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News by Paice2Pacegurl posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I am guilty enough to say that I am a fan of KFC, but the main ingrediant will change your mind; cruelty...
Thousands of white chickens are thrown into a cramped crate, grabbed by humans roughly and thrust in without any care. The chickens spend hours travelling uncomfortably in such poor conditions, until they reach there destination.
Tons of white chickens are kept here, laying in there own dirt. Why can't they run? They are injected with chemicals to make them plumper, for us to feed on. They are kept in atcroucious conditions. There beaks are snapped and hurt. They live there last days in pain and terrible suffering.
They are hung upside down in chains, there legs snapped. There feathers are plucked, and they are drowned alive. They are then fried and served to us. We pay these people to be cruel to them. It is not ethically right. The PETA will investigate further.
So, the next time you see an advert for KFC, please, just stop and think about this article. I hope I have made a difference in what you think, as I have learnt about this in school recently.