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Opinion by labyrinth75 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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Right guys, you might think i'm going crazy but if you like the Kane Chronicles you'll understand what I mean.
Many of you may think I mean Drew & Lacy who appeared in the Serpent's Shadow well, I'm not.
I think Felix (The Throne of Fire & The Serpent's Shadow) is a demigod, a son of Boreas. My reason, theres many clues.
Clue 1#: He loves penguins. He takes penguins from Antartica or the south pole (I don't know where they come from) and puts them in Brooklyn House. What temperature do penguins like, the cold. What does Felix love penguins. What would a son of boreas love, penguins and the cold.

Clue 2#: In the Serpent's Shadow while they are in the Dallas Museum, they are attacked. When Sadie looks into the Duat, she looks at every one in the room.
"Swirling around Felix, the canopic jars were the hearts of evil spirits - shadowy figures that clawed and snapped at our young friend, though Felix had a suprisingly powerful aura in the Duat. His vivid purple glow seemed to keep the spirits at bay"