Which document format(s) do your fics have?

Pick one:
LibreOffice/ OpenOffice/ NeoOffice (. odt, . sxw)
LibreOffice/ OpenOffice/ NeoOffice (.odt, .sxw)
Microsoft Word (. doc, . docx)
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
Microsoft Works (. wps)
Microsoft Works (.wps)
WinWord, WordPad (. rtf)
WinWord, WordPad (.rtf)
StarOffice (. sdw)
StarOffice (.sdw)
WordPerfect (. wp, . wpd)
WordPerfect (.wp, .wpd)
HTML (. htm, . html)
HTML (.htm, .html)
Plain Text, NotePad (. txt)
Plain Text, NotePad (.txt)
Have more than one.
Have more than one.
I don&# 39; t use any. (I just read fanfics)
I don't use any. (I just read fanfics)
 EppofangirlXD posted over a year ago
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