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Managing Previously Uploaded Videos

Opinion by mycrownofjewels posted over a year ago
fan of it?
So this may seem a little "anal" of me, but I run into a lot of videos posted on spots that are broken, and for that, I report them. Still, I wonder why it's so difficult for the original poster to go back through some of the things they previously posted every once in a while (every 3 months?) to check which videos may now have a copyright claim, etc. I certainly don't mind cleaning up spots by reporting broken content, but it is very time consuming...

As a tip, and to make this job easier for people who contribute a lot, broken videos often have a gray video camera as the image instead of a still from the video -- not always, but often enough. If you don't have too much broken content in previously uploaded items and you keep up with it, it's easy to pick these out and double-check if they are in fact broken.

I'd like to hear other people's opinions. Do you think I'm just being a pain in the ass (to be blunt) about the whole thing, or do you think this is a reasonable request? My thinking is it would make the spots appear more "clean," and foster a more aesthetically pleasing experience overall when visiting the website.
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i have always suggested that if you want to make fanpop a better place just friggin get rid of broken content. i have to say i am not very good at this either ( sometimes i become nostalgic because of the comments) but if i get a message that its broken i will certainly get rid of it!

now that we are talking aboot this i will definitely check some old vids though...
posted over a year ago.
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harold said:
By all means clean up broken video links (they're not video uploads, by the way), but don't delete them! Speaking to germs here: you don't need to get rid of the comments if you just do the preferable thing and edit the video to provide a working URL.

With regards to the original comment: I am a huge "offender" here, and I rely on users reporting broken links to call my attention to them. I've been on the site for almost five years, and for four of those we've had video links. I'm not a huge poster of videos by any means, but I still have more than a thousand that I maintain. There's no way I could review all of those within a 3-month timeline. It's hard enough for me to keep all my articles updated. We have to report broken content when we find it, so that the users who posted it can FIX it. Otherwise they may never know.
posted over a year ago.