♥♥I'm back and ready to tech you how to design and spice your profile up! If your interested in reading my first tutorial then link. So my main goal is to help you make your profile look cute and fancy and to attract more fans, read on to learn how...♥♥

#1 Name/Icon: Ok I'll start off with the icon pick an icon that is an icon you made or get one from a spot, but if your using someone else's make sure to credit them, icons usually attract more fans depending on the what your icon is so for example my current icon is of Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it may attract more Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans than it would Charmed fans, you get my point?. Also a rule in my book with icons is to NEVER have poor quality, unedited icons, they don't look good and definitely won't attract more fans also do NOT ever have this panda bear or this dog icon I keep
seeing everywhere, it is unattractive and lame, that's just my opinion I'm not trying to be rude... Ok let me get down to the name part in the beginning of my name put this- `*☆.¸¸ ♥ - and after my name I put this- ♥¸¸.☆* ` - I also did my actual name like this- נσнαηηαн - which you can find this kind of font if you link.

#2 Links: For the links there a ton of stuff you can do, now you may not think that at first but there are. For my first link I gave a link to my links and obviously titled it 'My Links' I
also used the same font I used before with my name, before and after where I wrote "My Links" I put this design- ღ¸.✩´`✿*☆.¸¸ ➷♥ - For my second and third links I put a short quote from my favorite tv couples and put this design before and after the quote- *♥*:-•✿♥ - also if your second link doesn't match up with your third link then keep adding more keyboard symbols like I did.

#3 Favorites: Now we are at the last, but certainly not the least step the "Favorites". Before each section I put this-
bold, italic, & underlined
╰⊰⊹⊱ -
and after each section I put this- ⊰⊹⊱╮- I also made the font in every section Italic which you can learn how to do by looking at the image in my article which has the caption "Bold, Italic, & Underlined" . I separated each tv show, movie, ect. with a - ; - semi thing or whatever...
final product