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The fans pick: Good fantasy characters
Good fantasy characters
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The fans pick: Human-like fantasy creatures
Human-like fantasy creatures
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The fans pick: Middle-earth (LotR)
Middle-earth (LotR)
Harry Potter universe
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Oh, yes!!
No, not interested.
The fans pick: Books, dreams and imagination
Books, dreams and imagination
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Stya said …
Please join my new fantasy contest about magic and magical creatures! Posted 3 months ago
FreeAwesomeness said …
Hey guys, I made a club for a series I'm writing called Foreign Demon. It's got some fantasy and sic-fi sort of stuff in it, so if you'd like to check it out, please do. I'd really appreciate it if you joined aswell. Thankyou! Posted 5 months ago
cristinasak commented…
I am a fan already and it is great . 5 months ago
FreeAwesomeness commented…
Why thankyou! :D 4 months ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
just joined i added a question i would love if you guys would answer! its not a quiz btw, its on the answer thing, because i was wondering something 3 months ago
SesshomarusGrl said …
Most days, my reality is fantasy and my fantasy is reality. Sometimes I forget which world I live in... Posted 7 months ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
lol i know, right? it happens to me every day! wait im in middle earth, right?haha lol! 3 months ago