Hi, I'm a photographer, artist and of course author. I like to challenge my skills and see how far I can go! I'm a outgoing person whose creative, intelligent, smart, beautiful, independent, and a little feministic. I'm a strong christian girl and I love Jesus our Lord. I'm single but I'm NOT looking for a boyfriend, (I believe in courting not dating). I love my church and my family, and I'm a member of the G.R.W.C (Girls Reading and Writing Club) at my church. I'm great with kids and my goals in life are to become a: Photographer, LPN and/or RN. I like to stay busy and create things for my younger siblings, (My little brother and sister), My best friend in the whole world would be my older sister. I have two dogs, a cat, a cow (whose pregnant YAY!), and some chickens (But I don't like chickens!). I'm a big TMNT 2012 fan and Raphael is my favorite. I also enjoy Avatar the Last Airbender, I love Zutara! I enjoy Roleplaying so if you want to roleplay I'm open. Don't be afraid to add me cause I don't bite....much XD
Thanks for reading!