Fanpop Users What Spots Do You Have Medals For?

brucas4ever posted on Jun 18, 2008 at 10:56PM
What Spots do you have Medals for? just wondering..
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over a year ago oblix said…
die-hard for fanpop users, but instead of in-between logging in between a good old fashioned game of scrabble.
over a year ago claire-aka-bob said…
so much for me making Die-Hards look easy obby ;P ♥
over a year ago oblix said…
sorry for bombarding this with updates :P
ok new greenyful for the Fanpop's got talent spot
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I got green for Grey's :)
over a year ago EverybodyLies said…
new green- phantom of the opera! :D
over a year ago DoctorSpud said…
I have a dedicated medal for both the Fanpop spot and the Video Games spot. I desire to get a dedicated spot also for I Am Legend, inFamous, and maybe Sly Cooper. Then again, I want dedicated medals for all my spots!
over a year ago claire-aka-bob said…
Dedicated, Spuffy :D ♥
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Woohoo, go Clairey! Spuffy FTW!
over a year ago Aerohead said…
Dedicated-(From oldest to newest)
Supernatrual Viewing Club
Horror Movies
Michael Jackson
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
big smile
I haven't been to this forum in awhile, but I've got some new ones I'm very proud of :D

Harper's Island
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Arielle Kebbel
Jensen Ackles

Horror Actresses
Kiefer Sutherland
Henry Dunn
Marilyn Monroe
Tales From the Crypt
Marley Shelton
The OC

over a year ago claire-aka-bob said…
Pirates of the Caribbean green :) ♥
over a year ago oblix said…
die-hard in... lord of the rings *hi five*
over a year ago hm94991 said…
Weirdest thing ever happened today. I got my Sweeney Todd die-hard! BUT WAIT. There's a catch. :p I never had my dedicated. It skipped straight to yellow. I haven't even contributed that much to that spot... Maybe a handful of screenshots a while ago... Anyway. My day is made. *Is more exited then I probably should be*
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over a year ago oblix said…
Hidily pop, that can happen, and maybe someone has gone and rated all of those screencaps all 267 of them. Well CONGRATS!!
over a year ago Kaidi said…
I got HP green two days ago :D
over a year ago oblix said…
Well done ^
over a year ago Sazza said…
hm94991 your screencaps were asked to be rated in the VRSOF forum by smoore23. Me and three others rated them for you so that would explain why the dedicated fan was missed out.

got a dedicated medal for:
10 things I hate about you

a die-hard for:
the fray

and a fanatic for:
Jesse McCartney
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over a year ago oblix said…
hehe i saw that earlier today and i thought, should i inform HM that it was the terminal medal whores forum that did it, but i never got around to it
over a year ago hm94991 said…
Oh!! haha 'tis explained.

And Obby- Metal whores= My best friends. :p
over a year ago brucas4ever said…
congrats on all ur medals guys!

i want my fray medal sooo bad!
over a year ago Kaidi said…
big smile
Ooh, green on NCIS and Emma Watson :D
over a year ago oblix said…
hold in there brucas4ever!

congrats kaidi
over a year ago patrisha727 said…
Dedicated: Twilght Series

Die-hard - patrisha727 spot (a spot to post my own stories ^_^)
over a year ago Sazza said…
over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
big smile
Vanessa Anne Hudgens
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Melrose Place
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jenna Dewan
Megan Fox
Jessica Simpson
Elisha Cuthbert

The medal whores forum is great! Congrats on your yellow Sazza!