Ok, so I did a poll a few days on what story from my childhood you guys wanted to hear about, and the response was My Surgery In 1st Grade, so here you go! Feel free to comment on it and share it with your fans:)

I was born with heart block, so I have a pacemaker that helps my heart by sending it a shock when it stops working. This was bad luck for me since I can't do sports with my friends since if I get hit in the stomach, I have to go to the hospital.

So, it was in the middle of the year when I was in 1st grade. I had to go to the hospital soon for surgery to replace my pacemaker since it was about to loose it's battery life. I was scared about the whole thing. Finally, the day came for me to go to the hospital. We left on a school morning. I was still in my Disney Princess nightgown, and I was tired. I slept the entire way to the hospital. When we got there, they signed me in and put me in a room. Then, a nurse came in and hooked an IV up to me and took my nightgown off, leaving me in my underwear. She got out a hospital nightgown and put it on me. We had to wait a long time, since my surgery was later in the morning.

The doctors came to get me and gave me some sleep medicine, but it didn't take effect. I was awake the entire time they wheeled my hospital bed to the O.R. They eventually knocked me out with something and when I woke up, I was in the recovery room. My mom, dad, and our parent's friend Mrs. Faas were waiting at the end of my bed. They followed the doctor as he wheeled my bed back to my hospital room. After a while, my aunt and uncle came and gave me a little stuff animal, which was a blue moose, named Bluce.

My mom left for a few hours and came back with a stack of cards. They were from the Home & School and my classmates. At the time, I loved TinkerBell, so all my friends had put Tink on their cards. After a day, I was able to go home and it was around when my school was done for the day. My mom and I waited at the living room window until we saw my bus pull up, my brother getting of it. My mom and I started hitting the window, trying to get his attention. He saw us and came running into the house, giving me a big hug.

Just think, if I didn't have my pacemaker, I wouldn't be here telling this story to you guys, so it's thanks to my pacemaker that I'm even in this world.