3rd Person

Naruto lay on the soft grass and began to doze off peacefully. Suddenly something dripped on his face "rain" he thought opening his eyes and feeling confused. Sure enough it was raining but it wasn't raining water.It was raining chocolate milk. "Chocolate Milk" Naruto said trying to make sense of it. "Am I dreaming" he wondered.

1st Person Naruto's P.O.V

Chocolate milk was raining from the sky. "Naruto" a familiar voice called I turned and saw my best friend Sasuke along with Gaara,Sakura,Hinata,and Konohomaru."Tsunade needs us right away" Sasuke said.

A Few Minutes Later

"Lady Tsunade what's going on ? We came as fast as we could" I said. Lady Tsunade sighed "it seems there is some kind of creature wreaking chaos across Konoha" she told us. "We need the six of you to stop him." You can count on us" I said. "Just be careful" she warned.

In The Village
"Since we don't know anything about this creature we should stick together" Sasuke said. Suddenly all of Konoha turned into a maze Separating everyone. "Everyone ok" Sasuke asked. "How are we gonna get back together" asked Sakura."We'll have to find each other" Sasuke said. Well he's forgetting I can smell you guys out" I said. I started to sniff then my seal disappeared. My seal" I cried. "Mine's gone too" Gaara cried. My Sharingan" Sasuke said. NO demons and no Sharingan that's the rules" said a voice. "Don't worry we can do this" I told them.

A few Seconds Later

As I was walking through the maze I saw a fox. "Hello" I said It ran away but I kept following suddenly it spoke. "Hello it said." Who are you little guy" I said. He smiled and said "Would you like to ask a question ?" What sort of question I asked. "Anything" he replied. Are my friends going to be okay" I asked. The fox smiled "Look and find the answer you seek" he said "all you have to do is take a peek." AS I looked in the mirror I saw my friends laying on the ground and Sasuke struggling to get up. "No that cant be true" I said. The fox smiled " when fate makes you hit such a bump sometimes its easier to just give up" he said.

Konohomaru P.O.V.
Nobody was in sight but I kept walking through the maze suddenly paint fell on me and people started laughing. "Stop it" I yelled. "What's wrong I thought you liked having fun" said the voice from before. "This isn't fun" I said. More paint spilled on me "Stop it stop it right now" I yelled.

Minato's P.O.V.

"Kushina do you see that" I asked. "Yes" she replied "Chocolate milk." "It must be HIM" I said. "Yes" she agreed. "We better get going."

Hinata's P.O .V.

No matter where I looked Naruto wasn't anywhere to be found. "Hello there" said a voice I turned around startled. "Isn't it mean how Naruto always ignores you" Said a creature I knew it was the one we were looking for. "Naruto doesn't ignore me" I said "Doesn't it make angry how he doesn't seem to care about you" He asked. "Naruto cares about me " I insisted." He even cheered for me during the Chunin exams." The creature tapped me on the forehead and that's the last thing I remember.

Sasuke P.O.V.
Naruto had to be close by if only I could use my Sharingan I could find him. "Hello" said a voice "What do you want" I said. "Nothing it said. "Then get lost" I told it. Don't you wanna talk" he asked. "If you want something just say it" I demanded. Its not what I want its what you want" he said. What are you talking about" I said. "You want to be able to protect Naruto in the book around the corner there's all the secrets to being the greatest ninja" he said. " Oh no I know what you're trying to do" I told him I began to walk away then stopped. Maybe it would hurt just to look. Then I turned around and grabbed the book

Gaara P.O.V.
Everything looked alike. What was I going to do ? That's when a strange creature appeared in front of me "Hello Gaara" He said. What did he want ? "You don't have to stay" he told me. What was he getting at ?He snapped his fingers and a box appeared "in this box is your demon. You can take it and leave if you want" he offered. If you stay this is what will happen." A vision of the Sand Village getting destroyed."What's you're choice" he asked.