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The fans pick: total drama island fancharacters (on this club u chould only put tdi oc's)
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obssesedTDIgirl said …
A slow club in guessing. I just wish that more people from other clubs ( Like Fairly Odd Parents and PPG) would cone here! Posted over a year ago
GingerxMandark commented…
fear not!I have joined as well Xd :) over a year ago
GingerxMandark commented…
I mean XD :) over a year ago
cherry_on_top said …
hello. I enjoy Kuroshitsuji and Soul Eater. I love the world. 8D Posted over a year ago
Lolly4me2 commented…
Sweetzies xD over a year ago
cherry_on_top commented…
<3 over a year ago
smartone123 said …
this club is good but shouldn't u draw some 2 just too even it out
(no disrespect) Posted over a year ago
iloveduncan6 commented…
Nope. This is a Fancharacters club not a Oc club! Go to the other one if you don't like it. Thank you. :) over a year ago
smartone123 commented…
i think its intresting :3 over a year ago
AislingYJ commented…
What's the difference? over a year ago
smartone123 commented…
some are your own and some arent thats the difference over a year ago