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MagicUnicorns16 posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 07:43PM
This is the school. The school of outcasts, and those who have powers that they have bound up all their lives.
Now, my friends, is the time to unwind those powers, to let them shine through the world as though you were the sun.
There are hard times, but the good will overcome them.
There is grief, but happiness will overcome it.
There is death, but life with rule supreme.
Do you need to show your power?
Do you want to be appreciated?
Then this school is the place for you.

**Info & Such**



Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):


Special Ability:

Other Facts/Ability Info:

Please Do NOT Be Overpowering, Rude, Hateful, Ect., To Any Other Characters/Fanpop Users. If This Event Occurs, The Roleplay WILL BE DELETED And Will NOT Be Put Back Up.
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over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"i am not sure i can trust you. just warn you." i told him. "stay out of the courtyard on full moons, new moons, and especially blue moons. and for heaven's sake don't even LEAVE your room on the blood moons." i paused then continued, "it has been 13 years. the blood moon will come. and i will kill. and my pack will form. and i shall leave. the last blood moon gave me a protector, the first of my family. this one will give me my pack, and we will run. i do not wish to kill you, and i now you will continue to try and see my power. trust me, invisibility will not stop me form killing. nothing can. now i ask you, can i trust you? can you trust me?can we trust each other?"
over a year ago braniack said…
If I got this right you`re going to kill the black haired girl !
and/or somebody else and you expect me to do what ? lay around In my room ?
Like that`s going to happen
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"i am not gong to kill her. it's not a full moon. am only going to scare her. trust me, she'll be so scared of what i can do she'll hate the thought of moons." i got up and left, slamming my door. i ran to my next class, which i was late for.
over a year ago braniack said…
after she left the room I waited some time then called Emily(yes he knows her ).
"I`m in"
"now look for a red book " it was on Shadows table
"Got it"
"Go to my room and leave it there I`ll call you an hour before me and Shadow meet I need to know what to expect "
"You`ll laugh "
"Is it that pathetic ?"
"You`d be surprised "
I finished the call and did what she told me to .I didn`t worry about missing a class .What worth is a class if you don`t get the girl

he likes Emily !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
and Emily likes him ,but she wont show it (complicated past) ok I can`t wait any longer .He called Emily and told her Shadows plan. now it`s 8.45 cuz I`m inpatient

I got ready for our meeting .I stashed the book in a place I all ready chose.I was ready to show Shadow how hard it is to scare me and I was ready to punish her if she succeeds.

(Evil grin ,I`m truly EVIL and I apologize to Shadow for my future actions)
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
((and i don't apologize for shadow's future actions. i'm a hard girl to screw with.*hint*hint*evil*smile*)oh, i like the twisted relationship)
i stopped in my room before i went to meet the daemon(demon in Latin). the first thing noticed was that the red book was gone. good. they took the bait. i pulled out a notebook with the red book's words written down and translated. i was sure i new who and what emily was. and the last thing close to her i met, well he lives no more. i was 5 then and i was determined to let emily live this time. after all,what's the use of running if no one is chasing?
"servo mihi ex malum quod everto.planto meus lepor lepos exsisto suum vereor.ego sum lupus. haud vereor est in mihi , tamen radiates in suum eyes.hic est meus alica , ego imperium is , ego habitum is , ego permissum meus vox flow." i chanted and then locked lupus into my room. i made sure i was the first to the place. i shifted nto a dog and hid in the shadows, waiting. what i was going to do at the end of torment would, to even another were, scare the living day/nightlight out of her.
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over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
I didn`t go directly to the courtyard.I had something better to do >:)
"Here you go as you requested THE dagger " said the voice and a dagger was in my hand
"Thank you Nabé" you`ll soon get a new skin "
"Be careful Demmy I could lose my if a dunkle gebrochene becomes a part of my collection "
"Well Qui est non de is looking for a new rug"
"You`re the gem in his collection a dunkle gebrochene as savage as he is "
"If everything goes according the plan I`m one step closer to becoming a real one.I have to go I`m supposed to be scared tonight "
"Well I knew there were idiots in this world ,but never have I thought that there were so big idiots."
"You`d be surprised"
minuet later I was at the courtyard.

I`m here do you`re best
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
ever heard of the Lupe-Garue? shadow's grand-grand-grandaddy. nice twist i must say, yet no one as arrogant as emily can possibly imagine the things little miss hunter can do.

i slowly circled her in the shadows. the near-full moon was clouded and only a small part of it was visible.
one thought resounded in my mind, "no kill. scare. no kill." the human part of me was clinging to that. the K9 part of me griped to the fact i could see a lope hole in the human thoughts. "no kill" not, "no maim."
i started a low,slow growl. i stopped my pacing as i snapped a dead twig. i then lunged at the girl with unreal speed. i hit her and knocked her over, entering the shadows before she could even see the slightest hint of my tail. i returned to circling, watching as she got up. i softly padded over to her back. my paws were as silent as death, every part of me at one with my surroundings. i sniped her left side and darted away with my enhanced speed. i redoubled back and bit her right arm. then i jumped away. i decided this time would give her a bad bruise. i leaped out of the shadows and snarled as i passed clear over her reach. i landed and sped off to a roof. i watched as she tried to find my location, dagger in hand. i came onto a roof behind her and jumped on her. she crumbled under my weight and i jumped off her, leaving a nasty claw mark on her face. but as fast as i was, her dagger grazed my leg. not deep, not even a scratch realy. i trotted around her and sad in my deep bubbly animal voice, "nothing you put up to me can stop me. you think that toothpick is enough to stop me? ha! my line is greater and deeper rooted than sire's sire's sire's sire's first ancestor is the on-living beast of hell. he was sent to punish. i am his line. anyone that messes with darkness messes with me.the wounds i gave you will not heal without a scar. i give you a choice. stop using dark power, or join my team." i had let go of all humanity to speak in beast form. i pawed the ground as she stood up. "i won't do either." she said. i gave a horrible chuckle and said, "you just did." then i hit my nose to her cheats and she fainted. i looked at the almost full moon and howled. then sped off, my one wound of the battle rapidly healing.

sorry for not stopping, i had an idea and needed it to pass. by the way, shadow was joking when she said "join my team" but emily don't now that.
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over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
"And they say dogs are smarter than cats" I said
The girl shadow thought was me turned into a two tailed cat (the vampire cat of Nabéshima)
That mutt`s gonna be surprised when tomorrow you show up with no wounds or scars.
Not to mention when She finds out what her dare is now let`s go before she comes back

OK so THE dagger I mentioned before isn`t for Emily to use it`s for shadow and the skin Emily told Nabé about isn`t Shadows
and Emily was in the courtyard she stepped out of the doors and stepped back so technically speaking she did the dare (I love loopholes <3)
and this is how THE dagger looks like
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"And they say dogs are smarter than cats" I said 
The girl shadow thought was me turned into a two ta
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
I just read the last paragraph on the top of the forum if that was right me and greekgirlA would have been thrown out looooooooooong ago
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
ya. and we would of had to make new rp just so we could battle each other.(this is WAY too fun to just stop.)

i woke up in my room.the sun hadn't risen yet so i sat up and licked the blood off my hands. i paused as i recognized the taste. "vampire cat.ha! well, let us see her bet." i jumped out of bed and as soon as my feet touched the floor my legs gave way. i caught myself on the dresser and stood up. "not used to human legs. hate when that happens." i told lupus. he lifted his head and barked.
i dressed and went to get breakfast.
i was wrong. the sun had risen, just the storm clouds were in. a flash of lightning followed by thunder shook the school. i sat with my food and lupus at a table. emily walked in and got her food. she sat down next to me. i took a bite of egg and prepared for her dare.

over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
"after our classes end you`ll follow me to a very special place in the wood.I don`t want any audience to my little dare.I`m going to tell you what your dare is there ,oh and bring your mutt too."

And now comes the bad part
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i can take it.

"his name is lupus and he was once very much like you. human." i said and left.

can we skip to the part?
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
So she takes you to the part of the wood she goes to unleash her powers .I gave here the dagger "I dare you to slit your dogs throat using this dagger."
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i snarl at her and lupus crouches, ready to attack when called to. "tell me why." i manage to growl out. nothing had made me this angry n a while. my anger triggered my K9 part and slowly, very slowly, my teeth grew and hair sprouted along my frame. thankfully nothing else occurred.
(ooooooh, u pissed er off! now your in for it.)
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over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
"Because you have no choice .You should have read the book you took from me or to be more precise the page 136."
I was getting agitated by her anger and power within the circle I could sense it it was irritating and making me nervous but she wasn`t the only one with a power to transform the there are secrets too valuable to be known by others.

(the page 136 is about you can`t break a deal if you are within the power or death circle for more information about the power or death circles look at the book "Libro propriam")
(all Libro propriam books have been destroyed ALL, there is NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM LEFT )
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i smirked. i controlled my self and slicked back all the way to human.i nodded and said, "lupus was the only one. the only one not to go lupe. i killed the ones that went lupe. lupus....he went...wild. wild is worse than lupe. i didn't kill him because i had no more room for death, at the time. i do. i have room for a whole new pack. for a new pack, none of the old may remain." i raised the dagger and took in both hands. "thanks for the wake-up call." said and thrust the dagger down. i split the wild's neck so he felt no pain. i tossed the dagger at her and said, "i've had enough of this nonsense. our family's once worked together. shall we have a pact?" the idea came to me in such a hurry i did not see the outcome. "i haven't let you see all my powers, put i have guessed yours. let me kill. you would interfere with my killings and i see only one way around it. become what i was meant to be: a personal assassin. i would obey you, as long as you have someone for me to kill and sometimes keeps as my own."

(ever see that coming?sorry just...shadow needs a leash and i smell opportunity to play this right. you should too.)
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I sat in my dorm, writing a story about a sane girl in an insane asylum.
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
^we left no room for the others, knowitall! oh well, we will join them again soon.
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
sorry others we`ll join you the minute greekgirl kills the wolf/dog
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
(I`m confused on my laptop I can`t see your post ,but during informatics I checked on the school computer and there it was so don`t blame me (or my reading skills)blame my f****** laptop)

Nabé was in her hiding spot licking the wounds she received from the wolf girl and then she felt it .The wounds were gone and the transition was starting.After it in her place stood a wolf/dog mix once known as Lupus but his mind and sole twisted and broken were controlled by the vampire cat.She transformed back to her original form and tested the bond between her and the girl who took Lupuses life it was perfect just as the young dunkle gebrochene predicted but I was bored so I messed with the wolf girls head "When the cat is away ,the mice will play, but what will happen if the cat returns ?"
"I don`t need anyone to do my dirty work and you will obey no matter what."I left the clearing and left her there

yeah it just seams too weird having Shadow obey Emily if we could kill those other characters who just posted once maybe but right now it`s a no
and the cat can control your character unless your transformed into a wolf (you can kill her if you solve the riddle to where she`s hiding!!!)
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
.....riddles are my strong point. i do now what happens when the cat comes back. the mice scurry away.(or do u want "the mice's death will come in tow?")also,:When the teacher left for a few minutes, the children nearly wrecked the classroom. When the cat's away, the mice will play. Jill: You shouldn't be reading a novel at your desk. Jane: But the boss isn't here. And when the cat's away, the mice will play.
When a person in authority is away, those under the person's rule will enjoy their freedom. so when the superiors return the lower ones must stop or be caught and punished.

i heard the quote and watched emily walk away. "the cat is away all to often." thought. i picked up a flexible branch and twisted it into a stick wolf.
"Luna has no more hold. Her reflecting powers gain my time, but now I must go. I want my full power, but only when I and I alone say so. Luna has no more hold." i chanted and my eyes glowed. i twisted another wolf and recited:
Another moon passed
Another day waned
Another foe killed
Another slaughtered
Yet why my pack returns
On a eve like this
I can only hope
It has a perk
Yet the time is bad
My pack is dead
Who is this imposter?
I run to Her
My protector
Take me in, I plea
For this foe is none I know
My mother
My sister
My frost covered winter
I call on you
To give me faith
I need it now
In my haste
I wish Her near
Yet far away
A thief
A scoundrel
Yet oh so sweet
I need thee now
On this Autumn day

i closed my eyes after they glowed. i pocketed the two wolves and ran as fast as i could to my room. i pulled out my notebook and read it all over again. then i took another-clean and empty-note book and recorded all that had happened. i pulled out a full notebook and read my past experiences. i sighed and hid all the notebooks in the floor. i also hid the wolves in a secret compartment. then i sat on the bed and meditated.

(i smell something like red rum....)
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
Ah! My breath doth shake,
My limbs are thin,
My belly aches.
Whiteness doth crown my head,
And the tracks I leave
Are unsteady where I've led.
I look out through rheumy eyes,
And seem to say my last goodbyes.
The darkness doth draw me near,
I lean towards it - the better to hear.
Who makes has no need of it, who buys has no use of it, who uses it can neither see nor feel it

more of Nabés riddles if you solve them correctly I`ll explain them
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i take t i solved the last correct. well now,....let's see.....well the last is too easy. a coffin. now for the long one....well that gave me trouble for a second but it was obvious. death. now, cough up them explanations.
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
Name: Jack Tucker

Age: 15

Appearence: longish shamrock green hair, blue eyes, tall, lean, a bit pale

Personality: mischievous, yet remarkably gullible, innocent, crazy, random
, hyper, prankster, laid back, super friendly, deathly loyal, no temper

Abilities: electricity, glow-in-ze-dark, and flight

Other: being heavily surrounded by water is deadly to Jack ((imagine dropping an electric appliance into a pool. Yeah.)). He arrives at the school as a runaway .

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Name:  Jack Tucker

Age: 15

Appearence: longish shamrock green hair, blue eyes, tall, lean, a bit pa
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
I ran. What else to do when being pursued?
"Stop!" They yelled. Did I? Chiz no; I'm not an idiot. My teachers would disagree, but that's a different matter.
"HELP!" I screamed. "I'm being kidnapped!"
"We don't want to hurt you!" one called. "We just want to know how you did those things!" Yeah. Right.They had been stalking me for like three weeks. I didn't even know how I did it. That glowing thing. That spark thing. That hovering-two-feet-above-the-ground thing.
I shouted for help again, only weaker. My lungs felt like they were about to burst.
And then I saw it. There. A building. A safe haven. Right there.
I stumbled up the stairs of the building, pounding the front doors and desperately pleading for merciful help. I read the sign. University of Dreams.Great. A school. Whoopee.As the door suddenly opened, I fell forward into the unready arms of whoever opened the doors. "Thanks," I mumbled quietly, before passing out in exhaustion.
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over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
(You know, you could have just electrocuted them and all would be so much easier)

I heard a noise outside.I was not to eager to leave the book so I called Michael to do it for me of course the jerk didn`t answer me, so I had to go to check it out myself.Once there I heard someone jelling they`re being kidnapped I and hitting the door frantically I opened to tell them to stop the school has a bell and the next thing I know a green haired guy in my arms fainting .I mean great ,just great and what happens next my cell phone goes of Michael decided to call.I answered with "Get your lazy ass here and help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(This is so not like Emily PS you didn`t solve the firs riddle correctly (the word mice dose mean mice the real things))
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
((Yeah, but he just kinda found out about his powers. Plus, his mind goes blank in the face of danger))
I woke up with a start after, say...six minutes? Then I saw a girl with purple eyes staring at me. "Uh...hi..." That awkward moment when...
"Who are you?" I asked. "Where am I?"
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over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
"You`re alive my job here is done. Michael he`s all yours (let`s pretend he managed to come here in six minutes) do what every you want with him I`ve got better things to do than this"

(and she`s back to being a bitch)
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
(lol okay and LOL!)
"Wait. Who ARE you?"
over a year ago braniack said…
I helped the guy stand up and took him to the school director

She`s not gonna answer you I told him
(and now MY work here is done)
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over a year ago peterpansbff said…
(lol! xD)

"Thanks," I told the boy who was leading me toward an office. "So then, you're Micheal?"
over a year ago braniack said…
The one and only
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
"I'm Jack," I told him with a grin. "Nice to meet ya. So... this University of Dreams...This is a school?"
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I walked into the office, being the tattletale that I am, to alert them that someone threw a glob of mash potatoes at me, and see a guy with green hair. "Hello. I'm Kronia. Are you new here??"
over a year ago braniack said…
"Yes school for "talented" people ,oh hi Kronia.Do you mind staying here with him ,I`m going to ask Emily to come here and explain what happened since she`s obviously not gonna do it herself "
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
"I'm Jack," I told Kronia with a smile. "Um... I'm not enrolled in the school, but I guess I might be."
I turned to Micheal. "Talented? Like what type of talents?"
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"the typ that can blow your head off or glue it back on." i said. i had followed them in and hid n the shadows. "to be short, magic or what one might call, 'X-Men' powers." i nodded to the boys and kronia.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I snapped my fingers and froze the office, except for me and Jack. I grinned evilly. "This kind of talented." I then unfroze everyone and nodded to Micheal. "Yeah, I'll stay..."
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over a year ago peterpansbff said…
I laughed.
" this?" I concentrated, trying to figure out how to do it when a spark flew from my hand and hit a flower in a vase across the room. "Heh, heh... oops..."
over a year ago loorofzadaa said…
Name: Seeker (Goldeneyes)

Age: 11

Appearance:Scarlet hair, golden eyes,shimmering skin. Feathers are red,gold,yellow,and orange.

Personality: Solemn, serious, loving, smart, friendly, trustworthy.

Special Ability: I'm a weregriffin.

Other Facts/Ability Info: I have three forms, Human, Grifin, and half and half.

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over a year ago peterpansbff said…
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"hey,hey oops?" i asked him. "careful with that. also, watch that you don't go out at night. that's when the freaky stuff happens." then i turned on my heels and left.
over a year ago loorofzadaa said…
I ran. I always did when I went to my house. My parents encouraged me to fly to school and back, but I never did. Running was something I was amazing at, I had limitless stamina and super fast legs, they were very skinny legs, like a turkey's.
But they weren't bird legs, they were human legs.(At least then they were.)
I was coming up to home. Oops, i was getting there quickly and I couldn't stop. Hurry up! I urged my transformation. Suddenly, my sunset colored wings grew. "Finally." I whispered to myself. I soared up into the air and cawed. "Kaka! Caw caw!"
My wings landed me gracefully on my house's upstairs balcony. I banged on the back door. "YO MOM!" I yelled. "Sorry dear!" Mom yelled from the kitchen. My foot tapped impatiently.
Mom unlocked the back door and I walked in. After an extreme argument on her always leaving the balcony locked I went to bed.Even though it was 4:30, I still fell asleep.
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over a year ago loorofzadaa said…
I woke up at 12:30 am. Sweet. My alarm clock blared, and I slapped it as hard as I possibly could. The alarm clock shattered. "Eh." I decided I didn't care and got up out of bed.
The moon shimmered through my window, and an owl hooted. My stomach turned; oh god, was I hungry. Hm, the last time I had food was at 12:00 pm. "Putputput." My cat purred on top of me. "Nelly!" I yelled at her. "MOW?" Nelly asked. "Whatever." I picked up Nelly and plopped her on the floor as I got up and strolled out the room. "Want to get some breakfast?" My dad came out of his room yawning. "Sure." I answered. "Is mom at work?" I asked. "Yes, she has to go rescue a tiger from a poisonous tree." My dad answered.

Poisonous trees, that's my life for you.
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
nice life.

went to my first class 20 minutes late.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I started to braid my hair, cause I was bored.
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
"So..." the principal of the University of Dreams paced back and forth in his office, not bothering to even look at me.
"I'm telling the truth..." I mumble quietly. I had just told him how I had gotten here.
"I believe you, Mister Tucker," he said with a grunt.
"Then what is it?"
"You need to learn to be more careful." He sighed as if reluctant in saying his next sentence: "I will be enrolling you in our school."
I hesitated, but then nodded calmly.
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
I skipped through the hallways, singing: "I'm on my way to my first class, my first class here!" I stopped skipping and singing to look at my schedule and what actually WAS my first class. "Ugh. Gym." I wondered where that was.
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