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Rain_Frosty posted on Jul 31, 2009 at 04:03AM
I hate flamer! They say all my OC's are mary sues! They always say my grammer is bad and i need use spell check. I DO! They need to get a live because people go to fanfic to write stories and unleash there inmagenation! Not to get flamed by people who think it is the end of the world if you have on little mistake! My Oc's are not Sues! I bas most of them off my self! 30 replies

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over a year ago brucasfan91 said…
When people criticize your writing, like your reviewers obviously are it's also important to take into consideration what they're saying.
If they're critcizing your grammar/spelling it might be worth looking for a beta to look over your stories as well. Spell Check, especially on Microsoft Word is not something to rely on - it isn't a perfect program.
In your message above you had several spelling mistakes and if your fanfics are like that, it makes it distracting and offputting to th reader.
The same with grammar. If a story is riddled with grammar mistakes it makes it almost impossible to read.
If they're saying your OCs are Mary Sues, listen to them!! Basing an OC on yourself is probably one of the fastest ways to make them a Mary Sue. The character becomes a visualisation of yourself, and the character might appear to be too 'perfect'.
peacebaby7 commented…
Agreed. If they're being outright rude and saying your fic sucks a**, that's one thing. But giving constructive criticism is another, and should be accepted or at least considered whether you think they're right or not. over a year ago
over a year ago bakaprincess said…
I hate the fact that FanFiction sometimes deletes your fiction because they think it's against the rules - I wrote a fanfic with some song lyrics that I've rearranged to suit my needs and they deleted it.

I also hate writers that don't even care about grammar, spelling and the like. I mean, if they write a story they should check that the grammar and spelling is correct, so that we don't have to suffer through trying to read what they wrote.
peacebaby7 commented…
I agree with your second point, but that should be one reason to post your fics, so people can give feedback and you can make your writing better. over a year ago
over a year ago flamesofyaoi said…
Eh, the only thing i don't like is that some of my catagories aren't listed, but that's just because they're not popular enough to get their own page. *shrugs*
Flames are when people say excessively crude things in regard to your writing. If they're just saying that you need to check over your work a little better then there is no need to get offended, odds are that they're just trying to help and let you know what they think. That is the whole point in a review anyway ^.^
Real flames are when people diss your writing because of pairings or AU or other things that they don't approve of. However, that's why people put up warnings about those things so really all you need to do is take what they are saying if it's unfounded then ignore it. It's your story after all. (just don't bite anyones head off, that'll solve nothing!
over a year ago robothor1111 said…
I'm not a fan of when a writer refuses to listen to reviews, or when people take non canon pairings and put them together without a lead into it-like go from nothing to kissing or sex or I love yous, and I also don't like it when people don't use punctuation, or when they bash your story and say it sucks because this couple or that friendship is stupid/has no chemistry. When I review for a couple I don't ship, I say I don't ship them just so the author knows, and then I review the storyline and how it was developed; I don't say "This story sucks because personA/personB is a dumb pairing, because that contradicts "unleash your imagination!"
peacebaby7 commented…
I wholeheartedly agree. over a year ago
over a year ago tvdabst said…
I hate abandoned stories. I get a bit dissapointed when I really get into a fic only for it to never be updated. I was on another site with fanfiction and they had it broken up so that abandoned stories were separate from on-going ones.
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RedSwordHeart commented…
That's one of my biggest beefs with They should list stories as abandoned if they're not updated for a year or more. over a year ago
peacebaby7 commented…
AGREED. I started reading this REALLY good fic and then realized it was incomplete, and probably wasn't going to be completed. Then guess what? The same author updated another story. UGH. over a year ago
over a year ago huddygirl2 said…
1.I hate it when some one abandoneds a story but doesn't leave a note behound that the story is never going to be update twice leaving a millions fans waiting for an update but never getting it if people are going to abandone leave a note saying it never going to be updated!
2.begging for reviews you know when you reading a fanfic but everytime the chapter ends the auther begs for people to review I almost always leave a review but it still bugs me saying please review is fine but saying please or please or please reviw am begging!!!!!! is anther
3.some mess up ship
peacebaby7 commented…
Agreed with all of your points. over a year ago
over a year ago snoznoodle said…
My main problem is what the last two have said - getting caught up in a fanfic and waiting forever for it to be updated, if it is at all. The best ones seem to never get completed.
over a year ago WolfPatronus said…
I hate abandoned stories and flamers who just trash your writing. I've only had one flamer so far, and it's all good now, but still, it's annoying!
over a year ago huddygirl2 said…
I hate when someone makes a story but there blash a character that there hate excapy is it's a character that I hate.
trisha1 commented…
? 8 months ago
over a year ago alexajaye said…
I've gotten used to the "abandoned story" syndrome, because it's just something that happens, and I'll admit I'm guilty of it, even though none of those stories will ever make it onto my page. But I don't like reading stories that have bad grammar/punctuation/characterizations/and the like. If a story has a really good summary but the story is riddled with mistakes, I get so disappointed that I don't even finish the story.

I've been navigating for a while now, so I know which ones to avoid. Now that I have my own account, I'm actually much more particular about the stories I add to my favorites.
over a year ago EppofangirlXD said…
Me no likes that I have to upload stuff to the Document manager first XP
over a year ago shywarp903 said…
I hate it when people abandon thier fanfictions that are works-in-progress. It makes me think they died or something bad happened to them. I also hate it when people confuse you with their words and the whole plot is just a mush of words that go in the wrong places.
over a year ago BB2010 said…
I hate flamers who acuse me of having a big head and acting totally immature for swearing which is really unfair because I never give anybody to believe that I have a big head and I only swore like, once out of all my stories
peacebaby7 commented…
Swearing doesn't necessarily mean you have a big head or that you're immature. I sometimes use mild swearing in my stories because I feel it makes it more believable. I'm not gonna go crazy cussing, but you know. over a year ago
over a year ago Espeongirl360 said…
I hate it when the characters are totally OOC. It takes so much out of the story and hardly makes it fanfiction.
I also hate highschool fics! If the topic your story is based on involves a highschool, then fine, it's okay. But if your going to write a pokemon or naruto fanfiction that takes place in a highschool, then I hate it -_- there is no reason for everyone in the series to go back in time so they can all go to the same school and have sucky romances
trisha1 commented…
If the characters out of characters then the author probably misread the character's personalities. 8 months ago
over a year ago MrsSiriusB said…
1. First of all, my biggest issue with is when you type up your profile page or edit your chapter after uploading it, and when you save it, something is almost always wrong. Either the paragraph isn't in the right format, or there is no spacing, or the words didn't get italized, or the entire paragraph got italized, or my biggest enemy, the page break don't appear. They take extra and unnecessary time and work, and always pisses me off.

2. When people reads but doesn't review. I have a two-shot story that got almost 6,000 reads, but has 15 reviews. That's what I really hate. People take their time reading, then add them to their favorite list and story alert, yet does not take just another minute to leave a review by. I love constructive criticisms, and I like hearing what people liked or disliked in my story so I can improve. I know how it feels myself, so I've joined the Review Revolution and review every single story I read, regardless of how bad it is or whatever else.

3. I hate when a story with good potentials have god awful grammar and spelling. I once knew this girl in and her fanfic was really good (well, the plot was), but her spelling and grammar was horrid. We're friends and get along well so I suggested getting a beta for her story, but she said no because it takes too much work. Please, if you took your time thinking up a plot, and writing down something, don't ruin the story and your hard work by not having proper spelling and grammar. They matter a lot.

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FonzFan82 commented…
I hate when people use OOC in the exisiting characters. I have a friend who does that and people think of the main characters is a Mary Sue but her story ideas are pretty good. I also agree I hate it when people don't review, favorite me, my stories, autho alert, and don't review. I've always pictured myself and my stories for people to love and review the minute they read it. over a year ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Agreed to all of your points. #2 is my worst enemy as well. I also hate when I DO get reviews and they're just like, "this is good update soon" or something really vague. I put a lot of thought into my reviews, and like you, I take the time to post a review to every story I read. #3 I also hate to almost an indescribable limit . . . You shouldn't write something for people to read without putting some effort into it. I've been working on the same story for like two years. I'd completely finished the sequel to it and then realized I didn't like it, so I'm completely rewriting it, because I want my readers to enjoy what I read. Not just throw something together and hope for the best. over a year ago
over a year ago SydneyLouWho said…
Oh please, Rainy_Frosty, just looking at your post, it seems that the flamers were exactly right. I mean, you can't even spell 'grammar' for crying out loud!

Flamers tell an overly harsh version of the truth. It may seem mean to you, but chances are that your fic is just another incompetent crap!fic polluting the fandom. Flamers are sick of crap!fics, and usually have a right to be, having been on fanfiction a long time. I, myself, am a CCer, but am friends with many of the infamous flamers, and would side with the flamers in a dispute.

Oh, and self inserts are frown upon. Always.


The things that annoy me:

A. Terrible spelling and grammar. Don't spell like an eight year old, kiddies! Just sayin'.

B. Trolls. 'Nuff said.

C. Fangirls. Be original, guys. Please.

D. Cliches. High school AUs, truth or dare fics, and sappy love-at-first-sight fics are getting very old.

E. Mary Sues. If your character is abnormally beautiful, 'skinny enough to be anorexic', a great singer, good at everything, kind, has a beautiful and complicated name, makes the boys swoon over her, or has a tragic past yet is optimistic, chances are he/she is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

F. Self inserts. They are Mary Sues 99.9% of the time. Just don't do it. Please. For the sake of FFN's sanity.

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peacebaby7 commented…
Well, while I agree that Rain_Frosty has somewhat bad spelling and grammar, I don't believe anyone deserves to be flamed. If a story is bad for any reason, there's this thing called "constructive criticism" where you can tell someone their story needs work without being a rudea** about it. over a year ago
over a year ago KMonacoFan said…
I hate when people only review your story to say how much they hate it or hate the couple. I want constructive critism, not someone throwing a fit because they read something and didn't like it.
peacebaby7 commented…
I know, right? over a year ago
over a year ago QwertyOrPen said…
1. High school AU's. Please please no.
2. Hard to read fics that hurt my eyes because they are a block of text or have horrid grammar, spelling and punctuation. I am so sick of "You have lovely azure eyes" He said.
3. Self inserts definitely, and what is very annoying is when the most popular/reviewed story on the first page is a shameless fangirl self insert.
4. Profanity, cussing, dirtiness, filth to the point of trying to shock the reader rather than just trying to express a believable idea or portray a character.
over a year ago wildcannabis said…
1. The proliferate amount of bad spelling/grammar fics
2. Fics that primarily revolve around OCs... like, why are you even on fanfiction, go to fictionpress.
3. I wish there was a better alert system for when fics you follow are updated. I turned off the email function because I simply received too many, but now I never know if a fic was updated, and I follow so many.
4. Lack of originality in fics, lack of plot beyond pairings/couples,
over a year ago sesshyswind said…
The thing I hate the most is when people take the time to read your fic (or at least look at it) but don't leave a review. It's frustrating as Hell.

Second, OOC-ness, I can't stand it and completely fail to see the point in this. I mean it's one thing to add attributes to a character so long as it suits that character well enough and is made believable, but to completely change the personality or to make them behave in a away that completely defies that character's persona it's just plain wrong.

Third, Flamers.

Fourth, OCs though I'm guilty of this, considerably XD I do make up quite a few in my own works. It is hard to take a character out of the canon settings, when it's apart of the plot (complex-AU) and not find yourself involving OCs. Though I do try to fit in known characters where I can often OCs are created just fill a roll. I try to make them good ones that exist only to serve a point and help move the story along where known characters simply wouldn't fit. I hate it though when an OC shows up that's just there or interferes with the main characters. Oh and I HATE CharacterXOC love fics, I mean who cares, unless the OC is really that good, come on.
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peacebaby7 commented…
I just don't like OC's because typically I start reading a fic and BOOM, there's a character that I know nothing about that came out of nowhere. At least when I make up characters, it's specifically for ONE story and there's usually the whole build-up of who they are and where they came from. over a year ago
over a year ago FonzFan82 said…
I hate it when people can't leave a review right away and tell me "I love this! I'm adding it to favorites!" I like it when people tell me if I'm improving on my works but all I get is silence so I have no idea on what they are thinking and the grammar is good and all. When I look at other people's stories I will see in some of them some people will write without the commas and periods so it does make it hard to read with good grammar so that is one of the things I don't like about the grammar issues I see when I read stories. I do use OCs in stories because it helps me with more ideas for fanfic stories in the future. I also hate it when people don't add my stories to favorites let alone story alerts when I have the story in progress. That is something I also hate since the grammar is good and all. A dream of mine is to go big but I'm not getting anywhere since people aren't telling me they like the stories because all they do is complain. I even share my stories with my facebook friends and share them on other fanfiction sites.
over a year ago RedSwordHeart said…
I hate that there is no filter to be able to hide the myriad alternate universe stories that drown out the canon stories in so many fandoms.
over a year ago RedSwordHeart said…
I hate that there is no filter to be able to hide the myriad alternate universe stories that drown out the canon stories in so many fandoms.
over a year ago Bond_Of_Fury said…
Well, there's nothing I really hate about the site so far; but what I dislike is the site layout. It looks a bit boring and bland, imo. And the fact that I can't reply to guest reviews kinda throws me off.
over a year ago hannahcake said…
I hate that you have to go on a computer or laptop to do a story! Why can't it be simple like when you write a forum on fanpop!
trisha1 commented…
No, you don't. You can write a story on your iPhone or iPad too. 8 months ago
over a year ago Flickerflame said…
1. Really bad grammar and spelling which makes it impossible to focus on the actual story. And by the way, Rain_Frosty, I counted 13 errors in your original post, so your so-called flamers are probably right.
2. Calling anyone who criticises a flamer. Flamers are people whose comments are unnecessarily harsh and insulting, or who insult a fanfic based on character preference or ship.
3. Making characters ridiculously OOC without any explanation.
4. I've never read a high school AU but I'm sure I'd hate it if I did. Same for extreme AU. Isn't the universe a story is set in part of why you like it and would want to write a fanfic for it?
5. Mary Sues and most self-inserts, unless it's being done tongue in cheek. Some OCs are ok, if they're well thought out and still have weaknesses. I guess that depends on the fandom.
6. Abandoned fics are pretty annoying - they tend to get abandoned just when the story gets exciting too - but I understand why it happens.
over a year ago peacebaby7 said…
Well, most of the people here have already stated my reasons, but I do have things to add.

1) Abandoned fics, for reasons already stated. That's why I finish a fic before posting among other reasons.

2) Flamers, also for reasons already stated. No one deserves to be flamed. You can tell someone their story sucks without being a rudea**.

3) OOCness. If you're going to write a fic for any fandom, know enough about the characters to know what they would and wouldn't do. Just because you WANT them to be a certain way doesn't mean that's how you should write them. If you really want to write a character a certain way, there should be a REALLY good reason for it. I'm talking REALLY good.

4) While grammar and spelling DO bother me, as long as the author is striving to improve, it's not so bad. I typically don't willingly read fics with bad grammar/spelling unless someone asks me to beta read it.

5) Begging for reviews. I get it, I do. I want my number of reviews to match my number of views as much as the next guy. But begging is just annoying. It's also annoying when I'm reading a really good fic and someone says that the story is discontinued because of the lack of reviews. If I stopped writing because of that, I would've abandoned my account and my writings a long time ago.

6) When people leave author's notes at the end of their story like, "So, what do you think will happen next?" or, "I'm not sure what I should do next so if you guys have any suggestions," or, "Wow, what a cliffhanger!" First, it's good to be proud of your story and want your reader's opinions, but that's what reviews are for, to tell you about your story. Don't get a big head about it. Second, it's YOUR story. YOU should come up with the plot, not your readers.

7) Self-inserts, Mary Sues, OC's, etc. I don't like OC's mainly because writers usually put them in their stories as if they were canon, without any explanation for how they got there, why they're still there, their personality, etc. I guess on a TECHNICAL sense, I have OC's, but each is unique to one story and you know who they are and why they're there because it's part of the story and likely revolves around them to some degree.

8) When people leave a question I can't answer. Not because it's a dumb question or because the question doesn't make sense or whatever, but because either a) it's a guest review, or b) they're PM feature is turned off. Don't leave a question for me if I can't answer it, because I'm not putting it in an author's note in the next chapter like some authors do. Sorry.

As far as AU's, I don't mind them as long as they have a good plot and are written well. So far, I've only come across one that's pretty good (although could definitely be improved, mainly because of grammar).

I think that's all I have for now.
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over a year ago ThePrincesTale said…
The people above me have already touched on some of my least favourite things. Just going to add one thing: When the story summary says something like "Urgh soz I'm so bad at summaries, pls read my story anyway I promise it's great".

If you can't write the simple sentence that is all the summary requires, I don't hold high hopes for your fanfic. Lol sorry.

Oh and one more thing: the dreaded mpregs *shudder*
Flickerflame commented…
I'd forgotten mpregs. Especially the ones where they don't even bother trying to come up with an excuse of an explanation for it. over a year ago
peacebaby7 commented…
I agree. I also hate when they're like, "I'm not that great at writing" or "It's probably not that great, but read anyway pls." If you're not confident in your own writing/work, you shouldn't publish it (you get someone to beta it or edit it until your satisfied with it). Don't beg people to read it if even you don't think it's that great either. I mean, unless your specifically asking for concrit, of course. Other than that . . . over a year ago
over a year ago peacebaby7 said…
I just thought of something I'd like to add. This falls in the "Review Revolution" category. What also REALLY irks me is when authors beg for reviews, or they say on their profile that they like getting reviews and wished they got more, yet they don't return the favor by reviewing stories. I just had someone seemingly binge all my stories and favorite them all, and on her profile she says that she wishes she received more. How many reviews did I get from her? None. I find that a bit hypocritical.
over a year ago Britt601 said…
2nd Person POV's.

Obviously when many people write them they are only including the reader from a general populace. Whenever I see a Canon Character/You story I want to see what that author has written, but the minute I see anything like "your pale cheeks" or " you blush a candy apple red" or "he towered over your short frame" I click out of the story.

If the story directly involved "you the reader" then why is the author including things (such as hair color, hair length, height, weight, skin tone) that can alienate the reader? I haven't read one that was true to the POV so I guess I'll have to step up and write my own. I've seen some where they said BBW Reader/Canon Character and even Gay Reader/Canon Character, yet even then the author alienates the reader by including a pale/tanned skin tone or musculature (or lack thereof) and the point is "why"?

I'm not short, I'm not pale, my hair is not blonde or brunette or with high-lights or red, so...I guess I'm not even considered an audience for 2nd POV stories.

Canon Mongers.

Pet Peeves to the max. If I'm writing an AU story...that's my choice. Obviously I wanted to see a story with the characters in a different context than their original universe so you have no grounds to complain about it. The canon's *always* going to be there, no one has the power to change that but the creator themselves. I'm sure there are plenty of fan fiction stories that are within the context of a fictional character's universe and there's nothing stopping anyone from enjoying them. But you're not going to impose your canon hard-ons on me either. That's why I list the story as an Alternate Universe. Same thing with crossovers and the people who don't like them. Just leave people be.

The "Writers Who Don't Write"

You know the ones. The people who are steady trying to tell you what your story should and shouldn't be like; not in the sense of constructive criticism, but because they want the story to be written how *they* want to read it. Always telling you what your interpretation of the character would and wouldn't do. Ooh, and I can't stand it when someone tries to force their head canons down your throat.