First of all: Welcome to Fanpop’s Got Talent 2011! In this article you will find all the answers to questions you might have about FGT 2011.

So let’s start with the most important question I know all of you have: What’s with all the elephants?!

The answer will be clear to everyone who’s been here for FGT 2009/2010, but for everyone else: Meet Herb, the FGT mascot! Herb has been with us for a few years, helping us promote FGT, so
in honor of him, this years theme will be elephants!


Now, let’s move on to the serious stuff!

What is Fanpop’s Got Talent?
Fanpop’s got talent is an annual event where all Fanpoppers can show off their talents. It’s much like ‘Name-any-country’s Got Talent’ only we are digital and we have only one round, so everybody automatically makes it to the finale!

Can I compete?
Off course you can! Everyone can! Everyone with a talent that can be shared online (in a video, picture, article or whatever) can enter.

How can I enter?
To enter in FGT 2011 there are some very important rules!

1. You can only enter ONCE.
Nobody is allowed to compete with more than one entry. This is the best way to keep this competition fun, so please do not create ghost accounts to compete more than once. If you are caught, you will be excluded from FGT entirely.

2. Your entry must be labeled "[username]'s Entry 2011".
Post your submission in the FGT spot using this name. This will make it easy for everyone to find all the entries.

3. Your entry must have the following keywords:
* your username
* fanpop’s got talent
* 2011
* FGT 2011
* the talent your are showing us
You are allowed to add any other keywords, as long as you include these listed above.

4. Video’s must be between 1 and 10 minutes
If you want to show your talent in a video, make sure it is within these limits.

5. You cannot submit more than 5 images.
If you want to show your talent using images, you can’t submit more than 5 images, and all images have to be about the same talent.

When can I submit my entry?
The submission period for FGT 2011 will be the entire month of June! All submissions before June 1st and after June 30th will be considered invalid.

When and how can I vote?
The voting period for FGT 2011 will be the entire month of July! By then you will find an article like this explaining exactly how to register you vote with one of our fine judges, so be patient!

I don’t really have a talent I can/want to show here. Is there another way to be part of FGT 2011?
What a great question! And yes, there is another way! This year we will be have two sideshows for FGT: A haiku contest and a Six word story contest! All info on those contest can be found in these guides:



If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below or send me a PM.

In final words, I would like to thank link and link for their articles which were the inspiration for this one. Also, all the awesome volunteers that help me make this years FGT awesome!