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The fans pick: Sexy Drug
Sexy Drug
Chemical Prisoner
The fans pick: The Drug In Me Is You
The Drug In Me Is You
I'm Not A Vampire
The fans pick: Is it teeth
Is it teeth
Or lips
The fans pick: Ronnie Radke <3 (love him!)
Ronnie Radke <3 (love him!)
Craig Whatever his last name is >.< (hate him)
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Falling In Reverse Wall

ronnie45 said …
people don't like Ronnie because he has anger issues. like shut up! but he is really sweet! I'm going to the Vans warped TOUR for 2015 I'm so excited Posted 8 months ago
BVB5421 said …
status update: eating fatening sh*t on my couch at 10:00 while my mum yells at me for playng Raised By Wolves by Falling In Reverse. Posted over a year ago
emobandie commented…
life! 1 month ago
Beckyveil12 said …
these are really good i like half of there songs just need to keep listerning to them more team ronnie <3 Posted over a year ago
daisyinreverse commented…
oh god oh god oh god i converted you <3 over a year ago
Beckyveil12 commented…
yeh but there acctully not that bad there really good and ronnie himself isnt bad ither <3 over a year ago
ronnie45 commented…
why do people always say Falling In Reverse is a stupid band… I hate when people say that! And me and Ronnie hate when people always cheer "RONNIE RONNIE" at the Vans Warped Tour. Cheer for the ban..geez louise! 8 months ago