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very cute
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Fey Rune Wall

Amy_Cahill said …
Yeah, the next season is GO Galaxy and we might not meet him again... Posted over a year ago
lubasakura said …
I seriously love fey!! *^* Posted over a year ago
picklesXcream commented…
you're his mother. over a year ago
lubasakura commented…
lol xDD nuuu I'm not xDD I'm not Kinako xDD over a year ago
KaitoKazami13 said …
He's not exactly the main character, but he IS one of the mains o_O
btw, who created this? Posted over a year ago
picklesXcream commented…
well tenma is the main character. the description should be "one of the major characters" over a year ago
picklesXcream commented…
based on the activity, satsuki might be the creator over a year ago