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what is your favorite color, animal, sport, holiday, subject in school, food, and soda??

 EllieBeauty posted over a year ago
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BJsRealm said:
This question is impossible to answer, not like this anyway! You'll have to post some polls of your own to several clubs in order to find out what you wanna know about the other Fanpoppers. I can only suggest that you post your polls to those fan clubs with most users. This question & answers feature on Fanpop wasn't exactly designed to replace polls, but to get the answers to certain specific questions, related to a fan club, of course. You should choose a fan club where exactly do you wanna post some of your polls first. There are so many clubs on Fanpop, so the choice of clubs is almost unlimited. Ultimately, the choice of clubs to post your polls is yours & yours alone, just make sure the poll you wanna post is relevant to that specific fan club topic! Anyway, hope you like this answer of mine. :-)
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posted 6 months ago 
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