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Opinion by doc907 posted over a year ago
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the doctor and rose.
i have been a fan of doctor who,since i was a kid,being brought up on his adventures was and still is the best part of my childhood.i am a fan[of all science fiction].doctor who stand's out the most because of the story,plot and most of all the people who made it possible.tom baker was and again still is my favourite,when david tennant did doctor who it was just like as it was when tom baker did it. the power he had to bring the character to life was awsome billie piper was also great she gave her character such equal power,which i think the series they were in their brilliance.
Opinion by zanesaaomgfan posted over a year ago
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Hi, it's Gabriella... I'm going through some tough times so, I'm back for a little while. So, if you see that I'm commenting and on IM, take advantage of that moment and talk to me. Theres other ways though-

I have a Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZanessaGaily?feature=mhum

ROBLOX: http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=734399

Sims 3 Account: http://www.thesims3.com/mypage/zanesaaomgfan

Yeah... so, if you need advice or someone to talk to, I'm here. All the websites above, are visited often. So, please, don't hesitate.

Now, to other news, if you know Charlie or Sarah, you will probably never see them again. Sarah is going to a private school and Charlie is not in a good place. 2011 hasn't been good for her yet. [Her B-Day was New Years, only few wished her happy B-Day, send your love]. I'm not ditching Fanpop or you guys. I miss you guys. I've enjoyed my freedom.
Review by zanesaaomgfan posted over a year ago
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Yes, I am leaving, not quitting. There is a difference.

Leaving- Going away and coming back.
Quitting- Going away and never coming back.

Before I begin, I'd just like to say, my first year on Fanpop has been the best experience on a site ever. I love all the updates that fans give.

I'd just like to thank:

FireFly113[a.k.a. jjj113, FireFlys113]

For being an amazing buddy.


For being so nice, and caring.


For being the one to assure me someone cares.

I have sooo many more but these are the top 3 I can think about.

Sure, I will be back for updates but that doesn't mean I'll be staying.
I also like to thank the people on the TDI spot for teaching me a thing or two about drawing.
The fans on the Vanessa Anne Hudgens spot for being awesome friends to me.
The fans on the Zanessa spot for the great