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MagicUnicorns16 posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 07:43PM
This is the school. The school of outcasts, and those who have powers that they have bound up all their lives.
Now, my friends, is the time to unwind those powers, to let them shine through the world as though you were the sun.
There are hard times, but the good will overcome them.
There is grief, but happiness will overcome it.
There is death, but life with rule supreme.
Do you need to show your power?
Do you want to be appreciated?
Then this school is the place for you.

**Info & Such**



Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):


Special Ability:

Other Facts/Ability Info:

Please Do NOT Be Overpowering, Rude, Hateful, Ect., To Any Other Characters/Fanpop Users. If This Event Occurs, The Roleplay WILL BE DELETED And Will NOT Be Put Back Up.
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