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posted by astigpinoy


What the fucking hell is that?

warning: technical talk

A vulnerability in OpenSSL was known to be the "greatest bug evar".

Why would I care?


techy guys: How does it work?


Is Fanpop vulnerable?

Ideekay if the F4 uses port 443 for OpenSSL.
I ran some tests to no avail.

Am I vulnerable?

You may be susceptible, directly or indirectly.

How do I protect myself?
PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) may help, but it's sort of like legendarily rare.

IDS (such as Snort) may be trained to detect.

Proxies? My god, no.

Honeypots? Useful if you want to look at assholes trying to exploit...
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posted by karinabrony
Hello. I am here to inform you on what may be going on. I know about all of those glitches on the top contributors lists and everything. I'm very unhappy about it. I mean, we worked hard for our place, and get kicked out for someone who is inactive. They did their part a long time ago, and the past is in the past. Now it's OUR time. We should earn back our places, but I don't think we will until we work even harder. On the My Little Pony club, I have been kicked off 2 places. 2 users got a fanatic when they do nothing. I have been trying to earn my spot back for about 1 or 2 months now, but...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Oh fanpop,
What have we done?
Oh fanpop,
What's going on?
Oh fanpop,
Why are you going insane?
someone explain.

Hello fanpoppers. I'm Meeka if you don't already know me and I write this article to seriously ask, what the fluff is going on here?

Problem #1:Wall posting

A lot of people are having problems with this, including me. And I'm seriously upset. For me it's been happening to me for 3 weeks now. I've signed in multiple times to see if that would fix it. I've used different computers. And nothing seems to work. I'm mad because when I see my friends post some thing I get mad because I can't...
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How The Risks You Take Can Impact Your Success & Happiness by Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis via link More video interviews at link
peter desberg
jeffrey davis
My Acting Audition For AMERICAN HISTORY X by Alex Sol via link More video interviews at link
american history x
edward norton
edward furlong
alex sol
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