FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ was first published on April 23rd 2008 and was last updated October 27th 2008

Hello there fellow Fanpoppers. Most of you know me as the person who makes the Fan Of The Fortnight questions and from time to time, Fanpoppers will ask me questions about in either comments or messages. This FAQ is here to try and answer all of those questions. If you have any questions to add please do so at the bottom and they shall be incorporated in to the article.

1. Who started Fan Of The Fortnight?
link created a Pick called link back in May 2007 in the Fanpop spot. link then made the first ever link. Then after a small discussion with benji and cressida I decided to do the next link with the initial idea that a different fan would do it each week. After that I decided to do another one when that one finished, and as cressida and benji didn't seem to mind, I just carried on and still do it to today.

2. Who decides on the people on Fan Of The Fortnight?
It's up to me to put the first eight fans on, though fans may nominate one other fan themselves.

2a. How is that decided?
I take note of good contributions, comments and good new fans to the site and when the previous Fan Of The Fortnight ends, I already have a few names in my head. I make sure I branch out from just my own spots, as for example, I am not a fan of The Office, but I'll check it every week to see highly rated contributions or good discussions. I also check Pending Spots almost daily to see if there's a fan that's managed to make a spot look brilliant and crammed with content already.

3. Can people add themselves to Fan Of The Fortnight?
The short answer is Yes. The long answer is Yes, but in 2007 fans were not allowed to vote for themselves. Though this rule is not enforced in the current Fan Of The Fortnight, the hope was that it's drilled in to fans enough not to do it, that it ceases anyways.

4. How do I get on to Fan Of The Fortnight?
Simply be an excellent fan. Regularly submit content, join as many spots as you can and participate in the Fanpop community. That way you also become a member that other fans recognise a good user as well. If you're not on there and you have been trying hard, keep up the standard and eventually you shall be noticed and be put up.

5. Does the winner of Fan Of The Fortnight get anything?
They get recognition more than anything, the pride that comes with other fans having realised you're one of the great people on Fanpop.

6. How can I tell who has won Fan Of The Fortnight without looking at the indiviual Picks?
link has stepped up to the plate with link which he keeps regularly updated, so prop him for it!

7. When do new Fan Of The Fortnights start?
Usually a day or two after the old one ends, though larger gaps have been known to occur between them.

8. Which spot does Fan Of The Fortnight get posted in?
Initially it was posted in the Fanpop spot, but soon after the Fanpop Users spot was created and harold made a comment about moving it here, the next Fan Of The Fortnight was created here.

9. Are there any other Fan Of The Fortnight-esque events?
link happens every year and compiles all of the winners of Fan Of The Fortnight. There is also an event called link which attempts to compile all the runners-up. Unfortunately in 2007, due to a Pick choice limit, Popper Of The Year could not fit everyone on. From 2008 onwards, it has been possible to accomadate all fans featured.

10. Has anyone ever won twice?
Yes. As of April 2008, link won the 24 October - 7 November 2007 Fan Of The Fortnight and the 16 August - 30 August 2007 one.

11. How do I abbreviate Fan Of The Fortnight?
That's really up to you. Fans recognise FOF and FOTF. I use FOTF if I do want to shorten it.

12. Can fans be on FOTF twice?
Fans can be added by others as many times as they wish, but the original eight that are put up by me are not repeated. In the case that a user nominated fan wins, this fan is also excluded from future Fan Of The Fortnights. This resets at the start of every year.

13. I think someone's been cheating. What do I do?
First of all, you should pass a message along to me about it. Include as many details as possible. Cheating in Fan Of The Fortnight usually consists of people creating many accounts and then voting for themselves. There have been other variations, but that's the main one. I shall look in to it and then get back to you.

14. <User> is really awesome, but they've not been on Fan Of The Fortnight. Can I nominate them?
Certainly. If you wish them to be on the following FOTF rather the current one, message me with the details and they'll go in to the initial eight.
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