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MagicUnicorns16 posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 07:43PM
This is the school. The school of outcasts, and those who have powers that they have bound up all their lives.
Now, my friends, is the time to unwind those powers, to let them shine through the world as though you were the sun.
There are hard times, but the good will overcome them.
There is grief, but happiness will overcome it.
There is death, but life with rule supreme.
Do you need to show your power?
Do you want to be appreciated?
Then this school is the place for you.

**Info & Such**



Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):


Special Ability:

Other Facts/Ability Info:

Please Do NOT Be Overpowering, Rude, Hateful, Ect., To Any Other Characters/Fanpop Users. If This Event Occurs, The Roleplay WILL BE DELETED And Will NOT Be Put Back Up.
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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I walked up to Jack. "Can I see your schedule? Oh, and Gym is down this hall, then turn left at the second hallway. You go to the end of the hall, and there you are."
over a year ago loorofzadaa said…
Poisinous trees pretty cool I guess, if you're a poisin beast. Which I'm not!
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
I made an expression like: @_@ See, I'm horrible with directions.
"Thanks," I said anyway. "Oh, and yeah, sure." I handed Kronia my schedule.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…


Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):Golden Tanned Skin,Jet Black Hair,and Sliver,Blue,and Green eyes

Personality:Laid Back,Cool,Quiet,often reading,and a person who Never gives up

Special Ability:Able to copy someone's ability

Other Facts/Ability Info:I have no fears,my eyes are glowing piercing baby blue when I'm angry increasing my power by...Wait I won't tell you ...Oh yeah when I'm in that state I can't be affected by powers.I can sense other's ability's
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Name:Alvin <br />
<br />
Age:16<br />
<br />
Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):Golden Tanned
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
the teacher was pissed. he was drilling me about being late. another might have cowered but i only looked bored. his attention was drawn to the kid walking in with a scheduled. i nodded to him and the teacher gave up. two late, one new, students was to much for him to yell at. he told us to run 5 laps then join the others in dodge ball. i matched my pace to jack's and asked him, "so, how's life?"
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I run into the school.I roll into gym and throw my bag off my shoulders and it disappears.I dodge a ball,catch one,and hit some one with it
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
A ball slams into my arm and flys up.I copy someone's telepathic ability and catch it.I'm boiling mad now my eyes switch to glowing piercing baby blue eyes.I dodge one and puck it up then.I copy someone's pain ability and use it on them then I throw the ball,knocking someone into the wall.I radiate power that makes everyone's skin crawl.I start to pull back my fist and punch forward then I stop.My eyes turn back to their normal color,but most hate me now,so I have a reputation
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i roll my eyes at the other boy(she's not affected by madness). sure, he got off with being late, not me. and not jack. i would make sure he hurt when i joined the game.(but likes to tick ya off so, wach out.)
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over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I notice the girl roll her eyes at me.Keep thinking that girl,I think and roll around a ball,then throw it.
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i see the ball and dive.i corkscrewed through the air and landed on my feet. i thanked my wolf agility and i picked up my pace. only one lap to go. smirked and thought, "that dude's ok."
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I see the girl dodge.I don't copy his agility but start running more then usually.I dive then flip,and tip a ball of my fingers.I charge it and catch it then throw it again.(greekgirlA are we outside or inside and are we playing dodge ball or running laps
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
Emily is going somewhere so she won`t be around

Do YOU want something bad to happen to her or something good ?
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
I sit in art class, doodling.
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
((Something...good :D))
I suddenly froze in my tracks while running to catch my breath, when I got hit upside the head with a dodgeball and fell flat on my face. "Mmrph.."
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
(i am running, you are in the middle of the gym playing doge ball, if that is what you asked.)
i could only attempt to cover my laugh. he had the funniest look on his face!
i saw out of the corner of my eye the ball. i turned and caught it. time for a little demonstration. i lifted my left leg, pulled my right arm back, and used all the force i could put into the throw. the red ball went sailing through the air. i pulled back and said, "OUCH. that's, gotta hurt." the ball had hit my intended mark. his groin. he doubled over in pain and was outta the game. i glanced around. most everyone was out, a plus to being late. i stood still the rest of the game, stepping to the side every now and then to avoid a ball, catching it if i could.
by the time every one was out the class had ended. i caught up to the boy i had caused a lot of pain.
"sorry about that." i said with a smile. "no hard feeling,k? name's shadow by the way." i said holding out my hand.
(plz don't hate me, i like to have fun...hehe...)
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over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I don't feel any pain,but it felt as ice was stabbing my heart so I doubled over in pain.The ball fell to the ground and I realized I was out.I ran out as soon at class was over but was stopped by Shadow."Hey Shadow,no hard feeling,you didn't hurt me so no need to be sorry,and I'm Alvin"I say and shake Shadow's hand
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"nice. so, what ed be your special talent?" i say as we walk down the hall together.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
"My special ability is being able to copy somebody else's ability"I say"What's yours"
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i smirk and say in a low voice so only he can hear, "that, is the question a lot of people want answered. but only troughs that end up dead know. i am a werewolf. stay out of the way, or i will kill." then i pick up my pace and go to my next class. why did i tell him that? now he's only going to tell others. oh well. i sit down and see he comes in after me and sits by me. i give him a wary look.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
big smile
After art class is dismissed, I fold up my drawing. I wave to the teacher and leave the room. I'm cheerful today. 8D
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
I look at Shadow and give her a look"You won't kill me trust it"I say in only a voice she can hear
over a year ago peterpansbff said…
I get up off the gym floor and rub my face. I shrug and look at my schedule as I exit PE. What's next? History. Where's that? Dunno...
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
"why's that?" i ask in an equally low voice. "you could never copy that power. i lose myself to wolf. i kill. don't go out at night."
the teacher was talking now. i rolled my eyes at what he was saying. history of people with powers.
over a year ago Knowitall123 said…
Qui est non de walked into the laboratory a large room in which a single scientist worked day and night to unlock the secrets of the powers his insanity magnified with the years he spent with the Dunkle gebrochenes.
"Has your research finally yielded results ?"
"Yes,yes ,It`s perfect ,better than we could have imagined .I`ve found the key to the power origins mutations on the subatomic level."
"Can this be ... exploited?"
"Can it ? the potential exceeds all of our expectations!"
"When will we see the results ?"
"That`s the problem the only test subject that fits the standard is ... Dementia."
there was silence in the room as the Qui est non de made his decision :"Do it."
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