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Sandy Fairy

The Last Dragon | A Fantasy Made Real

Peter Pan & Wendy - Lullaby - [1,500+ SUBSCRIBERS!!!]

Narsilion - A Night In Fairyland

Narsilion - Winter Elven Dream

The Art Of Magic -La Profezia

Sirens' Song

Wendy Rule - Dance Of The Wild Faeries

Fairy Night Songs

Fantasy Chorale

For Evermore

Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Where To Start?

Top 10 Fantasy Movies of All Time

Petruta Küpper(fly_the_lonely_shepherd)

Celtic Fantasy Music - Alvae

Melin's Magic

Medieval Minstrel Music - Castle Bard

Celtic Fairy Music - Ice Fairies

Fantasy Forest Music - The Spooky Hollows

Celtic Music - Will-O'-Wisps

Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream - Gold edition

fantasy art slidshow

the best of enya and josephine wall

fantasy art

mystic fairies mesmerizing pictures and relaxing music

charlie the unicorn

Random Character of the Day (Archive): Duncan MacLeod (Highlander)

"Fantasy" - Earth, Wind & Fire

The Dragon's Breath

Disney Fantasia 2000 - Firebird

Fantasia - Night on Bald Mountain HD

"Like In A Dream"

Mandelbulb Virus!!!


The Key of Awesome!: Harry Potter and the Steamy Slow Jam! Key Of Awesome #44

Werewolf- this is halloween

Tribute to Werewolves!

This Fantasy World-(D&D)-video by Brad Jonas-the Doubleclicks

Charlie the Unicorn 3

Charlie the Unicorn 2

Charlie the Unicorn


Pegasus....Winged Horse

The Black Sisters: So Cold

BOOK TRAILER Shapeshifter (My Own story)


Top 50 Mythical Creatures

Immediate Music: "Kingmaker"

Enigma - Return To Innocence

Enigma - Sunrise

Enya - Angel

Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Elves

Pegasus Tribute - "Stand My Ground"

Era - Celtic spirit



Song Of The Sirens

Mermaids ~~Beyond The Sea~~

Fantasy Creature Screensaver

Fairytale by Enya

The Prince of Egypt - Let my people go

E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable (single)

Thomas Bergersen - Immortal

Thomas Bergersen - Ocean Princess

fairies by celtic women

Globus - Take me away [HD]

Griffin Tribute Pet by A Perfect Circle

Griffin Tribute Take me Away by Globus

Inhumans: Medusa Tribute: Whip My Hair

Hannah Fraser Tribute

Unicorn Theme

dance of the unicorn

The Legend Of The Unicorn

Unicorn Tribute

Pegasus Tribute

Dragons - A dragon's spirit

Dragon Tribute 15 :: The Eastern Dragon

demon inside dark undergound piano beat


A Unicorn and Pegasus Dream

The Magic of the Unicorn

Magic meadow unicorns

Ronal The Barbarian

crazy abduction

belly dancer in the other dimension

Awesome Fantasy Creatures!!!

Fantasy Creatures

The Top 10 Fantasy Films

How To Train Your Dragon - Scars Of Time

Stardust movie - music video

Blueberry Girl - New from Neil Gaiman

Watchmen - Sound Of Silence (Atrocity)

Tempus (Bloopers)

how to follow a dream

Tempus ( Amateur Movie )

MirrorMask Schism

Haunted By You (Labyrinth MV)

Pan's Labyrinth Music Video Tribute