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Article by rileyferguson posted over a year ago
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Gray101, Naoi's second troll account
Many of you Fanpoppers must know of Naoi. She is one of the worst Troll's I have ever come across on Fanpop. She has abused a lot of users and has 30 accounts, 7 of which are gone.

It all started of on the account called Naoi. She posted images in wrong clubs and abused a few users. She was reported and suspended, but then she came back as Gray101. On this account, she started abusing more users and stole icons of a fanpopper called DarkCruz360. She also kept reporting stuff in DarkCruz360's fan club. She then made the accounts 14Kenpachi, Renji6, Hei13 and Ichigo176. Eventually, the account Kensei_Mugurruma was identified as an account of Naoi's and was removed. Many users were getting really mad at her and reported her a lot of times.

After Reporting and Reporting, The accounts were removed. But then, Naoi came back as Gray102 and Jimmy197. The account N_Harmonia was identified as Naoi's troll account too. Gray102 was removed, but she then came back as Heisuke101, Omi101 and Takuma. Heisuke and Omi are now gone. Then, more accounts came. Rjay678 (Which has a club of him) HollowIchigo678, Lisa678, RTX and Roberta678
Article by E-Scope90 posted over a year ago
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This might be wierd but it's a parody of the original rap. It's about spammers, trolls and mispelling on the internet. I thought it was a good and better version when I finished.

Stupidity falls across the web
Users with their brain cells dead
These morons can't spell 'good'
And correcting them is called rude
But trolling them is a piece of cake
They respond,they've made a mistake
For they will face complaints from Hell
Time to fight,let's ring the bell
The smell of stupid's in the air
Morning til midnight,they don't care
See dumbasses from across the world
From your grandma to a little girl
And though you fight to stay awake
These website seriously needs a cop
For no mere mortal can survive
The idiocy of Fanpop
Opinion by someone_save_me posted over a year ago
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Hello. I'm going to go ahead and apologize, this is all a rant. But since it's all about fanpop and the failures of some bitches I thought it would be appropriate to place here.... Sorry, I just need to get my anger out.

SO we've all established that this is a site for FAN clubs, right? FANpop, not STALKpop, that just sounds like a website all about raping sodas. But apparently some desperate dumb ass hoes decided that they could completely ignore that fact and go stalking guys they thought were hot on here. Namely, my boyfriend. -_- Bitches as gone as far as to tell him they fucking LOVE him, when it clearly shows on his profile we're together. God damn. That they like his hair and he's hot and shit. Fine, whatever, it's not like everyone else is oblivious to his sexiness. But seriously, SOME OF THEM WILL NEVER LAY THE HELL OFF. He's had to fucking make it so that only people he's friends with can write on his wall. That's how damn bad they've gotten.

Still, they inbox him and shit telling about how hot they think he is. It wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't ask if he had a girlfriend and other bullshit...