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About the wage gap...

I read a comment from a Feminist that stated that there are other reasons why women and men don't earn equal wages for the same work besides an unfair boss, like women tend to work less hours and less dangerous work. What do you feel about it?
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About the wage gap...
 ivoryphills posted over a year ago
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pandawinx said:
The fact that this women has said "less dangerous work" is mute, because this is equel pay for men and women working THE SAME job. Don't know where she got that one from. :P

Besides, dangerous work isn't neccesarily worth more money.
You could be a doctor who saves dozens of lifes, or you could be a scientist who is unraveling the mysteries of the universe.
Those jobs are worth more than some manual-labour jobs anyway.
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posted over a year ago 
Hm, makes sense. :-)
ivoryphills posted over a year ago
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