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Gwiazdeczka posted on Dec 26, 2010 at 05:15PM
Recommend similar manga or anime to "Fairy Tail"

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over a year ago camiile said…
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One Piece, maybe because Natsu and Luffy somewhat look alike. But for me, Fairy Tail is still the best and no anime can be as great as this.
over a year ago Red_Fairy_Panda said…
Really agree with camiile! Even Fairy Tail is not as famous as One Piece, Bleach, or Naruto currently, but for me, Fairy tail is the best anime. Fairy Tail only reached 270 chapters (currently), but Fairy Tail has become one of the best shonen manga. Hiro Mashima creations are epic. I believe if Rave Master anime is completed, it would become more famous, as famous as Fairy Tail ^^
over a year ago camiile said…
@ Red_Fairy_Panda: Rave Master is not yet completed?
over a year ago Red_Fairy_Panda said…
@camiile; The manga is completed, but the anime is not completed. It's just hang like that. Just 50+ episodes, finished. T^T
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over a year ago funkmasterd said…
oh someone has got to check out Soul Eater it's awesome the guy who does the voice of Natsu does a character in Soul Eater.
over a year ago Red_Fairy_Panda said…
@funkmasterd I've watch Soul Eater until complete and I found it not as great as Fairy Tail - for me :)
Really? What character in Soul Eater voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya?