This doesn't apply to all of you and i respect everyones views, however i feel that some users just moan at any little change even if its good and some users saying they preferred fanpop beta. I know that there hasn't been much change but the users against change is the reason why.

Why do some users hate change? They think its against the 'spirit' of fanpop, they're scared that it will turn fanpop into myspace; Them reasons make me laugh. One, what the hell do you mean against the spirit! Fanpops not christmas. Two, how the hell could fanpop possible turn into myspace with all the awesome spots?

Emotes Are Fun & Useful

How can you not love the emotes? It makes it easier to see how the user are talking, it makes the comments more creative and there just fun. The speech bubble is good to, less boring then the comments before.

I'm sure this article will get a bad rating, but i just needed to say this.