increase in size and mass.

Strong Against: n/a

Weak Against: n/a
over a year ago Anythings said…
Magic Name : The Heaven's Order

Magic Type : Unknown Spells

Magic Element : All

Description : It's Unknown magic , The User can eats anything but for some reason The user Stronger if eats light , The User Magic based all elements , for examples ( The Six of Heaven Path Magic part ) :

-. Iudicium Flamma / Honō no jajjimento ( The Flame Judgements ) : If The User use Iudicium Flamma , The Place will change to Sun and The User fly , Order of Head magic circle shoot White Flame . The White Flame will Destroy only The Evils Being .

-.Poena Aquae / Mizu no oshioki ( The Punishment of Water ) : If The user use Poena Aquae ,The Ground will change to Ocean and The user will move faster in Water ,The user use Order Of Tail magic circle slash the target while shooting Pure Water and , Frozen Ice .The Pure Water will purify the Evils while the Frozen Ice freezing the Chaos .

-.Benedictionem Aeris / Kūki no shukufuku ( The Blessing of Air ) : If The user use Benedictionem Aeris , The Place change into Sky , The User will fly and Order of Wings magic circle shoot White Thunder with Hurricane . The White Thunder will destroy everythings

-. Sonus terra / Chikyū no oto ( The Sound of Earth ) : If The User use Sonus terra , . The User will dig to the Earth while control The Gravity .Order of Claws magic circle will slash with The Power of Gravity . ( it's like Dragon Slaying magic claw )

-. Peccata Elementorum / Yōso no tsumi ( The Sin of Elements ) : If The User use Peccata Elementorum , The User will use Order of Body . The Place will change to forest . Order of Body means All Order beings . Order of Heads , Order of Tail , Order of Wings , Order of Claws , and Order of Armour . The User Will slash the Target and fly while stab the target and go to nears sun with the target . and release the target . and The user Body will fusion with all Elements and shoot The Elements to The Target . The Target will send to Black hole and disappeared .

-.Ordinis a Patre in Caelo / Ten no chichi kara chūmon ( The Order from Father in Heaven ) : If The User use Ordinis a Patre in Caelo . The user will make a Magic Circle . The picture based all Gods Symbols . and shoot a light and the target instant die ( suddenly die ) .

Weak Againts : none

Strong Againts : ALL
Magic Name : The Heaven's Order

Magic Type : Unknown Spells

Magic Element : All

AnimeCatgirl001 commented…
That's unfair magic all magic should have a weakness over a year ago
over a year ago AnimeCatgirl001 said…
Magic name: copy and paste magic
Magic type: caster
Magic element: N/A
Description: copy's the users magic and uses at your own! eg: natsu does fire breath that means I can copy him and do fire breath! Copy and paste magic can copy any type of magic (except celestial magic) even If it's a powerful spell! If u use copy and paste magic u can remember how to use the spell that u already copied and use it anytime without coping the user repeatedly! Eg: if I have copied grays ice attack i don't need to use copy magic on him again I just use the spell! "Ice make sword"
Weak against: celestial magic (can't copy it)
Strong against: any type of magic (except celestial magic)
over a year ago shadowrose123 said…
Magic Name: Gravity Shift

Magic Type: Castor

Magic Element: Gravity

Description: The user is able to change thereselves gravity allowing them to float they also can shift there rivals gravity causing them to sore in the air or making them stuck to the ground they also may stop your gravity completely allowing you to be stuck in air.

Weak Against: Weight

Strong Against:Almost all
over a year ago tigerfinn said…
magic name: disperse

magic type: caster

magic element: N/A

description: the user is able to disperse the magic of the enemy but it takes a lot of magic energy so it will be hard to use it and it can only disperse one magic

weak against: rapid fire
strong against: single fire,melee magic and requip magics
over a year ago Dragonsinger said…
I've starting writing fanfiction with an OC, and I was looking for a cool magic to give her. Then I saw this forum, and I decided I liked Blaze_of_Ares's idea.....so I took it an expanded it.

Magic Name: Phoenix Rider Magic

Magic Type: Caster
Magical Element: Any

Description: Phoenix Rider Magic is older than Dragon Slayer Magic, but younger than God Slayer. It is one of the Lost Magics, but cannot be taught or learned any longer, because its an inherited magic now that the Phoenixs are contained in another dimension. It works similar to the Dragon Slayer Magic in how it is manifested; Phoenix Rider Magic allows its users to transform their physical bodies into that of their respective Phoenix, it utilizes both offensive and defensive styles, though with Phoenixes the magic tends to lean towards one or the other. They can also consume external sources of their respective natural element to replenish their own energy. However, unlike Dragon Slayers, Phoenix Riders are rarely immune to their element. Like Dragon Slayers, Phoenix Riders cannot consume their own manifested element.

Phoenix Rider Magic can be used to kill a Phoenix, but it was not intended to be used this way. Phoenixes and their Riders worked as a highly specalized team, and offered protection to those who needed it, or guarded cities. Phoenixs are practically immune to all magic save their own.

There are two ways to learn Phoenix Rider Magic: learning through the Phoenix themselves, or reincarnated knowledge. Since Phoenix Riders were so rare, there was no First or Second Generation, and they were just simply Phoenix Riders.

Though extremely rare, Phoenix Riders could enter Elemental Shift. Like the Dragon Slayer "Dragon Force", it is the final, ultimate form that the Phoenix Riders can obtain. Unlike Dragon Slayers, who become more like a dragon when entering their Dragon Force, Phoenix Riders become more like their element, so that they are almost their element personified. For example, a Fire Phoenix Rider would become a human-shaped flame, their temperature would become extremely heightened, and the Rider would become immune to most attacks, mostly pysical and some magical.

History: This form of magic was born six hundred years ago, during the Great Migration, when a surge of immigrants came from other civial-war filled countries. The Phoenixes approached these immigrants and, with permission, took children into their charge to teach them magic.
Eventually, the Phoenix Riders became an elite peacekeeping force throughout Earthland. However, as powerful figures started searching out the Phoenixes to forcibly learn their magic, they became very selective of their students and soon their numbers dwindled to one Phoenix for each element.

In response to the selecusion of the Phoenixes, a group of mages called the Magic Reapers rose to power, and using their dark magic, these mages killed the Aera Phoenix and her Rider. The Phoenix Riders started sending their Phoenixes into another dimension to keep them safe. However, the more expeirenced of the Riders went with the Phoenixes, to keep them safe.


Phoenix: A mythological bird that lives an extraordinary long life and is born again through its own ashes.

However, the Phoenix is a wide catagory pertaining to a select species that dies and is reborn through the remains of their element.

Phoenixes originally started as a badly placed Tower of Heaven, which was then exposed to a hurricane and an earthquake, which started a tsunami and then a series of storms that wore away at the Tower. Eventually, the remaining pieces of the Tower of Heaven came to life in the form of highly unstable life forms that took the appearance of birds. These birds lived on the island the Tower occupied for the better part of their lives before moving to the mainland and having offspring, which became more stable. The third generation of these Lacrima-made creatures became the Phoenixes.

Each Phoenix took it's element from the First Generation; several for each fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. These became known as Phoenixes because when the bird died, it crumbled or dissolved into their element and was born from the "ashes".
over a year ago KonaYukimura said…
Name: Kona E Yokimura
Magic Name: Dragon Slayer
Magic Element: Water and Ice
Description: Has Long Blue Hair, Aqua Colored Eye's, Wear's A Cloak When On a Mission
Weakness: Air Magic
Strong agent's: Fire Magic
over a year ago isastorm_001 said…
Magic name: Overlordian
Magic element: All
Description: overlordian cannot be taught but made by destroying ones body to make room for energy. The user can use all kind of magic except requip and summoner types. this process needs to have another overlordian or is gifted at birth. Using elements takes time. All elements able to use are Earth,fire,wind,water,light,dark,time,spac­e,g­rav­ity­,an­d force. Once said to be forbidden because of how strong the user can be. Gods, pomorials, and humans fear these incredible beings because of their capabilitys. never underestimate an overlordian because of looks.
weakness: itself
Strong against: everything
over a year ago shadow-master_2 said…
Magic Name: Sand Dragon Slayer Magic.
Magic Type: Caster Magic.
Magic Element: Sand.
Description: Dragon Slayer Magic that grants the user various characteristics typical of a Sand Dragon. Lungs that can generate sand etc. It allows the user to generate sand strong enough to kill a dragon. It can be used a all ranges for offense and for defence. The sand can be manipulated to bludgeon, crush or pierce the enemy. The user can consume external sources of sand to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength. Example of a technique.

• Sand Dragon's Roar (Suna-ryū no Hōkō): The user first inhales, gathering sand into their mouth and then releases sand in the direction of their opponent, creating a large stream of sand which damages and bludgeons the opponent.

Weak against: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Water Magic.
Strong against: N/A.
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over a year ago shadow-master_2 said…
Magic Name: Water Dragon Slayer Magic.
Magic Type: Caster.
Magic Element: Water.
Description: Dragon Slayer Magic that grants the user various characteristics typical of a Water Dragon. Lungs that can breathe underwater etc. It allows the user to generate water strong enough to kill a dragon. It can be used at all ranges for offense and for defence. The water can be manipulated to bludgeon or drown the enemy. The user can consume external sources of water to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength. Example of a technique
• Water Dragon's Roar (Mizu-ryū no Hōkō): The user first inhales, gathering water into their mouth and then releases pressurized water in the direction of their opponent, creating a large stream of water which heavily damages and knocks away the opponent.

Weak against: Earth Magic.
Strong against: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.
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over a year ago shadow-master_2 said…
Magic Name: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic.
Magic Type: Caster.
Magic Element: Earth.
Description: Dragon Slayer Magic that grants the user various characteristics typical of a Earth Dragon. A body sturdy enough to withstand a large fall that would kill anyone else etc. It allows the user to generate earth strong enough to kill a dragon. It can be used at mid to long range for offense and for defence. The earth can be manipulated to bludgeon or crush the enemy. The user can consume external sources of earth to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength. Example of a technique
• Earth Dragon's Roar (Tsuchi-ryū no Hōkō): The user first inhales, gathering earth into their mouth and then releases earth in the direction of their opponent, creating a large stream of earth which heavily damages and knocks away the opponent.

Weak against: Lightning Magic and Fire Magic.
Strong against: Water Magic.
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over a year ago alphonse33 said…
Magic name: Aura dragon slayer magic
Magic type: caster
Magic element: n/a
Description: Unlike other formed of dragon slayer magic this can not be learned but inherited. This magic allows the caster to see peoples auras but they are unable to interpret what the auras mean about the person.
Weak against: Light magic and Water magic
Strong against: Fire and Wind Magic
shadow-master_2 commented…
Sounds good. over a year ago
over a year ago Playgod said…
Adjective Script
Caster Magic
Script Magic
Similar to Solid Script and Darkness Script (Yami no erecture) Adjective script users use words in battle, Unlike Solid Script which creates elemental attacks from words and Darkness Script which affects human bodies using words, Adjective Script use only Adjective in battle which changes the physical state of an object.
Example: User casts the word "Heavy" on a pebble. Depending on the amount of magic used the pebble will increase in weight with no limit. "Sharp" will allow even a pillow to cut like a sword.
Experienced user are able to use spells on themselves but attempting to use words against other living beings is a taboo which will result in the users death in worst case scenarios.
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over a year ago Lord_Eevee said…
Tech Dragon slayer magic . Caster type. Description :it's like gajeel and natsu's magic but made of lots of different numbers. Strong against :lots of types. Weak against : extreme motion sickness😨🚂
over a year ago Lord_Eevee said…
Cat Dragon slayer magic
over a year ago starstrike582 said…
Magic name: Star Savior (Maybe I do like stars? Hehe)
Magic type: (IDK because I'm an idiot. :c)
Magic element: N/A

Description: This magic allows the holder/user to summon stars that once hold a specific constellation. It also allows the user to use some gases of the sun to make the stars more powerful. Each constellation depends on how strong the stars are. For an example: Leo is the strongest, due to the fact that he is the leader of the Zodiacs.

Weak against: Night Moonlight (A magic that I really wanna comment, can I comment 2?)
Strong against: Dawning Wolf ( Another magic I really want to comment!)

over a year ago mitchellgraham said…
Magic Name: Celestial Spirit Slayer
Type: Caster Magic
Description: The power to slay celestial spirits
Weak Against: Darkness Magic, Shadow Magic, Black Arts
Strong Against: Heavenly body magic, heavenly eyes, celestial spirits, celestial spirit mages
11 months ago TheLefteris24 said…
Magic Name:Yin Yang Magic.
Type:Caster Magic-Lost Magic.
Description:The User Can Use Any Type Of Elemental Magic Both In Long And Close Range Combat And Also Consume The Elemental Attacks Of His Opponent Replenishing And Boosting His Magic Power.It Grants The Ability To Use Unison Raid Without The Aid Of Another Person And It's Aura Can Protect The User From Types Of Black Magic That Involve Killing By Contact.
Weak Against:Arc Of Time.
Strong Against:Elemental Magic,Molding Magic,Slaying Magic,Black Magic !!!!
10 months ago KCraft41 said…
Magic Name: Mokushiroku God of Ancients Magic

Magic Type: Lost Magic

Magic Element: N/A

Description: The user has destruction, chaos, apocalypse embodiment. The user is able to cause descruction of the highest order.
Calling of The Chaotic Disruption - The user causes a tear in the targets magic ability which causes the target to loose control of their magic power and uncontrollably uses their magic and in the process greatly injure themselves.
Rain of Decimation - The user cause atomic particles to fall from the sky, over desired area, which causes countless explosions.
Twilight Scale: The controls the balance between good and evil causing light and darkness to collide completely annihilating the target.
Wrath: The user can cause immense pain towards the target
Gluttony: The user disrupts the targets gravitational field thus making the target much slower
Envy: The user can mimic the last spell the the target performed
Anger: The user enrages the target thus causing him/her to lose magic power at a much accelerated rate.
Sloth: The user creates a person with or without magic power( in this case with magic power) to avoid having to fight his or her opponent.
Pride: The user gloats about himself thus greatly increasing his or her magic power.
Lust: Basically mind controll)
*Also you could blow shit up and stuff.*

Weak Against: N/A

Strong Against: N/A
10 months ago Bluemagic1992 said…
Hello I'm new here and i have a few ideas if that's okay.
TheLefteris24 commented…
Of Course It Is.That's Why These Forums Exist After All !!!! 10 months ago
10 months ago Bluemagic1992 said…
Magic Name: Lightning Vampire Slayer

Magic Type: Lost Magic Casting Type

Magic Element: Lightning

Description: Vampire Slayer Magic ( For what i made.) is magic created by vampires to magically slay another vampires. This magic gives the user the physical attributes of a Vampire with the strength and weaknesses. While vampires can't withstand the sun without turning into dust, Vampire Slayers can withstand it, but it cause irritation to their skin for their are pale like a Vampire, which weakens them. To counter this, they use umbrellas to block out the sunlight. Likewise, they cannot stand silver either as it make their skin itch too and get getting hit by one greatly hurts them. The same goes for water, for it drains their power. They can also drain and comsume magic through through their fangs, another physical attribute of a vampire. Holy symbols and place keeps them from entering or moving forward. They must never drink blood no matter what, for it will make them go crazy and it will make them slowly change into one. Using vampire slayer magic too much will slowly change he/she into a vampire, much like of a dragon slayer uses to much dragon slayer magic. In the same process that a certain type of dragon must enter the body of a dragon slayer to created antibodies to stop the process, the same goes for vampire slayers. With lighting as the element, he/she can use it for high speed attack purposes.

Weak Against: Earth type magic, silver items, sunlight, getting hit by water, drink blood from humans, which causes them to go insane, and holy symbols.

Strong Against Water Magic,
9 months ago Bootxs96 said…
MAGIC: Kitsune Lore
Type; Ancient, Lost Magic
Magic Element: N/A

DESCRIPTION; Magic from the ancient times were Kitsunes
Ran free. Like how they grow the numerous amount of tails
You have the number of magic abilities. The user doesn't grow tails
But they manifest as magic energy.

First Tail; Elemental Manipulation & Shape-shifting
Second Tail;Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation
Third Tail;Weather Control, Nature manipulation
Fourth Tail: Illusions, Phasing, Invisibility, Magic Dispelling
Fifth Tail: Barriers manipulation, Blast magic,
Sixth Tail:Chain magic, Binding magic, Memory Control
Seventh Tail: Healing Powers, Anti-Magic, Hexes
Eighth Tail; Size Manipulation, Time-Space manipulation
These we're powers that They achieved. No records indicate
Any Kitsune who went beyond eight tails, except for the
Kitsune Goddess Yulia.

Yulia's Ninth Tail; The Nine Hymns;

Holy Song,
Divine Cross,
Wrath of Presence,
Grand Curse

Weak Against: N/A

Strong Against:N/A

Since Back then everything was peaceful there was no need for slaying magic. Son they invented Lore instead of slaying. It was for protection for Kitsunes who had children or taught their lore to those they saw fit.
( Basically I just got tired of reading fan fictions of fairy Tail were it was slaying magic. Fairy Tail isn't just about slaying magic there's more types out there. So Kitsune Lore.... Because I like Kitsunes.
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7 months ago xKingBossx said…
Magic Name: Legacy Magic

Magic Type: Holder Magic

Magic Element: Spiritual

Description: Used by family dynasties of fighters and soldiers and is held in the form of any item that is passed down through generation to generation. This magic holds a memory of all it's previous wielders (their Strength, Speed, Skills, Stamina, Endurance, and memories of whatever profession they chose) and to whoever wears the ring these memories except for their magic if they used other forms of magic. The wielder of this magic will be physically and mentally enhanced depending on the amount of previous wielders and depending on each of the wielders own abilities. Most common trait that is seen in Legacy Magic wielders is that they challenge themselves to do impossible, constantly training all their abilities, and are always eager to learn new things. Legacy Magic Wielders also have the mentality of follower for most are workers and soldiers, some have been seen as leaders and rulers but that is usually because they were either in a family of royalty and rulers or given/placed in a leadership position but usually there is someone above them giving them orders (examples can be seen if you were watching Captains of the Guards, Generals of a Kings army, and royally appointed professionals like the royal guard, jester, gardener, and cook).

Weak Against: Since it is only the natural physical and mental abilities that is passed on not magical, Legacy Magic Wielders have no spells, they are essentially a very skilled and strong professionals given no real defense towards other forms of magic.

Strong Against: Legacy Magic is strong depending on the previous wielders skills.
Example: If the wielders holds a item of a long legacy knights and soldiers, he will have supreme and overwhelming combat skills and reflexes. If the wielder holds a item of a medical legacy, they can heal and create any cure for illness or wound in seconds.

Please like if you guys like this idea for a magic and leave any comments give your honest opinion :)
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7 months ago viperwolf12 said…
Magic Name: Darklight Slayer Hunter

Magic Element: Darklight (darkness, light, and shadow)

description: allows control over shadow, darkness, and light. Slayer Hunter is the counter to devil, dragon, and God slayer magic. Includes spells similar to both sting and rouge.

Weak against: Anti-Slayer

Strong against: depends on how the user uses their abilities.
7 months ago Smibopggg said…
Name: Mythical Soul

Magic Type: Transformation Magic (Lost Magic)

Magic Element: Fire

Description: This magic is able to turn you into
a phoenix or a phoenix like warrior.
Your abilities allow you to
grow firey wings and a long red and
orange cloak with a yellow flaming
headband and two gauntlets with
feathers on each one, it also gives
you incredible vision like a bird of prey.
Any user of this magic
can shoot off flaming feathers with
point blank accuracy and is able to fly.
Alot of you may be think why this
would be a Lost Magic, well the
reason for this would be that because
you have the power of a phoenix, you
you can heal most damage caused by
battle, and with healing magic your
almost invincible.

Weakness: Water will extinguish your flames when
when transformed. Lack of oxygen will
do the same. Mud and other sludge
will make you unable to egnite the

Strengths: This magic is very affective against ice
because it will melt it. The user can also
destroy wood.

I hope you all like this❤♋

5 months ago Walker_Voidman said…
Magic Name: Void Dragon Slayer

Magic Type: Holder

Magic Element: Void

Description: Creates Alternate Rifts In Reality Allowing Teleportation And Black Holes. One Spell Is Used As Support Where As The Others Are Mostly Offensive

Weak Against: Void God Slayer

Strong Against:Pretty Much Every Dragon Slayer
4 months ago greenslime28 said…
Magic Name: Activate Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Any

Description: Activate Magic allows the caster to use any caster type magic and summon items to perform Holder type magic.

Weakness: Can only perform up to three magic abilities at a time

Strength: Strong when fighting wizards that use the same magic, because attacks won’t work
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4 months ago greenslime28 said…
Magic Name: Angel Magic

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Angel

Description: The caster can summon angels from the sky, and the angels can battle for them.

Weakness: Summoning angels anywhere in the world will simultaneously summon a demon somewhere else

Strength: No need to fight hand-to-hand

(Angel in the anime and manga had similar magic, though it was a holder type magic, as she used coins to summon the angels and when they were defeated it shortened her lifespan. That is not the same here.)
4 months ago greenslime28 said…
Magic Name: Aerona

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Healing

Description: An Aerona is a person with the ability to see and understand all forms of illness, whether it is physical or mental.

Weakness: Cannot heal self

Strength: can heal allies, and distinguish early onset diseases
2 months ago Kirito88 said…
Magic Name: Black Demon

Magic Type: (holder/caster)

Magic Element: Black Flames

Description: I’m a swordsmen who as a sad backstory and I don’t work for anyone guild. Me and my only friend the grim reaper work to take out anyone who the light guilds see fit and we will take cares of job only if their pay

Weakness: Destroy my cap and bad things will happen

Strengths: I never take my opens like
2 months ago butterkinglu said…

Magic Name: star frag

Magic Type: holder

Magic Element: light/dark

Description: magical stars that have fallen from the sky each have different abiltys and the fragments could be anywhere but only users of this magic can see them unless someone that uses the magic wants them to

Weak Against: all untill first hit than it adapts

Strong Against: all after first hit
2 months ago Avater13 said…
Magic Name: Cyborg Lock

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Technology

Description: Cyborg Lock allows the user to enable his or her form to a robotic-human form. This magic is a rare type of Take-Over, yet it isn't categorized as one such as Satan Soul. Cyborg Lock can cause the wizard's personality to change emotionless. Eternanos isn't necessary as the magic power, but Binary Coding is the source of Cyborg Lock. It gives the user an enhanced weapon and metallic jumpsuit. At the end, Cyborg Lock is considered dangerous because it could lead to emotional disruption to the wizard. Fortunately, only the good souls are able to control Cyborg Lock.

Weak Against: Viruses

Strong Against: Laws of Nature

Cyborg Lock's Magic Seal (First Apperance) ---->
Magic Name: Cyborg Lock

Magic Type: Caster

Magic Element: Technology

Description: Cyborg Loc
Avater13 commented…
Note: This magic seal is just a prototype towards the real Cyborg Lock's magic seal. 2 months ago
2 months ago Avater13 said…
Magic Name: USB Virus Magic

Magic Type: Holder

Magic Element: Technology

Description: USB Virus Magic is a holder magic. The user can summon computer viruses from the Binary Galaxy. The summoning requires a colored USB. The white USB can be bought from the magic store while the neon-green USB contain the rarest viruses. There are only 6 USB keys in the world, so there is only one rare USB called the Trojan Horse. The five USB keys are Boot, Polymorphic, Macro, Worm, and Spyware.

Weak Against: Antivirus Magic

Strong Against: Nature
Note: This magic profile is just a rough draft.
2 months ago TheZerefKiller said…
i know some of this is used but this could be a great magical power

Name: Nexus magic

Type: Holder

Element: Both light and dark

Powers: have the ability to use the space and inverse to fight. The holder can make inverse light beams and change gravity. he/she can also teleport, geting stronger by the inverse and making black holes.


Xeno verto: the space around his hand inverts and the hand becoming white.

Gravity fall: the gravity of a certain area becomes so strong the foe can't stand. can't afect the user

Outhor space: the gravity around him becomes nullified. don't afect the user. can be good becouse the foe/foe's can't move.

Gravity gun: shapes his hand to a finger gun and change the gravity sideways and the gravity becomes tronger in the direction he/she point's his or her fingers.

Inverse light: shots a big, white beam from the skies. the beam obliterates everything it touches and the foe that stand in it colours becomes inverted.

Adversus: making a dark purple sun in his or her hand that in impact explodes MASSIVELY. it's exploding efect depends on how long you hold it in you hand. has the power to destoy the world in an single blow.

nulify: nulify's all no-matter magic, like beams and stuff.

black hole: making a black hole that sucks up anything. also have the ability to destroy the world.
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