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Opinion by wwwarea posted 5 days ago
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He's harassing me on Alpha and Omega club:


When all I did was speak up about people for posting rude comments on sanman7's article.
Now people are ganging up on me, harassing me, talking crap about me, trolling me, claiming a user to be me, etc, etc.

This just highly upsets me as a member and I want some action taken. He's done so much trash talk about me in the past and no action is yet, taken.
It's as if the flagging system is no longer valid. This just frightens me as a member and I want MojoOmegaWolf and any support of this banned.

Please, this is horrible, harassment, etc.

Thank You.

Edit: And I would love to ask if members go to his page and report him.
Opinion by wwwarea posted 2 months ago
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4 fans
For Feedback Purposes

This site is meant to be a place where every fan can enjoy right?
So I want to highly suggest a couple of things very bad.

The Horrible Flagging System
Sadly, there are trolls, haters, etc that comes in and try to ruin everything.

Every time I report those bad users, barely any action is taken. No action, the troll who continues to spam, harass, etc. other members. This website needs more responsibility. Big time.

The Block System
It's not really a "block" system.. All it does is puts messages (from the blocked user) into the trash.
It doesn't stop the guy from sending you messages on the profile, your posts, etc.. Heck, even when I block the troll, the person can still "fan" me.


Many members are getting upset and it defeats the purpose of this site.

And I as a victim from the horrible behavior I've seen really suggests this bad.
Opinion by dimitri_ posted 2 months ago
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6 fans
So I thought it would be fun if we could all do this. Every Fanpop user can partake in, all you do is answer the questions and you can personalize it of course :)

1. How long have you been on Fanpop?
Technically, 2 years.

2. Which club are you most active on?
The Disney Princess club, the community is really tight :)

3. Which club is your favorite?
Childhood Animated Movie Heroines, I wish more people checked it out. You can talk about basically anything animated surrounding the heroines so the topics are limitless.

4. Which section is your favorite?
The poll section, it's the most active, quick and fresh section :)

5. Are you ''known'' for anything on Fanpop?
Specifically on the DP spot... coming up with new ideas, like this one :P Also my love for Mulan, other of my very favorite animated characters include Shang, Sailor Moon, Spring Sprite and Aang.