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The fans pick: Yes, they are
The fans pick: Nick and Melissa
The fans pick: Faye
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Jake to Faye
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KathyHalliwell said …
How would you describe the relationship between Faye and Jake? They seem to be on-again/off-again week to week.

Chris Zylka: Faye and Jake are the two people in the Circle who know one another the best, and even when the rest of the Circle isn’t particularly happy with one of them the other will always have their back. If anyone is written in the stars in my eyes it’s these two.

It makes me so happy to know that he ships them.! <3 Posted over a year ago
maryam1311 commented…
I love Chris so much. And I'm so happy that he ships them!!! Fake forever and always!♥ over a year ago
skysamuelle commented…
BEST QUOTE EVER! over a year ago
KathyHalliwell said …
Oh my god, the sneak peak is so AMAZING!
Ugh, just.., agdfdgfh. He looks so relieved when he sees her, and the kiss! I can't even...
My feelings! I'm majorly obsessing. Posted over a year ago
maryam1311 commented…
Same here. I just can't wait anymore. The kiss just made my whole month and the way he looks at her!!♥ over a year ago
Cara666 said …
I LOVE the new banner, Fake forever <3 Posted over a year ago
maryam1311 commented…
So do I. My friend Marty made it. Fake always and forever!!!<3 over a year ago