You should ask yourself about your hobbies/interests FIRST.
I LOVE movies! Have I ever felt underrepresented? No. Here are some of my Favorites.

"The Phantom of the Opera"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe "The Phantom of the Opera" Erik & I smart, disabled, & LOVE Music. Me and Erik have to be in control. I Look up to Erik, since I was 12. Erik expresses more frustration & disappear against Ableism in the novel, which was me as a teen.

compromise; He's a guy, It's kina like having a Mentor.

"Closer and Closer"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe Kaitlin Sanders; a physically disabled women interested in serial killers, (Which is TABOO I'm glad to see people with that interest represented) values her independence, why she likes to be alone.

compromise: I can walk, and she can't, but we have the same hair color and I eye color.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe Intellligent Alice has CP like me; I DON'T want Wonderland to be a 168 page dream for nothing! ALL the phiysical stuff Alice does in her dream of Wonderland! The rhymes are ONLY spoken as if she were consciously deciding that!

Getting Creative is a great option!

compromise: Lewis Corrall took naked pictures of children, but why deprive myself of the most accurate representaion of my CP, and "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" alreay has a strong female lead.

"Healed by Grace"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe This is the first time I've seen a disability that matched my own! Maybe Christians do more than hate Muslims, and Jews, and LGBTQIA people.

compromise I'm an Athieist, and that has severed me well, but matching my imparments is quite a feat!

Iv'e watched well over 100 movies, and it took me over 20 years to get the Representation I have.