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help!!!i can't sign in on my old account!

i couldn't sign in on my ald account nessie-eska so i accidently made new but on the same e-mail.i realised that there's some other person who couldn't get access on their account and some of them fixed a probled but they don't know if anyone knows how please contact me.
 nessie-eska1 posted over a year ago
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BookWord123 said:
Poor you, I dont know what has happened. You might have spelt your password wrong or maybe your username. My advice to you is to try again, again, and again. Inbox me if you need more info.
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posted over a year ago 
i'm back on my old account :) i hope it won't happened again. password and username was all right but i just didn't let me.but thanks anyway
nessie-eska posted over a year ago
i hate this i cant sign in
shone55788 posted over a year ago
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