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Guide by Fanpop posted 1 month ago
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99% of you are amazing fans! This is a guide on dealing with the 1%.

[b][u]To summarize:

1. REPORT ATTACKERS IMMEDIATELY. You are doing the entire community a favor as they are probably attacking other members.


Attacks are personal insults, threats, bigotry, etc. A person saying they don't like a contribution is NOT an attack. Having a debate is also not an attack until insults/threats etc. are mixed in.

2. DO NOT ATTACK BACK. If you attack back, you are probably giving the attacker/troll what they want. We won't dig through 20 pages of reports to find out who started it. In some cases, both people will be banned.

3. Reporting is not a weapon. People who fraudulently report enemies, do not provide details, and/or repeatedly report people without providing evidence may also be removed from Fanpop. Some weirdos report their own fake users. Seriously, you are asking for it, and you aren't fooling anyone.
Opinion by Targets-Legend posted 1 month ago
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I'm guessing a lot of people have all ready have found this problem but if you don't understand then it's like this:
One day I decided to create a new club of something that didn't exist as a club yet but I couldn't find the 'Create a club' button. Trust me I looked high and low for the thing but couldn't find it. When I logged out of my account at last there I saw it, the 'Create a club button' so when I clicked on it they of course asked me to sign back in but when I did I was the same position I was in before clicking.
For some people this problem don't seem to happen but for people like me who want to create clubs but can't because the button is unavailable well it's frustrating. I've been looking abound for some kind of answer but the only thing that came up was a link http://www.fanpop.com/addspot
this only leads to you having to sign in again. I don't know if it's the signing in thing that's the problem but it really shouldn't be.
Article by ArianaIsMine posted 1 month ago
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How do I ever post Gifs onto my profile? Not onto a club, but on my page! I cant figure it out! It always ends up standing as a picture!! I have some really great gifs that I would like to share! HELP!! See? The "Image" Below is a gif!!! Now I will just say my problem over and over so I can post this so it will be long enough.
Cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs can post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs cant post gifs