Sorry for the year-old image, but Herb is still training, so it's applicable!
Hi, everybody! So sorry for the late start this year, but I think we're going to push the games back to JULY just so everyone has enough time. So, that said, I decided to open up the ceremonies with rules, suggestions, contests and games ALL of which can be found RIGHT HERE in this gigantic FGT 2010 guide!

But Cinders, I don't want to WAIT until JULY! I want to do something RIGHT NOW!

No problem! We have all sorts of things going on right now as I type this article. Fanpop's Got Talent 2010 needs a new mascot. Several beautiful and brilliant people, including yours truly, have provided suggestions. But the contest is STILL OPEN. Since it has been open for a really long time, I'm thinking it will close by Monday, June 21, 2010 at 9:00PM Pacific (West Coast Americas), which is 12:00AM EST (or East Coast Americas).

So if you want to get your mascot a shot at winning the title of official FGT 2010 mascot joining the ranks of link of last year, then link to get started.

If you don't want to create a mascot, check out the existing mascots up for the contest!

link by huddysmacked
link by Olivine
link by Cinders
link by oblix

Awesome, right? OK, so you're not into the mascot thing? Or you've already done it? Have no fear! We here at FGT 2010 STILL have more for you to do! There is a link open until July 1st 12:00AM EST. So DO IT! It will be fun, and come on, haiku's aren't exactly brain surgery. Though, admittedly, brilliant ones can be tough to come up with, which is why we have this contest! So stretch your creative thinking! Write a three line Japanese poem. Be awesome, like link and SUBMIT YER POEMS!

STILL Bored? Not a problem! Germany123 has been legen-waitforit-dary enough to start a forum for the NEW 2010 BANNER AND ICON! So if you're not much of a writer and would prefer to work with graphics, THAT IS ALSO AN AWESOME OPEN CONTEST! For more info, link! I'm going to leave all that in germ's capable hands. She seems to have that covered, so ask her about the rules and stuff for that.

That's it for stuff going on RIGHT NOW! Keep your eye out for more sideshows to come! I will update this article as they become available.

So Cinders, I don't care about the preshow! What can I do for the REAL FGT stuff?

Voting etc. on real FGT entries will not occur until mid July, but you know what? Considering the utter lack of traffic in the FGT spot recently, I'm going to do you all a favor and open up submissions RIGHT NOW!

That's right. You heard me. Submissions for FGT 2010 are open RIGHT NOW and you have a WHOLE MONTH.

I hope that by giving you a whole month to decide on and work on your talent will not only improve the already excellent quality of entries, but will also allow more people who may miss the boat in the first two weeks to enter. So here are the rules for your submissions in a nutshell.


These rules are based on how FGT has gone down in the past (2008, 2009), and on link, which you should all look at. But basically:

1) Each person may submit precisely ONE entry, and no more. There is no way to get around this, and don't you dare make ghost accounts to try! Because we will find you and nasty things will happen! Keep in mind that participating in sideshows like the haiku contest or the banner contest DO NOT COUNT as an official FGT 2010 submission, so compete away in those!

2) Each entry must be labeled "[username]'s Entry 2010". It doesn't matter where it is, so long as you link it on this spot under that label. You can also post it directly to this spot and save some trouble. But put your username in the title!

3) Entries must have keywords, including but not limited to the following list. You should also add a description, but I will not require it. The following necessary keywords are:
* your username
* 2010 (our current year)
* the talent(s) that are to be demonstrated (IE, acting, singing, parachuting out of an airplane, etc.)
* "fanpop's got talent"
* OPTIONAL (not necessary): Any other necessary keywords you see fit, "FGT".

4) The following is a set of rules depending on the type of submission (taken directly from link):

Videos: any entries submitted as videos must be between one (1) and ten (10) minutes long.

Images: images posted must include proper credits. Image entries may include up to five (5) images, but multiple images must all be of the same subject.

Links: You may link to other content that demonstrates your talent (either on Fanpop or elsewhere), but you are encouraged to post or link to new content, rather than something that is "old" to the users and judges.


July 14, 2010 - 9:00PM Pacific, 12:00AM Eastern, 4:00AM on July 15h in Greenwich Main Time.


The following is also snagged directly from link, because I am too lazy and it'll be the same anyway. It has minimal changes to make it relevant to 2010's games.

As entries are submitted, users may rate and comment on the submissions as usual. This does not in any way relate to the actual voting for the competition.

Voting begins immediately after the submission period ends, and lasts for two (2) weeks (different from last year). An article listing all of the FGT entries will be posted shortly after the submission period closes, for easy reference.

When voting, each user may cast two votes: his/her first choice and his/her second choice. In voting, users are encouraged to vote solely on the basis of the entry and the talent(s) the participant has specified. When judging the talent(s), users should also consider the five following criteria:

1) Showmanship
2) Effort
3) Difficulty
4) Entertainment value
5) Originality

The votes are cast by sending a message with "FGT 2010 voting" as the subject to the appropriate judge. More details on votes and which judge you'll be sending them to will be revealed later this year.

That leads me to my next topic - JUDGES! Who's judging this time around and please let me know! If you told me you'd judge a month ago, I have forgotten, so tell me again please! Thanks, you are all awesome.

I think that's everything for now. I will update this article as new information becomes available.