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Opinion by QueenofthePika posted 1 day ago
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MyCode is the code you use to do stuff like bold, italics, underline, and hyperlinks. However, those four examples is all Fanpop has. There are plenty of other websites that can do full MyCode- [s]strikethrough[/s], [color=red]colored letters[/color], but we can't even do something as mere as [quote=Username Here]
Quoting someone else
Or even merely
[code]Showing other people the code in case they forget[/code]!
What I'm trying to say is that Fanpop needs MyCode, and that's that. In my opinion it would be a big improvement. Please Fanpop, do MyCode!
What's your opinion on this?
Fan fiction by DrBsNumber1Fan posted 7 days ago
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Steve plays Cirqus Voltaire at the arcade
Fanpop Plays proudly presents: Voltaire's Revenge

Kendall A. Tailfin as Steve
Spongebob Squarepants as Sherlock Squarepants
Jake Long as Mr. Travis
Ke$ha Rose Sebert as Mrs. Travis
Patrick Star as Baby Junior
Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine
Gumball Watterson as Josh the arcade manager
Dr Francis Blowhole as Voltaire

Everyone takes their seats in the theater. Lights go out.
Steve comes out
Steve: Oh, hi there! How's everyone doing today? Good? Yeah me too! My name is Steve. It's summer vacation and I am on my way to the arcade! Who here likes pinball? Yeah me too! I am such a pinball geek! My favorite is Cirqus Voltaire! I love the bright colors, the contraptions, and the multi-ball challenges! Come on, to the arcade!
Curtain reveals arcade

Josh: Hi Steve! Are you ready to play some pinball?
Steve: I sure am!
Josh: Go on ahead! Hey do you wanna sign up for the Cirqus Voltaire pinball tournament tomorrow night?
Opinion by BTR_Cascada posted 21 days ago
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Hey does any one wanna know how to combine two photos as one the easy way. here,s what you have to do. go to Photojoiner.net and select multiple photos and put them together you can also change styles too.you can resize the image to the largest image and smallest image.when pics are joined you can save them to your computer see its easy as ABC :)