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MagicUnicorns16 posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 07:43PM
This is the school. The school of outcasts, and those who have powers that they have bound up all their lives.
Now, my friends, is the time to unwind those powers, to let them shine through the world as though you were the sun.
There are hard times, but the good will overcome them.
There is grief, but happiness will overcome it.
There is death, but life with rule supreme.
Do you need to show your power?
Do you want to be appreciated?
Then this school is the place for you.

**Info & Such**



Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):


Special Ability:

Other Facts/Ability Info:

Please Do NOT Be Overpowering, Rude, Hateful, Ect., To Any Other Characters/Fanpop Users. If This Event Occurs, The Roleplay WILL BE DELETED And Will NOT Be Put Back Up.
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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
((can i make another person??))
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
my guess is yes. act first, then ask. ask forgiveness, not permission.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I go to my first class,early.Just to play with the teacher I make his worst fear appear
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Name: May Duza


Appearance: Dark green hair with a life of it's own, no one knows her eye-color because she always wears sunglasses, even at night. She has darkish skin and is tall. She is also very thin

Personality: Really nice unless you take her sunglasses(she will go off on you)

Special Ability: Can turn people to stone

Other Facts/Ability Info: She hate her ability
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
right. dose she perhaps call herself, Auntie "M"?

i hold tight in class, hoping my head wouldn't explode. then i ran out of class two minutes early. i just barely made t to the bathroom in time.
i literately jumped out of my skin and into a new one. for a hole minute i sat in wolf form in the first stall. then i shifted out and i heard a knock on the stall door. "you ok?"
"fine." i called. who would be concerned about me?
"i saw you run out, do you need and help?"
"could you get my books?"
"already did. what happened?"
i made up a lie. "puked." i head an intake of breath. "stomach flue?" again i lied. "ya. mind if tell the principle i am sick?"
"why not go to the nurses office?" now i was caught. if i shifted to wolf in the office i was screwed. they knew i was a shape shifter but they thought it was dog and that i had control over it.
i sighed."i don't think it's the flue."
"oh." then i realized how it must of sounded and said, "no! no! not like that! it's my power acting up." decided to lie by telling the truth. i opened the door and saw________.
(who wants to be in the bathroom?)
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I stay in the classroom,my head buzzing like crazy,itching to use my power
over a year ago Sara_the_best said…
Name: Sarah Ross


Appearance : Picture

Personality:Quirky, Cute, Funny, Caring, Sweet, Nice, will give anybody a chance

Special Ability:can control fire,water,earth and air

Other Facts:is good with fire and water but not so good with earth and air
Name: Sarah Ross<br />
<br />
Age:16<br />
<br />
Appearance : Picture <br />
<br />
over a year ago Sara_the_best said…
I follow Shadow to the bathroom
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
um, no, she doesn't. Just May.
over a year ago emoboycry said…
big smile
(Hello im new to this and i like to join <(^-^<) )
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
?????i am confused, who is in the bathroom with shadow? ok, that sounded weird.
over a year ago Sara_the_best said…
I am
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i see a new girl and smile. i take my books and wave bey. then i head to my room to lay down. stupid wolf stomach, puking up food.
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i lay down on my ed and fall asleep. then i wake up and head to lunch.
(since no one posted assumed i could fast forward.)
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
I could hear my pursuers coming closer and closer, step by step and then ...
I could hear the sound of battle.I glanced back.Behind me was chaos, I assumed some of the shapeshifters started a riot ,but I didn`t see the point until two of them broke of and ran away from the others.They were the ones that started it and then used the confusion to distract the others and give them selves a head start .Brilliant ,but when they ran past me I realized I had no idea where I was going so I did what a wolf would do I followed them.

(she is following a leopard and a cheetah)
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
The teacher faints by the time I'm done and I eat lunch and go to my dorm
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
(perfect.) woops. sorry emoboycry i forgot about that post, ya sure, join in.
after eating lunch i head to the work out room and spend some time on the tread mill. then i start on the weird inflatable ball thing. then i work out on the bench for a bit before starting off for my room. i run into may on my way-hey look, i'm a poet and i didn't even now it!
"oh, hey may. how is you life?"
"ya, mine too. i think i'll be kicked out of this school n the next month or maybe two."
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
"Well, that's not very good." I push my sunglasses higher up on my nose. Kronia rounds the corner.

"Hey May, and hi, Shadow." I say, smiling.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I charge through the halls
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"hey kronia. how long do you thik I'll last in this school if i-" i cut off to tun toward the next corner, someone was barreling right down it.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
"If what?? You start running like a mentally unstable person?"
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
" or a complete wacko. or a dingo. or a diseased maniac. not Maniac Maggie though."
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
"In that case, I'd say probably about a week or so."

I laugh. "Not to be rude, but that's kinda true."
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
I couldn`t see them any more ,I thought I lost them when something launched itself from the tree behind me.It was the leopard ,"and what do we have here?" He said pinning me against the ground "Take it easy " someone else replied.I looked at the direction the sound came from.It was the cheetah
"why should I?" asked the leopard
"Because they were after her ,if she was on their side we wouldn`t have escaped "
"Because of her we almost didn`t escape "
While they were fighting I noticed the leopard didn`t pay so much attention to me and I saw my chance ,within a second I was back at my feet and running.As I looked at there shocked faces I shouted "Are you going to waste your energy on fighting or running away?" a smile went across the cheetahs face within seconds he was next to me.I was impressed
"So what`s your name wolfy?" he asked
"Which name do you want?" I replied ,He grinned
"The real one"
" Emily yours ?"
" I said your real name"
" That is my real name and that behind us is Stealth"
" Well then Stalker do you know where`re heeded too ?"
"Yes, we`re heeded to the university of dreams "
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…

My enhanced hearing picks up the conversion between Stalker and Emily.My feet make cracks in the ground as I bolt through the hallways