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AudreyFreak said …
For every "bad@ss" girl you name, I can find at least one damsel moment she has. I'm sick of the word damsel. it's meant to shame women who dare to be realistic and flawed, as opposed to the Buffys and Mulans who can magically do everything. Nothing wrong with a woman needing help-that's REALISTIC. saying women need to be magically tough and capable all the time is insulting. btw, why are Betty and Bones up there? they're not butt kickers of any kind. Posted 8 months ago
TBUGoth said …
I think it is unfair that strong female characters have to be strong as defined by MEN! Posted 11 months ago
AudreyFreak commented…
You mean by women. Women (mostly feminists) are the ones saying women are only strong when they have masculine traits. where do you get the idea it's solely men? some do but only because the feminists started it. 8 months ago
chromemomo said …
Samus Aran is the first if not one of the earliest known female protagonist in an action game. Posted over a year ago