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johnminh posted on Oct 22, 2007 at 07:34PM
Inspired by Crazy-Chica's soapbox "Some 'Love' Motto ideas!"­/99­6, what is the motto on your profile page? Have you changed it?

Mine is "Take what you can eat, and eat what you take (Buffet words of wisdom)."

I've also thought of changing it to "Do not speak - unless it improves on silence." - Buddhist saying. However, I think I break this rule on a daily basis here on fanpop! LOL! =)
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over a year ago dazl said…
Mine is

"I'n not grumpy, I'm endorphinly challenged."

It stems from me in the mornings, and my friends asking me why I was so horrible before school, but by lunch (and three Dairy Milks later), I was the cheeriest person ever.
over a year ago marissa said…
I'm constantly chaning mine.

but a few days ago, i discovered the musical "Wicked", so i changed it to "I think I'll try defying gravity."
over a year ago waterlilybarb said…
Mine is: Just KISS...Keep it simple stupid.

It's a motto I try to live by in this age of over-complication.
over a year ago Temptasia said…
Mine is-
"I've got some loose jello, ok."- Pepe from Muppets in Space

I changed it from-
"If there is no God who pops up the next kleenx."

And before that it was-
"I am the pink flamingo on the great lawn of life."
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Life is a marvelous adventure
over a year ago meeee said…

-Anything in irish e.g Is maith liom milsean.

I use the last for if someone insults me but only if the persons not Irish because then they're insulted and can't understand it either!That actually means I like sweets!

The link to Crazy-Chicas soapbox is dead: (
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over a year ago edennirvana said…
Since I got here its been the same:

"Life without me, would be even more unbearable"

Its a quote taken from my favorite movie, Interview with the Vampire, said by Lestat to Louis. And besides I like thinking that statement is true :p
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over a year ago Cinders said…
Used to be an abbreviated version of a quote from my all-time favorite song, "So Long, Astoria" by the Ataris. It's a kickass reference to the Goonies, but it's still awesome even if you've never seen the movie. The quote:

"So long, Astoria! We found a map to buried treasure and even if we come home empty handed, we'll still have our stories, battle scars, pirate ships and wounded hearts, broken bones and the best of friendships."

Now, it's from the Gregory Maguire book Mirror, Mirror: "The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say."
over a year ago marissa said…
ive just changed it (again)

it is now: ikd, my bff Jill?

i couldnt resist!
over a year ago hsm123 said…
Well here is mine right now

Bow Chicka WOW WOW Chicka WOW WOW!

my next one is

Its a shame that i dont know what u
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over a year ago dazl said…
I always loved yours Eden, and John, I ALWAYS follow that advice!
over a year ago edennirvana said…
Well I did change it to:

"The thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true. And when you lose that possibility, it just"

Then I came back to my original one, I keep going back and forth between those two.

BTW, thanks Dara..I absolutely adore yours, LOL! It's funny!
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over a year ago Cinders said…
Well, you can never go wrong with a CSI quote, Eden. ;o)

However, your current one is cool too. Mm, blood. And cookies.

Choices, choices.
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over a year ago edennirvana said…
LOL Cinders!

BTW, finally someone notices that the quote is from CSI!

over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
Mine is "Solve lora infernis."

It's Latin for "Unleash hell."

I've been meaning to change it for a while, but I've just never gotten around to it...
over a year ago snoznoodle said…
Mine is something like I'm on holidays and you won't hear from me for a while lol. But before that it was:

Is a hippopotomus a hippopotomus or is it just a really cool oppotomus?

Most of them have been Scrubs or Office quotes. I can't remember most of them now lol.
over a year ago miss_little said…
i have change mine- around 3 times since december the cheerleader, save the bear - when i started the cheerleader, THEN save the miss_little too- don't know why this one was made
3. :):):0 OMG 0:(:(: it's nearly my birthday--- and this one is for my birthday (which is soon- thats why i made this one)
over a year ago Cinders said…
I recently changed mine to a quote from the play "Gibraltar." I guarantee no one here has ever heard of said play in their life.

"I'm not sure what the words 'God' or 'love' mean these days, but I swear to God that I still love you"
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over a year ago edennirvana said…
Nice Carly!

I changed mine about a week ago to:

Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.
over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
"I don't want to just rain on your parade, I want to blow up all the floats."

Detective Munch said that on season one of Law & Order: SVU. ;)
over a year ago marissa said…
"My war paint is Sharpie ink, and I'll show you how much my sh*t stinks"

Yes, I just discovered Kimya Dawson, and yes, I'm in love. :)
over a year ago hooch-is-crazy said…
"if practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect why practice"

but i'm thinking of changing it to, "delenda est myspaco" which is latin for, myspace must be destroyed
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
My motto used to be "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" That was said by Gandhi. I hoped it would make me seem intelligent :) After a while people realised I wasn't though so now it is "There are no stupid questions. Only inquisitive idiots"

I like Kirsty's motto.
If life gives you lemons, throw them at mean people in the street and hope it gets them in the eyes.
Always makes me laugh.
over a year ago chel1395 said…
"Drugs are bad, mkay." ~ Mr. Mackey from the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

You just can't argue with the logic of an animated grade school guidance counselor. :D
over a year ago johnminh said…
chel, at least you didn't quote Mr Garrison from that movie: "I don't trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn't die." :p