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Article by Sakkara98 posted 2 months ago
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Hello to everyone,
my name is Inès, and I'm French.

As a lot of you know, Paris has been attacked yesterday by terrorists. The concert hall "Le Bataclan" has been attacked during a concert.

128 dead and more than 200 wounded are for now counted. This is a tragedy.

I was born and I've lived in Paris, and I often go there and to the Bataclan to attend concerts, and seeing this, is just awful. The whole country is shocked and desperate.

3 national days of mourning have been declared.

I invite you to leave a few words, thoughts for the victims of this disaster.

Thank you <3
Opinion by x-Yumi-x3 posted 5 months ago
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( Please notice that I'm in a rush, please excuse any mistakes. )
I had actually planned on making an article about Fanpop a few months ago and never had time and I still don't.
So instead of me just going into it full force detail like I planned I'm just gonna skim through it.
I'm writing this because I've been on Fanpop since 2011 and it has been amazing, but in the past year or so Fanpop has turned into a ghost town. It's so bad even some of the biggest clubs aren't really active anymore.
It really makes me upset because I can't even go to most of the clubs that I use to visit because it's so dead.
And when that happens to most sites ( it actually happens to every site ) they figure out what happen, get feedback, and change things.
So, here are the top five things I think Fanpop should add.
Notice: I'm not demanding/expecting any of this, I'm just giving ideas.
I'm a huge fan of customization I.love.it! If you look at the two sites Tumblr and Myspace. They're actually kind of alike, they both allow/ed you to create your own profile and and do whatever you wanted to it.
List by DrBsNumber1Fan posted 6 months ago
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Dr Blowhole
Program: The Penguins of Madagascar
Associated Battle Stage: Blowhole's Lair
Special Attack: Laser gun
Super Special Attack: Hitting the ground in glass bubble
Hobbies: Swimming, singing, and spying on the Penguins

Program: SpongeBob SquarePants
Associated Battle Stage: The Krusty Krab
Special Attack: Power Orbs
Super Special Attack: Power Blast
Hobbies: Jellyfishing, Karate, and making Krabby Patties.

Program: The Amazing World of Gumball
Associated Battle Stage: The School
Special Attack: Nunchucks
Super Special Attack: Spinning Kick
Hobbies: Playing video games and getting in and out of trouble

Jake Long
Program: American Dragon Jake Long
Associated Battle Stage: Chinatown
Special Attack: Fire Breath
Super Special Attack: Aerial Attack with staff
Hobbies: Skateboarding, playing video games, and break dancing.