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Fan fiction by moolah posted over a year ago
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Addie Pierce(Lucy Hale)
Secretly Jealous
A Novel
Chapter One: Addie Pierce

    My name is Addie Pierce. I’m in 10th grade, and I am 15 years old. I have 2 sisters, Amelia and Betty. Betty is 29 and Amelia is 5. Betty is married, and has 2 children, Lisa and Mike. Amelia, is your average 5 year old of course, annoying as much as my little brothers, Tyler and Franklyn. Twins, of course, get to be the luckiest 4 year olds on the planet, while I’m stuck with stacks of homework, and a boyfriend who never talks to me. Yes, I have a boyfriend-Levi. Levi’s 16 and about just the smartest boy on the planet. We talk at lunch, whenever I “accidentally” drop my fork. He picks it up, and we say “Hi.” Other than that, I never see him.
    So it was Sunday whenever I realized that Amelia was gone. I was babysitting, Amelia, Frank, and Tyler. Tyler was sitting in the corner with a little toy truck, and Franklyn was sitting in front of the TV hypnotized by the Spongebob that was on. But, where was Amelia? I looked over to where her playpen was. She wasn’t there. I stood up, with The Lying Game my book I was reading in my hand....
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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This is a song I made it in honnor for the fairies that are going to be in my JCA2 fanfictions!

(Before I show you the lyrics, you should know this is like thriller by micheal jackson! This is in his honnor! Hope you like it! ^^)

(opening starting with creepy zombie sounds)
Life witch (not saying who cause it would ruin the suprise!): (speaking) What in the name of the 7 deadly sins is all that racket? ... *sigh* this is defently the work of Shini and Gami! Those two....


Shini: (singing) I'll burn you~ in the flames of hell~.

Gami: I'll bury you~... until your skin turns rotten pale~!

Both: You'll begin to freeze as you realise, your about to die~! You'll be reliefed~ when we tell you we'll reserect you! But then to your disbelief~ You'll see we just want~ you to be a slave to our self's all ways~! Then this place will~ be funer than: Hell it self~! Yeah~!

Shini: You try to run~ but realise we're at every corner...
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Jade stared at the chinese 13 year old demon as if she was insane.
What was she talking about? Polar opposites...?
What on earth did that mean?
"Any way, please excuse my 'brothers' rude and recluse behavior. He tends to be qiet the ignorant one!" She said with that immotion less and creepy face still there. But still, the little girl's face was very bright and charming. One could call her 'beutiful'.
"Alright, seriously Hann, you are starting to piss me off with that cocky attitude uncle gave you!" Drago hissed at her.
Hann-yuu's face twisted slightly into an irritated face.
"Don't ever say that father made me ignorant or cocky. Last time I checked your father is responcible for making you ALMOST destroy the intire world!" She snapped back.
Yikes.... was all Jade could think of. Hann-yuu can be mean. It's shocking to think that the calm and slow going Tso-lan had a daughter who can bight someones head off as visouse as possible.