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How can I tell which spot I got a new medal in?

So, I always saw that I have two medals for Dedicated Fan in two clubs. (my "vanillamoon08" club, and "Taylor/Jacob Fan girls" club) But then I went off of the comptuer for a long time, but when I came back on I saw that I'm a Dedicated Fan in three spots now, and I have no idea which spot it is! It's not one that's been updated recently, for I don't see any new green boxes around any of the clubs that are listed right on my profile. :/ So, I was wondering if any of you guys know how to tell which spot I gained a new medal in. Thank you! (I hope this makes sense!)
click on the list view, next to the mosaic view. Ooooor click on more clubs and select highest medal, you should be able to see there. .. if it helps, your new one is for the Taycob spot.
oblix posted over a year ago
 vanillamoon08 posted over a year ago
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