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PenelopeWolf1 posted on Jun 26, 2011 at 09:22PM
Hey guys! Penny here :) So glad you read this, and decided to look to see what this is. Now Imma tell you a bit about this RP.

About RP: This is where the demigods of Camp Half-blood and some of the Roman campers have to save their parent from their cages all over the world.

Gods you may choose from:

Zeus - Greek - Taken by PercyLover101
Jupiter - Roman

Poseidon - Greek
Neptune - Roman

Hades - Greek - Taken by Yellowcow
Pluto - Roman

Hera - Greek
Juno - Roman

Demeter - Greek - Artemis_8
Ceres - Roman

Aphrodite - Greek
Venus - Roman

Hepheastus - Greek
Vulcan - Roman

Hermes - Greek
Mercury - Roman

Ares - Greek
Mars - Roman

Dionysus - Greek - Taken by PenelopeWolf1(me)
Bacchus - Roman - Taken by SonoBoreas

Athena - Greek - Taken by Pink-bookworm
Minerva - Roman

Apollo - Greek
Apollo - Roman

Artemis - Greek - Taken by Rapunzeleah123
Diana - Roman - Taken by Alex13126

Hestia - Greek - Taken by PJacksonHead
Vesta - Roman

Hecate - Greek - Taken by DemiTitan

Each god is in a different place.

Example: Zeus and Jupiter are in Colorado on Pikes Peak (Not really)

So if your parent is taken: Go and get a Prophecy and Save - There - Butt's! (No effence)

Each Child of Greece or Child of Rome will form an Alliance and save their parents.

Each child of the gods will have to do all things together in the end:

1) Save their Parents
2) Save their selves
3) Beat a force that has been dead since the beginning of time.

All the demigods are asking the SAME QUESTION!

Who is powerful enough to capture all the Olympians and put them all over the world? And How is that person getting their power for worse things?

To join you must put the following information:

Full name?:
Godly Parent?:
Weapon of Choice?:
Roman or Greek? :
Dating or Single?:

Campers so far:

Lacie Rose Kyle - Daughter of Dionysus
Lilianna Adrianne - Daughter of Artemis
Mabel Renee - Daughter of Hades
Destiny White - Daughter of Zeus
Mikaya Mitchell - Daughter of Demeter
Thomas Hefferman - Son of Bacchus
Pheonix Gray - Daughter of Hestia
Alex - Daughter of Diana
Trinity Debussy - Daughter of Athena
Horatio Van Dyke - Son of Hecate

Are YOU up to the challenge? ;)

(C) PenelopeWolf1 - :)
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over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie Rose Kyle
August 12th (3 days away)
Kind, Gentle, Sweet, A fighter
Blonde hair, Green highlight, Purple eyes, Small, Fit
Grape necklace that turns into a knife

Lacie sighed and put her sketch book down on the steps of her cabin. She hated being alone. Everyone was at the Big House while SHE was on Suspension for going on a Quest with/out Chirons permission.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Lilianna Adrianne - 15 - daughter of Artemis
December 17
Fiercely loyal, smart, generous
Auburn hair (more bronzish though) beautiful features, athletic and tan with a silver aura and matching eyes
A hunting knife, and a silver bow and arrows that shrink into a necklace with a star and moon charm
From NYC
Single.... for now. (wink wink)

I walked up to Lacie. "hi," i greeted her.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie smile was small. "Hey Lilianna. The meeting over?"
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I sighed. "Yeah. Apparently, my mom contacted Chiron and said I needed a hunt. I'm excited, but I'll miss camp."
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie nodded. She knew what Artemis was like.

"Yeah, my dad wants me and... and Pollux to go to his palace to learn to make wine." Lacie smiled a bit. "Personally, I think he wants us to make him Wine."

They laughed. Lacie sighed. She was about to speak when she heard a voice in her head saying: Your father is in Peril...

Lacie gasped and jumped up. "OH my gods." She said, panting. She looked at Lily (or Anna which 1?).

"I have to go tell Chiron." She bolted to the Big house and actually flipped over a sword match and landed lightly on her feet.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
A voice spoke in my head. Your mother is in danger...
My eyes widened and i followed Lacie to the Big House.
over a year ago YellowCow said…
Full name: Mabel Renee
Age: 15
B-day: June 16th
Godly Parent: Hades
Personality: Outgoing, Crazy, Funny,:)
Looks: Look In The Pic I Postedd:)
Weapon of Choice: 3 Finger Knives, A Gold Sword... & A Gun:D
From: Indiana
Roman or Greek: Greek
Dating or Single: Single<3 *Flips Hair*


Full name: Mabel Renee
Age: 15 
B-day: June 16th
Godly Parent: Hades
Personality: Outgoing, Crazy, Fu
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
Full name: Destiny White
Age: 14
B-day: August 20th
Godly Parent: Zeus
Personality: Funny, outgoing, shy at first, and friendly unless you get on my bad side
Looks: I have carmel colored hair with grey eyes
Weapon of Choice: Sword, 6 finger knives, a gun, and magical ring, necklace, earrings, and bracelet that enhances powers!
From: Australia
Roman or Greek: Greek
Dating or Single: Single

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Full name:  Destiny White
Age: 14
B-day: August 20th
Godly Parent: Zeus
Personality: Funny, outgoing,
over a year ago Artemis_8 said…
Sorry I didn't do this before, could've sworn I posted it but it obviously didn't work...
Name; Mikaya Mitchell
Age; 14
B-day; July 4th
Godly Parent; Demeter
Personality; Kind, a little bossy, bubbly, normally friendly, stubborn.
Looks; Blond/Caramel hair, freckles and emerald green eyes. Medium skin.
Weapon of Choice; Twin silver hunting knives.
From; Australia!!
Roman/Greek; Greek
Dating/Single; Single(Why are we answering these questions again?:P)

Sorry I didn't do this before, could've sworn I posted it but it obviously didn't work...
Name; Mikay
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
We sprinted to the Big House. "Chiron," Lacie said breathlessly. "We need to talk to you."
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
CAN I pleeeeaaase have Hecate. At the end of TLO she did get w throne on olympus. Plus I think that this force thats been dead is chaos fro which the forst livng things sprnag
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
Full name: Thomas Heffernan
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Bacchus
Personality: Friendly,loyal,protective of friends and family, very fierce fighter
Looks: Brown hair, green/brown(more brown) eyes, about 5'9, fit
Weapon of Choice:A grape vine wore tightly on bicep turns into a spear with a point of imperial gold that is shaped as a leaf
From:Born in Ireland, moved from poor wine shop at age 7 to California(no accent)
Roman or Greek: Roman
Dating or Single: Single

I sidestepped the beast and managed to cut it neck with the very tip of the head of my spear. In return it shot back needle which would have gone straight through if not for my shield. I thought to my self,"Which beast is this...I can't recall any stories of it!" I made a mental note to study more mythology when I got back to camp. I stared straight into the peculiar thing's eyes, it's face resembled a mans and it shot deadly needles from its tail. I began to grow vines from the ground to wrap his feet with as I heard shouts from behind me, up the large hill with an even larger tree.
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over a year ago PJacksonHead said…
Full name?: Phoenix Gray
Age?: 13
B-day(Fake)?: 5-11
Godly Parent?: Hestia
Personality?: nice. warm. loving. caring. bubbly. loyal.
Looks?: brown hair with a sreak of red and green eyes
Weapon of Choice?: knife that turns into a hair pin named fire and purple duck tape
From?: St. Lewis
Roman or Greek? : Greek
Dating or Single?: Single

is it okay to join?

over a year ago PJacksonHead said…
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
Surprisingly I'm gonna do something different than Hermes...

Name: Alex (Doesn't use a last name)
Age: 15
B-day: Sept 6
Parent: Diana
Personality: Stubborn, impatient, witty, nice to her friends
Looks: Bright silver eyes and long Aurban hair
Weapon: Silver bow and arrows or a gold knife her uncle Apollo gave her
From: San Fran
Roman or Greek: Roman but has a Greek personality :D
Dating or Single: Single
Surprisingly I'm gonna do something different than Hermes...

Name: Alex (Doesn't use a last name) 
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
And here's me:
And here's me:
over a year ago Alex13126 said…

I walked around with a small backpack on my shoulders and a bow in my hands. A gold knife was strapped to my belt. I wasn't used to being outside the Roman Camp. Lupa had sent me out to explore the outside world a bit. I knew better though. Something was happening. Rustling came from a nearby bush. Quick as lightning I had an arrow in my bow. I aimed where the noises were at.
"Hello?" I called out. "Anyone there?"
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
"Me." I casually held my hands up. "Just patrolling the area."
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I saw a girl with a bow, but more importantly the Roman mark on her forearm.
"Hey you there!" I yelled running over to the two.
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I sighed in relief and lowered my bow. A guy came running over.
"Is he with you?" I asked the girl. She shook her head.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
My eyes widened as the second Roman demigod ran up. "H-hi..." I murmured uncertainly.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I showed the girl my forearm with 10 lines and grape vines.

"Your'e Roman, correct?"
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I nodded. "Yeah Lupa sent me out here. I know something bad is going on. Name's Alex daughter of Diana."
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
"Something definitely seems wrong...but I am Thomas son of Bacchus. Cal me Tom."
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I shivered. If they found out I was Greek...
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
"Well I'm guessing your Greek? You seem comfortable at this camp." I said smiling to the stranger.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
"Yeah," I replied, smiling in relief that they hadn't tried to kill me yet. And this girl seemed nice. So did the guy. He was really nice...
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
I laughed turning my bow into a flower clip. "Might wanna close your mouth before you start drooling."
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I chuckled at Alex, "Hey be nice." I said jokingly.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I reddened. "Thanks for the advice, Flower Girl."
We shifted awkwardly around for a minute, until Alex had the mercy to change the subject.
"So what's wrong on your end?" she asked.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
"Hmm you can go first Anna." I offered.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I nodded. "I heard a voice in my head, saying, 'you mother is in danger,' Obviously, it must be bad."
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
"You never did tell us your name or parent." I pointed out.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I laughed nervously. Here came the complcated part...
"I'm Lilianna Adrianne. I you value your limbs, however, call me Anna."

"Your godly parent..." Alex encouraged.

I twisted my hair around my finger. "Um... my mom is Artemis."
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Name: trinity Debussy
Age: 12
Birthday: February 6th
Godly parent: Athena
Personality: shy, friendly, laughs at everything, likes school, likes art, sometimes can get a bit temperamental
Looks: brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, average height and a slim body type.
Weapon of choice: book that turns into blade.
From: comes from Australia but lives in new York with her dad.
Roman or Greek: Greek but knows of the Romans.
Dating or single: single.

I walked out from my cabin and saw some of the campers talking so i said hey guys Chiron wants a meeting with the whole camp about something but he never said but I have a feeling it has to do with my dream.
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
By the way guys I've been at camp since I was 4 because I discovered about myself therefore I had a heap of monsters chasing after me in so my dad had to let me go to camp.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie went running over to her best friend Anna. "Anna!" She panted. Her Blonde hair was out of it's ponytail and down around her shoulders.

She pulled her hair from her mouth. "Anna, Chiron needs all camp councilors..." She trailed off and stared at Tom and Alex. "Uh... Hi, I'm Lacie Kyle. Daughter of.. of Dionysus." She saw the marks on their arms and smiled, relieved.

"You must be the Roman Demigods Lupa said were coming." She sighed. "Unfortuanatly, you came at a great time. The gods --" She stopped because she felt some one behind her. "Excuse me for a moment." She said and back flipped and had her knife in her hand when she landed.

She put the knife to a guy's throat. "Hey Nico." she said, grinning.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I laughed at Lacie's little show but then sobered up. A meeting with all the counselors... at the same time tha the voice had spoken to me. Was it the same with every camper? If so...
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over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie took the knife away and grimanced. "I'm guessing your dad is gone? And Persephone?" She asked, her voice grave.

Nico nodded. "No kiss or anything. Sigh. But yeah, their gone. I just wished I knew what happened." He said.

Lacie opened her mouth then closed it. She spoke but her voice was flat and sad. "I know what happened to my father, and Hades, and everyones parents. But Nico..." She glared at the ground. "Their gone for a reason and the Sky is Against Us." She said looked at Anna, then Tom, then Alex, then Nico.

"I can't tell you more than that. Chiron would have my rear." She sighed. "I have to go. Councelor meeting and Do not say it Nico." She said her voice dangerous. "I may be suspened 'cause i went out of Camp without permission --"

"And Almost died." Anna put in.

"But He can't keep me away from saving my father. Or all the other gods. He. Just. Can't." Lacie was determined.

over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I shook my head laughingly. This was exactly like Lacie: loyal, but REALLY bad about dropping hints. "the sky is against us"? Ouranos. Not hard.
over a year ago AmazingPercy said…
Crystal Clark
July 31
daughter of roman Apollo
bright, energeitc, fun, creative, lazy, bossy
New Yorker
a golden bow and two hunting knives
with will solace

Crystal Clark 
July 31
daughter of roman Apollo
bright, energeitc, fun, creative, lazy, bossy
over a year ago AmazingPercy said…
I run up to the meeting
"Sorry I'm late to the meeting. I'm another Roman demigod. I'm Crystal daughter of Apollo."
over a year ago Artemis_8 said…
Mikaya's entrance wasn't real great, nor was her language. She stumbled out of a tree and landed on her face. She swore colourfully and stood up and turned to the tree.
"Bloody nymphs, you think it's real funny, don't you!" She said in her heavy Australian accent.
There was giggling coming from the tree.
How did she manage to travel via trees? Well, the trees were apple trees. Her mother was Demeter, goddess of the harvest, giving her the ability to travel through trees. Unfortunately, the nymphs thought it was funny to move her from tree to tree, making it more difficult to figure out where she was going.
"Calm down, Kaya," Lacie said, tying to calm her down. Mikaya was short for her age, but had a temper to match her mothers and Ares' combined when she was angry. "They're only kidding around." She reasoned, trying to hold back a smile.
"Those things are evil though! And - ... Wait, are those the romans? Gimme your arm," Her ADHD was seriously bad today, everyone could see it. She grabbed the boys arm, scanned the tattoo and mumbled something about gods being dense and seeing tattoos being better than that and dropped his arm. She scowled at them, mumbled something and crossed her arms over her chest...
"Like I was saying, those nymphs know something, but they won't tell me. I tried to get it out of them, but they wouldn't let it slip. I tried everything." She said to Lacie, not taking her eyes off the romans.
"I know you would have, but for now, we have other problems. Meet us at the big house soon, okay?"
Mikaya looked up and down at the three romans, her glare intimidating enough to make them shift their weight nervously. Just when they thought she would loose it, she murmured something that sounded suspiciously like, "They need to eat more cereal." Mikaya turned on her heel and marched towards the Demeter cabin. A silent question was asked, but wasn't answered. How did she know about the Romans?
"What's wrong with her?" Alex asked, watching the blond trudge down a hill.
Lacie sighed. "Mika's a nice girl, but lately, I don't know. Something's bothering her..." Her voice trailed off.
"How do you know?" Anna asked.
"I don't know," Lacie said thoughtfully, "I just do."
over a year ago AmazingPercy said…
runs to Demeter cabin
"Hi Mikaya. I'm Crystal consul of Apollo cabin and leader of the second legion. I come to visit with Tom and Alex."
Show her my ten lines, SPQR, bow and arrow, and lyre tattoo
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over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I stood there, thinking about Mikaya's problem. Was she having the same one? Was Demeter missing, too?
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
"So Anna do you have any roles or jobs around here?" I asked, thinking of my home at the Roman Camp.
over a year ago AmazingPercy said…
"Your nice Crystal but I need to be a lone,"
"Okay." I leave the room and walk back to the meeting
"What did I miss?"
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
Name; Horatio Van Dyke
age; 7
b day; unknown
godly parent; hecate
personality; fun loving, mischievious, curious, clever, rebellious
Looks; tick eyebows, short black ahir, a bit chubby
weapon of choice; his magic wand (stick), and his puppy Chester
from; various foster homes (he hides the puppy each time)
(a 7 year old dosent exactly date does he)

I an out of the hill side cottage in the middle if the night and did a bad whistle no one could hear. Chester ran up to me and jumped in the backpack i wore round the front. I ran quickly up a hill until i reached a sea side cliff. I pointed my forked stick at a huge cliff far away and it crumble quickly into the sea. I laughed haughtily at it when a huge flaming bird flew across the sky. "WOW", i muttered.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Lacie shook her head at Anna. She sent a silent message: You know who it is.

Lacie looked at the Big House then to everyone else.

"Chiron will have my butt but..." Nico suppressed a grin. Lacie rolled her eyes. "Shut up Nico." She said with a smile then continued. "If he'll let me I'll tell you what is going on and --" Nico covered her mouth. She looked at him. "Yes?" She asked.

"Don't tell them. Chiron alert." He whispered. Then Chiron came over.

"Lacie, Nico, Anna, Thomas, Crystal, Alex, Follow me please. And Lacie and Nico." He gave them death stares. Lacie's face went brick wall red. Nico's face pale. "We won't Chiron." Lacie managed with her lisp thicker than before and her voice hoarse-ish.

Chiron nodded then everyone followed him to the Big House.