chapter sixteen: macie's POV
we all stared at jade. poor girl. she had lost a twin. its worse than losing eyesight and speach, like me. after a minute of silence, amber and CC came in. they dragged kowalski, unconcious, behind them. "he was tied up in the attic," amber propped him up by the bed. imidiatly folowing, sophie came back, with rune and shine. rune's eyes were full of tears, and shine's were full of joy. "i just saw the funniest thing!" shine laughed, "thee was a bird, and he flew into a bush," she giggles, "and he came out with a face full of bees!! they were stinging him like hell!!!" amber steped up. "shine! language!" shine laughed, then nodded. rune blinked tears from her eyes. "we found mech-skipper deactivated in the tree. the mean lady really did want him to die." everyone stared at rune, then jade, then ruen again. "where is mech-skipper?" private asked. "hes out in the hallway. i was able to get him reactivated, but he's still shut down." to think. only three days into vacaation and two people injurred, six missing, and one dead. wait! i though, i know what to do! i tapped skipper's shoulder. "what?" he said. it was hard, but i signed a sentance. dont think he caught it. "what? what is it?" he asked again. i facepalmed and signed again. i hate being blind and mute. i walked around a bit to look for amber. "macie?" she called. i walked towad her voice. "mace, whats up?" i sign languaged a sentance, 'i know what to do.' "what? wadda we do?" amber asked frantically. 'give the ghsts what they want,' i signed again. "oh," amber said. amber told evertone what i'd said, and they madee a plan. we didnt know what to do for abigail, but we know john had revenge. he had been murdered, we figured out with past evidence. abaigail too, but she just wanted her daughted to be happy. and sophie just wanted a few friends. so shine and rune just had to keep playing with her, and brave all the things the house threw at them. then there was the old man that killed jemni. we figured he went away when john did. so thats two of five ghosts out of the way. then there was the little girl. we did some reasearch and found out that she got lost in the house in 2006, and we though she'd just want to get out. after kowalski regained conciousness. him and amber led the little girl out of the house and she was never seen again that left abigail. rune and shine often dragged her around to where her mother was, showing off how she had fun, but a week later, still nothing.
we were still trying to rid the house of abigail, and n the process abolished some unforseen ghosts in our path:
two young boys in the basement,
a young woman in the attic,
a larador retreiver in the field,
and a blue jay in the old tree outside.
but still, bigail stayed. as if sophie was having no fun. they would never be at rest at this point...