Skipper and Kowalski had to quickly slavge anything they could from the wreakage, in hope that they could make a plane to fly them back home. So far, they found halfa wing, the propeler that caused all this, and four of the seats. The rest was either shredded to pieces, or disintergrated. Kowalski STILL had no idea how they had survived, but the did.

They were still digging around in the scrap metal wehn two penguins, a mouse, a cat, and a human came up.
"Whose been buried?" Kiva gasped.
"Was it CC and Lexii?" Monique added, rushing up and hugging Kowalski. "They stayed behind!"
"No-one's been buried," Kowalski assured them. He hugged Monique to calm her down a little. "we're only trying to salavge things. I think we've gottne all we can."
"Who are these other characters?" Skipper asked, pointing at Amber, Macie and Mist-Wu.
"They're coming with us," Kiva explained. "Don't worry, they're friends."
"Right," Skipper nodded. "We should get going to the house now."

"How come you changed your mind so easily?" Skipper asked Mist-Wu after she told them her story.
"Uh...gut instinct? It told me I was doing wrong, by the reactions I got from Monique and Kiva."
"We didn't even KNOW you were planning revenge!" Amber exclaimed. "We wouldn't have agreed to it."
Macie signed, 'I suspected something. I didn't fully trsut her.'
"Ok, ok, we didn't know, but Macie suspected."

A few kilometres later, Kowalski stopped, and sniffed the air.
"What is it, Kowalski?" Monique asked. She, too, sniffed. "I smell smoke!" she gasped. Everyone stopped and sniffed. Macie then pointed in one direction.
"MAcie thinks it's coming from over there!" Kiva exclaimed, and they seven of them ran towards the buring building.

"What happened here?" Amber gasped.
"I suspect that's where one of our engines went, Skipper. It must have fallen off the plane before we crashed, and burst nito flames."
"HELP!" someone called from inside, and the group heard faint coughing.
"SOMEONE'S TRAPPED!" Kiva cried.
"Kowalski, come with me," Skipper barked, as the two of them rushed into the flames. The heat was unbarable, but someone's life was in danger, and that's what Skipper and his team did; save lives.

Kiva, Monique, Amber, and Macie pased reatlessly outside. Mist-Wu watched, her pupils wide. Then, making sure no-one was watching, she slipped away.

"How long could it take for someone to save someone from a fire?" Amber asked.
"The possibilties are endless," Monique replied. "The person could be trapped under a burning timber, or the door could have fallen in, and their trapped in there forever, or they could just already burned to death or-"
"STOP!" Kiva cried.
"Yeah, forget I asked," Amber added.
"Alright," Monique said. "Ortheyaredeadandturnedintofireeatingzombies!"
"MONIQUE!" Amber and Kiva exclaimed.

Suddenly, Skipper and Kowalski emerged from the flames, dragging two people with them. They were smoke covered, and coughing. When theyr eached the group, Skipper and Kowalski collapsed, exhausted. The other two, also extreamly worn out, help onto each other, coughing, having got almost leathal amounts of smoke in their lungs.
"Any longer in there, we would have been too late," Kowalski gasped, finally getting his breath back. "They're probably going to be unwell for a while as it is."
"I'm just glad we got to them in time," Skipper added.
"Who are they?" Amber asked.

Kiva went up to the two coughing figures. She went in front of them, and saw their faces.
"Rico! Private!"