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Fan fiction by Queen_Of_Ithaca posted over a year ago
fan of it?
"Miss!" a voice calls from behind you. You turn around and see Faramir, Denethor's son. "Yes?" you ask. "You are _, correct?" "Yes." "Come, you must suit for war." "Wha-" "I know, but we need soldiers."
You are soon suited in shining silver armor and are nervous for your life. Faramir laughed, "Well, a woman in armor, I have never seen a sight like this before." He walks towards you. He takes your hand and bows, kissing it. "Lady _, I wish you luck in the war that is soon to come." With that he leaves and you are left alone..
You walk out where everyone else is and find a horse for yourself. You wish instantly that you could find Faramir. When he left, you immeadately felt heart-broken, which is unusual for you. Most everyone was staring at you and were shocked because... well... you're a woman. "Who are you?" someone asked. "I'm _. Faramir sent me." The man chuckled, "No wonder." You felt offended and a little angry, but held it back. You figured that you could take it on enemy forces later.