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christian x ana || when i was your man

anastasia + christian | you won't believe i have done

Christian And Ana ~ Sleep Well My Angel

Christian And Ana ~ My Immortal

anastasia & christian - i don't do romance

christian + anastasia | every breath you take

christian & anastasia - you havent seen the last of me

Ana And Christian ~ Cut Me Loose

christian & ana || uncover

Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele | It will rain

Anastasia & Christian || Say You Love Me

Anastasia & Christian ~ I'm not True like You

Partition || Anastasia Steele - Christian Grey || Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson

Christian & Anastasia || My only Virtue

Christian And Ana ~ The Reason

Jamie and Dakota as Christian and Anastasia [The Reason - Hoobastank]

Ana and Christian || Crazy In Love || Fifty Shades of Grey

christian & ana || say you love me

Earned It - The Weeknd (Official Video Fifty Shades of Grey)

Earned it- The Weeknd (Fifty Shades Of Grey) Lyrics

Christian Grey & Ana Steele / Fifty Shades of Grey

Say you love me /Christian & Ana

anastasia & christian | the heart wants what it wants

Fifty Shades of Grey| Christian & Ana | Best Part Of Me

Christian And Ana ~ Say You Love Me

Christian and Anastasia - Hypnotic

Christian & Anastasia || Hurt

Christian And Ana ~ Lost In Paradise

Christian and Anastasia [I Won't Give Up-Jason Mraz ]

Anastasia and Christian - Crazy In Love

Christian Grey ~ Human

Christian And Ana ~ I Get Off On You

Christian | Ana • You Can Be The Boss, Daddy... ❞

Anastasia & Christian - Say you love me

christian x anastasia | christasia {only you}

Christian and Ana//How Long Will I Love You?

christian & ana || talking body

Christian And Ana ~ All I Need

christian // anastasia __easy is over done__

Ana And Christian ~ Storm

christian & anastasia - concrete angel

Anastasia and Christian [Fifty Shades of Grey] Love Me Like You Do

Anastasia & Christian | You got me in chains

Christian Grey │ Hypnotic

Christian+Anastasia | My Obsession [+18]

christian & ana || earned it

Christian And Ana ~ Right Here Waiting

Christian And Ana ~ Beautiful With You

FSOG - deleted scenes

FSOG - Halo

FSOG The scientist

FSOG monster

FSOG Stay with me

FSOG Sia Fire meet gasoline

FSOG -So Cold

FSOG Breathe Me- Sia

FSOG Dressed in black

Christian and Ana//I Still Love Him

First time ana FSOG

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey [The XX - Intro]

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey [Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry]

Christian And Ana ~ Rest Of My Life

Anastasia & Christian One Last Night

a little death | christian&anastasia (+18)

anastasia & christian | just a little bit of your heart

Christian & Anastasia ♡♡♡ How long will I love you

christian & ana || o n l y y o u

Christian And Ana ~ If You're Not The One

anastasia & christian | talkin body

Anastasia & Christian ~°•.•°~ My First Love

Anastasia & Christian - Breathe Again

Anastasia Steele ~ Broken Hearted Girl

anastasia + christian | talking body

Christian & Anastasia | I Wanna Be Yours

Christian Grey ~ Hungry Eyes

Anastasia & Christian Fifty Shades of Grey Love Me Like You Do

Anastasia & Christian One Last Night

Christian + Anastasia | Haunted

Christian And Ana ~ Closer

Christian & Anastasia | Love me like you do

Christian And Ana ~ I Will Always Love You

~*Anastasia & Christian - Your Greatest Masterpiece...*~

anastasia & christian | haunted

Christian+Anastasia | Inevitable [FSOG]

Christian & Anastasia || Leave my Heart open

Christian And Ana ~ All Of me

Christian and Anastasia/ Don't Deserve You

[50 Shades Of Grey] Anastasia Steele + ‎Christian Grey I put spell on u

Christian and Anastasia/ you're all I need

Christian and Anastasia/ Passion and Obsession

Christian & Anastasia || Where have you Been

Christian and Ana//Clarity

Christian & Ana ♥ Fire Meet Gasoline

Christian And Ana ~ Flesh

anastasia & christian▴love me like you

Anastasia and Christian- waiting game (redone)

Anastasia & Christian - Help me lose my mind

Ana And Christian ~ Im Not An Angel

Christian And Ana ~ Lookin So Crazy In Love

Christian and Anastasia | how's my heart supposed to beat