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Article by nmdis posted 2 months ago
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Hello fanpopers,
I am Iti and I am really glad to announce that few days ago I took a short interview of one of the Fanpop's creator Dave P. who is popular here by his username Papa. It was great taking interview of one of the most loved F4 member ( I am sure he's most loved member) It was an amazing experience so thanks papa for giving me your precious time. I won't was much of your time. Here's the interview:

<i>Q.1 How did you got the idea of making the site as this site is really different.

Dave Lu and I were brainstorming different ideas back in 2005. One thing we really liked at the time were sites like Digg.com and Reddit but both sites were focused on technology and computers (at least at the time, reddit which remains popular has more diverse subjects covered now). We thought that maybe there was maybe an opportunity to create a site that would allow people to share their favorite links/resources about non-tech topics like running, parenting, photography, etc.
Opinion by hermionicole posted 2 months ago
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I’ll Miss Fanpop with all my Heart and Soul
    I’ll Miss Fanpop so much that thinking about not being able to log in and have fun at Fanpop makes me sick…*sniffs*
    It’s really… terrible I feel like one of my arms is going to be severed from my body… God, I’ll miss all the friends I have here… I know I’ll be able to come back… most probably after Dec.12, 2014… waaaahhh!!!!
    The people here are totally and simply the best… I’ll never be able to find such treasures again… ever in my life…
    Special thanks to Lionkingartist who really is a very, very great friend… Thanks God I found you… you made me really happy… Fanpop without Lionkingartist is unthinkable…wait a moment please…*goes to the back room and wails… come backs with tissue paper still sniffing* Lionkingartist please remember me… someday I’ll come back… I’ll bear in mind all the laughter and stories you shared… You are definitely one of the best…
Opinion by QueenofthePika posted 2 months ago
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MyCode is the code you use to do stuff like bold, italics, underline, and hyperlinks. However, those four examples is all Fanpop has. There are plenty of other websites that can do full MyCode- [s]strikethrough[/s], [color=red]colored letters[/color], but we can't even do something as mere as [quote=Username Here]
Quoting someone else
Or even merely
[code]Showing other people the code in case they forget[/code]!
What I'm trying to say is that Fanpop needs MyCode, and that's that. In my opinion it would be a big improvement. Please Fanpop, do MyCode!
What's your opinion on this?