The fanfiction lingo (I do not own any of these words. Plus, i did not feel like getting them all, as some are unimportant, so you can go search it up yourself if you feel that this is an unfinished list):

Fandom: The whole thing that you are a fan of.

O.C.: Original Character (one that you make up to join in with other characters in your fanfics).

O.O.C.: Out Of Character.

I.C.: In Character.

Crackfics: Random ridiculous stories.

Squee: Really entertaining/funny stories.

Woobie: A woobie is a character that elicits the sympathy of the reader, often because the character has experienced excessive abuse or misfortune.

One-shots: Chapter-long stories.

Humanized: Animals turned to humans. Also works as AH, which means all-human.

Animalized: Humans turned to animals.

Self-Insert: Putting yourself in the fanfics to communicate and stuff with the actual characters.

Pairing: You pair two characters up romantically.

Canon: Official stuff.

Fanon: Unofficial stuff that someone just came up with.

Concrit: Constructive criticism.

Drabble: Fan fiction that is exactly 100 words. Can you guess how many words are in a double drabble?

Fanficcer - Fan fiction author.

Plot Bunny - This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It simply means an idea that can be added to a plot.

TOD or Q&A: Truth or Dare of Question and Answer. The reviewers ask the host questions about the characters, and the host answers them in the next chapter through the characters. The characters can also react to dares (in TODs). These are not considered fanfictions.

Lemons: Sex.

Lime: Stories that contains sexual stuff.

Fluff: A little bit of something in a story. Not much. Mainly lovey dovey stuff.

AU: alternate universe.

AR: alternate reality.

AT: alternate timeline.

Flames: Mean and harsh reviews.

RL - Anything that takes fans away from their beloved fan fiction- jobs, spouses, illness. It is also referred to as the real life.

Snark - To be rude and arrogant.

Round Robin - A fan fiction story written by different authors. Each author takes a turn writing a part of the story, then passes it to the next fan fic author.

Mary Sue: A character which an author favors too much, and often makes the character the best and most often of all. Which everyone else hates.

Name smooshing: Pairings with the names of the couples smooshed together.

A/N: Author's Note.

Collab: (short for collaboration) which is two or more authors writing the same story.

Gen: Not romantic.

MPreg: male pregnancy.

TBC - To be continued

Non-con: Rape.

OTP: One True Pairing.

POV: Point of view.

PWP: A story that has no plot. Or Porn Without Plot.

R&R: Read and review.

WAFF: Warm and fuzzy feeling.

Crossover: One fandom collides with another fandom.

Ship/shipping/shipper: The things to do with pairings.

Slash: Homosexual content.

Songfic: A story with a song that is not made up but is embedded in the story in lyrics or whatever. The site disapproves of this.

Squick: Underage people making love.

Whumpage: Violence.

Ficlet: A nickname for a piece that is usually short, but not as short as a one-shot.

Disclaimer: A declaration stating that you are not the owner of what you are writing for and are not trying to perform copyright infringement in any way. A lot of authors put this in their A/Ns, though it's not necessary.

WIP: Work In Progress.

SPOILER ALERT: This fanfiction contains spoilers from your fandom.

Gender Bender: The gender of all the characters in the story are switched.

Bandfic: In which the characters are members of a rock and/or pop-like band.

ABH - Anywhere but here.

ANC - Annoying new character (that will probably be killed off sooner or later).

Antific - A fan fiction story in which one, some, or all of the characters in the original creation are killed. So really it's the exact opposite of fan fiction, hence the name. Usually written by an anti-fan also.

Basherfic - An author that hates an original series and then writes a fan fiction story in which the original main characters are tortured and maimed.

Cookie - A fan fiction 'teaser' written by a fan fic author to entice you to click and read the rest of the story. A fan fiction cookie is also called a summary.

Darkfic - Very dark fan fic, obviously by the name. Usually violent and morbid

Dino- A fan fiction participant or story from waaay back.